Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Juve beautiful and sprecona, Gilardino the riacchiappa

The challenge of Franks ends 1-1, with goals of Nedved and Gilardino, to sign 89 '. The bianconeri show compactness, but also personality and good plots, but the purple mollano not even 10 men (expelled Felipe) and are rewarded by peers in extremis

FLORENCE, August 31, 2008 - A beautiful Juventus. And a Fiorentina irreducible. Regalano to viewers of Franks a lot pleasant and especially intense and uncertain until 95 '. It finished 1-1. Gol of Nedved and Gilardino. A result which leaves a hint of bitterness in the mouth to Juve, forward a goal and a man to 1 'from the end. But Ranieri has that smile: his had several occasions and have demonstrated strength and personality, travelling against a traditional opponent for traditional rivalries as well as opposing direct seasonal ambitions. The purple like last year at Turin in direct comparison were able to recover the disadvantage, this time the colpaccio is not arrived in extremis. But it would have been too. Important signatures goal today. Nedved was released in stretcher in a week training in the field tonight seemed to be a marathon runner. It is one of the major events hardly them "pit". Gilardino is the terminal of offensive Viola: the goals of Tuscan be proportional to the number of its networks.

NEDVED GOAL - The first time is played discreet pace, between two teams already rodate efforts by the preliminary Champions. Race balanced. The Fiorentina pushes on bands, where Santana puts in difficulty Molinaro and Vargas spurs as a unrestrained. La Juve retort with the muscles of Poulsen in the middle, and duets with Del Piero-Amauri, who seek a lot. The opportunities still at large. Then at 39 'arrives goal of the guests. Grygera was invented for once incursore: skip an opponent and centers for Nedved: goal-to-door blank blond midfielder. Network whole array Czech Republic. The Fiorentina accuses the coup. And the Juve nearly twice the stroke of ko, with Amauri (hit head off) and Del Piero (hypnotized by Frey outgoing). All'intervallo is Juve 1-0.

SHOOTING - The Fiorentina returned to the field much more aggressive. It becomes dangerous especially through the entry of Jovetic, good technically and in one against one. Vargas is live on punishment, Gilardino is good at Mellberg jump in speed, much less when cicca left of the output desperate Buffon. La Juve defends itself compact, and again exploiting the feet of Camoranesi vouchers - which grows at a distance - and Del Piero. The captain is valuable in white finish and frightening when put on the bottom of just punishment cut by 30 metres. The race remains pleasant, and above all rich in athletic office (too much to Felipe expelled for a fallaccio) and tension. As a desire Matta. As a win. How to Gilardino, who at 44 'when the damper of the race was already falling down, with the colors bianconeri, performs in a shot that combines technique, timing and cunning. Mellberg remains of stone, Buffon there can get. In the recovery Juve tries to recover what they believe they deserve: the three points. But Frey is good on Amauri, and Del Piero calibrates just beside another punishment. Ends 1-1.

Riccardo Pratesi
La Gazzetta dello Sport