Friday, September 5, 2008

Lippi: "We want the three points" Buffon: "About me fantacalcio"

The coach encourages the Azzurri: "Enough talk, now we must act. Sottovaluteremo not the enemy." I agree also Buffon: "We want to confirm samples." And on market offerings: "The old leadership would have accepted, this is different"

FLORENCE, September 5, 2008 - "I start with a Tuscan proverb." I pray: "I talk them off the wind, now we must act." And 'the second time that Marcello Lippi part the attack. This time means that "serve the facts, not more words. I am not admitted errors underestimation opponent and the environment. But they are mistakes that intelligent people do not commit and our group is mature."

MARACANA '- Continue the coach: "Only the name, Cyprus, not stuzzica fantasy. In more play in a stadium that will have little to do with the Olympic or Maracanà. There will be a little grassy mantle as few people will on the sidelines. But we want the first three points, the defence of the title of world champions also from here. Do not do the mistake of not sufficiently consider the adversary, would not have understood nothing. "

ZERO ADVANCE - Lippi not sbilancia on training: "First I have to communicate to players," leaving open a window on the availability of Del Piero who "might" be among the invited. "We want to exploit all our weapons at the disposal" continues. Then he concludes: "I repeat, speeches them by the wind. And the bicycles Leghorn. Way, is the addition that put us in Viareggio, I do not want to Livorno."

BUFFON AND THE MARKET - Dell'imminente engagement with Cyprus also spoke Gigi Buffon immediately after the workout. He is a private phone call, even before the shower, and then "delivery" to journalists, for over 30 '. As always available. Talk about everything Gigi Buffon, bandana on his head and eye vispo. Speaks market, because he asked what would happen in case of mad bid for him, like that of Chelsea for Kakà. "First of all we are talking about fantacalcio, because it speaks both bids princely, but I always I want first-hand to understand what are true. Then I do not know if anyone could really offer 100 million for me, I do not think, are six years older of Kakà. And I accontento to have been paid over the goalkeeper when passai from Parma to Juventus. Flags in football today, there are always less - continues goalkeeper white - but I do not know if I would leave Juve leave. The old leadership bianconera yes, this is different. And I am aware of being a player important for the bianconeri, I am proud. "

BUFFON AND JUVE - Juve, then, that point back to the highest goals. "We returned a large level. If the Inter Quaresma ago with fear? Was the first well, but we have." Gilardino, who has made goals for Fiorentina: "Bravo him so blame our defence?". Cannavaro, who found in National and find from opponent in Champions League: "We understand with a sigh: with his charisma is an important player for the rearguard." Juve which is an important nucleus for the national team: "We are many, and lacks Chiellini."

BUFFON AND THE NATIONAL - And National asks to speak the match with Cyprus tomorrow evening will not have a super appeal, but that is three points in a qualification to the World 2010. "Lippi is always the usual, we want to confirm samples, and curiosity in the measure with this new challenge. Scudettino The iridato on blue mesh that sfoggeremo to Larnaca? I know that is the first time this has happened. See that fortune (but does not say so) that I have. " As the National and Juventus that they can count on him.

Alessandra Gozzini and Riccardo Pratesi