Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ambrosini: "Macché utopia This Milan is a project "

The midfielder rossonero calls atacco time for the stars. Galliani, Braida and Ancelotti for dinner: "A working meeting is necessary to keep track of everything. The fans? They trust"

MILAN, September 4, 2004 - Utopia? "Utopia not. Project. A project to which we must all work together, because we must show and win, be beautiful and practical." Massimo Ambrosini is in the heart of Milan, runs, defends and makes goals. A midfielder goes on average 9 km and even more, but Ambrosini is no longer tired of other times, despite the spectacular layout of the new Milan for Ronaldinho.

EXAMPLES - "If I told you that I felt the lack of balance on my legs and that was worse than other times, I would say a lie. Do not count the number of attackers, has the attitude of the team. The Barcelona played with Ronaldinho, Deco , Xavi, Eto'o. Eto'o was done kilometers, all played well and won well. Playing a football costly and success is possible, but we have time to work. AC Milan is an open yard and I would have said even if we had won. In precampionato we were missing so many players and we have not had the opportunity to become the team we would like to be. We must work so much, together. But the potential it has in hand our coach is enormous and Milan good that you saw for twenty minutes is not only a utopia. "

SUPPER - It is convinced Ambrosini, I am convinced other players, technical staff and managers. But a defeat brings with it questions and analysis and for this Tuesday afternoon, the vice-president Galliani spoke at length with Jean Pierre Meersseman and Daniele Tognaccini, those responsible for MilanLab. And then he met and brought to dinner and Braida Ancelotti.

UPDATES - "A meeting of the work required to keep track of all, on the technical, physical trainer and doctor - says Galliani, who smentendo dinner of the evening is somehow linked to alleged malumori berlusconiani about all'allenatore not -. I heard the president, the initiative of the meeting is mine, and was useful. Now they are coming good news: Kakà and Senderos are in place and Borriello in recovery. " The attacker would go from Martens, who has worked in the coming days: will probably be ready for third championship.

TIFOSI - Galliani is convinced that the project is right and fans seem to give him reason: the past Milan share has exceeded 41 thousand subscribers. "A figure that is even more significant because it was reached after a defeat: it means that people have understood the spirit of our team. The match with Bologna reminds me that between AC Milan of Arrigo Sacchi and Fiorentina. Perdemmo 2 -- 0, but people had seen good game and was happy. 'Ronaldinho clear that we like so: embodies our idea of football. " For now, Milan is a site that enchants. But we need to build quickly Milanello and everybody knows that.

Alessandra Bocci
La Gazzetta dello Sport