Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cannavaro: "No to violence"

"The violence of supporters of Naples? I think that is not exclusively a problem of my town. Solutions? No to block travel and the closure of stadiums. We must get to the curves, ripulirle and return to the stadium families." Amelia at home

FLORENCE, September 3, 2008 - was sworn not to have prepared: "I was sitting there, I thought between me and me: 'If I have this opportunity not escape me do' and so was. I think it was right after much controversy, I wanted also be a way to defuse. " Fabio Cannavaro thoughts yesterday afternoon, when from the hands of the Fifa president Blatter has received (a couple of years later) the World Cup. The captain shows his smile and immediately conceals.

VIOLENCE OF ALL - Why the theme here is decidedly more serious. "The incidents of violence involving supporters of Naples? I think it is always regrettable to see certain images. But I also believe that it is not exclusively a problem of Naples and Naples. Worse, covers all cities and fans of all teams. Solutions? I do not think that the ideal is blocking travel or even the closure of stadiums, we call the fans honest. Enter into curves, remove the violent and laugh the stage for families and children. To say now not take home my children to see a lot: people do not know where to sit, there is no organization, who accompanies you to your seat. In comparison the Bernabeu seems a lounge. The state must be felt more. Ristrutturiamo our facilities, we give efficient measures that we already have. "

VERGOGNA - Only a break, immediately resumed his speech: "The rules are there mettiamole underway. As they did in England. The point is that in Italy you can not find a solution, cornering everyone feels free to do so He will. And in any case, everyone knew that Naples-Rome was a race at risk. If I was ashamed of Naples? No, I always proud to be Neapolitan. I repeat, must not be ashamed city but a whole movement, north to south there is the issue of violence. penserei What if there was behind the Camorra? Which has nothing to do with football. "

IMAGE ABROAD - Then happens that certain images beyond national boundaries: "Abroad there are fantastic, the future is. We must create conditions to encourage investment or to attract sheikhs, as is happening in England. Also because our league has nothing to envy anyone. And then this becomes increasingly difficult to understand the foreign players that Italian football is not just violence. "

RIPARTENZA - Then you return to lighter topics: "I'm well, I was already ready for the first championship, but the coach has chosen who was ahead of me in preparation. Lippi? Has the same charisma and the same fighting spirit of two years ago. We know that we have to qualify to the next world champions in office, we will have more responsibility. I do not want to think that all'Europeo has influenced my accident, is not a single person who changes the team. And then, race against the Netherlands apart from where we were really at sbaraglio, we did well, we left against the champions of Europe. "

JUVE-REAL - Europe transmit the front of the Juventus: "I knew that in Champions League would be left Real Madrid-Juve. I say immediately that I am pleased to regain my former comrades in this competition. Then, of course, it will be strange and exciting . Reception What I expect? I know it is not like the way I went away, and the rest all those who have returned were given special treatment. But the years I spent there can not erase. "

AMELIA KO - Marco Amelia back to Palermo: magnetic resonance which was submitted in late morning confirmed the disc protusione suspected in recent days. The goalkeeper will continue treatment in Sicily.

Alessandra Gozzini
La Gazzetta dello Sport