Friday, September 5, 2008

Del Piero flies to Cyprus

The attacker juventino morning exceeded prove decisive, after the stop and ultrasound yesterday. At the end dell'allenamento and press conference Lippi leaves the group blue Coverciano. Bocelli visiting

COVERCIANO (Florence), September 5, 2008 - Del Piero Del Piero yes or no? That was the question of the morning for the National Assembly. Virtually resolved positively, already at 10.15, to start training. When Ale is appended to the group blue for heating. The official then arrive at 11.40, in the words of the medical staff responsible for the blue Castellacci: Del Piero part for Cyprus.

ALE - But let's go with order. Riavvolgendo the tape of the morning blue. A Coverciano to 10 is a beautiful sun. He is warm. Billboards bordocampo to say: "Champions of the World 4." To remind that on the ball near the grass is not always greener. There is a child who screams, excited: "Father, there is Gigi, there is Gigi." Buffon like to be mad. Azzurri in the field. At 10.15 the group puts in motion. Del Piero is the last in the row, is delayed behind the others. It append yes or no? After a long hesitation. Behind the other. The heating is bland, then when you start to work with the ball Ale passes on the field of Coverciano. Ride. Stretch. Differenziato other words, without the risk of forcing the acciacco to adductor pulling into port.

TRAINING - Meanwhile, there Lippi distributes pettorine pink: 9 to play against 9. Among the owners involved in defense, right Zambrotta, Gamberini, Cannavaro, Grosso, Camoranesi half, Pirlo and De Rossi, before Toni and Di Natale. Gattuso is with the other team, as Gilardino, but then exchange with Toni. The training should ultimately be today without bib, more Gattuso and a centre forward between Toni and Gilardino. Two possible alternatives, always on the deployment of attack. Camoranesi could play in half in place of Gattuso, giving space to a trident true with Iaquinta, or even with the double centre forward Toni-Gilardino, as Lippi has already done in the past. But the company said other things, and it is difficult to think of a pretattica against Cyprus. The training closed at 11.30 with the punishment tried by Pirlo, Grosso and Palombo, who do not wrong one. A bordocampo there is also the singer Bocelli, with his son. It 'a friend of Lippi. Then at 11.40 arrives the official who casts also the only possible shadow of sunny day Tuscany. Del Piero. The doctor says the blue. It is not yet sure it's available for Cyprus - then explain Lippi - but with Georgia will certainly give its contribution.

Riccardo Pratesi