Thursday, September 4, 2008

Milan Genoa without fans Incognita Napoli-Fiorentina

Iron Fist: the consignment of Marassi without supporter rossoneri; blocked the sale of tickets for the match, Sao Paulo, pending the decisions of sports courts. Manganelli: "This is organised crime." The Dda: "But is not that c'entri the Camorra"

ROME, September 3, 2008 - The Casms del Viminale, the Committee of analysis for the safety of sporting events, in addition to confirm the already announced barring travel of supporters of Naples for the entire championship, decided the ban on travel of supporters rossoneri for Genoa-Milan, September 14 and also for power-Gallipoli for Sunday, September 7 (Pro League, group A of the first division). For Italy-Georgia Wednesday in Udine, in the World Cup qualifiers of 2010, state of "maximum alert". Vibonese-Cosenza, September 7 (Pro League, group C of the second division) will be disputed in camera. No decision on another race at risk, Ancona-Ascoli on Sunday 7. On Napoli-Fiorentina, September 14, however, the measures remain in abeyance pending the decisions of sports courts, but for now the sale of tickets is blocked.

MANGANELLI - An analysis of the Head of Police Antonio Manganelli confirms the suspicions on the facts related to Roma-Napoli game last Sunday. "We have reason to believe that there is an influence of organised crime in managing the episode of Naples, in conducting these incidents - said Manganelli in Palermo, on the sidelines of the commemoration of the massacre in which lost his life, General Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa -. We have close contacts, Police and Carabinieri, with the public prosecutor of Naples, that no accident has entrusted to Dda (Directorate District Antimafia, editor's note) the affair. Today there will be meetings of investigative facilities with the public prosecutor to plan measures contrast not only linked to this affair but also to everyone what you're doing and will continue to do in combat crime mafia. "

THE DDA - "not always behind the violence there is the Camorra. I terrei well distinct aspect of the presence of actors also affiliated to camorristico system within the violent groups from what today is to envisage, that is as if there camorristica was a strategy behind these groups, which in our view there is no ". The remarks by Franco Roberti, head of District Anti-Mafia Directorate (Dda) Naples, the microphones Ecoradio about the close link between Camorra and groups of hooligans. When asked about the opening of an investigation by the Dda on these recent events of violence, Roberti adds: "The Dda has already ongoing investigations for previous episodes of violence created on landfill during the events known over the past days.'s Wait hours of receiving an informative facts on Sunday and then evaluate if there is the competence of Dda or if the power of attorney is only ordinary. "

NO TO SPECIAL TRAINS - Saturday and Sunday - has continued Manganelli - were two days in stadiums that have not reported any incident. It is certainly a record since Raciti. There was this episode of intemperanza of a large, very large group of troublemakers Neapolitans. " The Head of Police said he was then "absolutely contrary to special trains: it was the government past and present is that compared to everything that can promote travel supporters. These troublemakers have contaminated not only a day but also a virtuous path that you're doing. They must be identified and punished. This is what we are doing - concluded Manganelli - today I sent in Naples my deputy, the prefect Knight. "

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