Friday, September 5, 2008

Nightmare Gehrig's disease Borgonovo: "I'm evil"

The former striker Milan and Fiorentina attaverso a voice synthesizer tells his drama: "I want to improve the quality of life for patients and support Sla researchers." The October 8 beneficial friendly between rossoneri and purple for his Foundation

MILAN, September 5, 2008 - Stefano Borgonovo, former centre forward Fiorentina and Milan, is sick of Sla (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), better known as Gehrig's disease. Sickness to inexorable course - all the muscles seem to stop gradually, but the mind remains lucid - the Sla has already killed 39 former players, as determined by Raffaele Guariniello, the Turin magistrate. On average, Sla hits six hundred thousand people each in Italian football Guariniello and its experts have identified 43 cases out of 30 thousand players: clear disproportion. Doping, however, got little and the litmus test is cycling, sports in which there is no trace of Sla. Probable that the correlation between football and Gehrig's disease is caused by a cocktail of factors: trauma to the legs and head; abuse of anti-inflammatory; excessive efforts in training and matches; contact with pesticides used for playing fields; genetic predisposition. In addition to Borgonovo, when three other former players suffering from Sla, are two centrocampisti B and C of the Eighties and Piergiorgio Horn, formerly of Como.

PRIVACY - For nearly a half years and was known disease Borgonovo, but Stephen did not want his story to be told. Until Massimo Mauro, the Foundation Mauro and Vialli which collects funds to fight disease, and Dr. Mario Melazzini, president dell'Aisla, the association in Italy that helps families affected by the tornado Sla, convinced Borgonovo to open up. Stefano agreed to meet a troupe of Sky.

SINTETIZZATORE - Borgonovo no longer able to speak for some time. E 'tracheotomizzato and speaks with a voice synthesizer, to your computer. He speaks with his eyes: his eyes command a mouse and software through the relevant letters are transformed into speech. A Sky said: "I thank Milan and Fiorentina, Galliani and Della Valle, because I neighbours. I want to create a Foundation Borgonovo to help research and the sick as me. " Will be organised a friendly with cash handed over to the new structure by Stefano. Donadoni, Ancelotti, Baggio, Maldini and Dunga did get messages of solidarity.

SERENITA '- Borgonovo lives in Giussano, north of Milan, and is supported by his family: his wife Chantal and 4 children, one male and three females. The firstborn has twenty years, the last baby was born when Borgonovo suffered the first symptoms of the disease. Stefano is being treated at "Nemo" at the Niguarda Milan, where Nemo has a double meaning: Nemo as an acronym of "Neuro-muscolar omnicenter," center specialized in mali as Sla, muscular dystrophy and spinal atrophy, and Nemo as the fish of cartoon Disney by Pixar ( "Finding Nemo", 2004), tormented by a fin atrophic. Borgonovo is clear, does not prove resentment or anger for football, believes the disease inevitable. He past moments blacks, wanted to isolate itself, then he realized that his name can be spent to raise funds for research. Today says that you have goals: "Enhancing the quality of life of every patient Sla and ensure that everyone has a voice synthesizer; support researchers." And so he became adviser dell'Aisla, along with Massimo Mauro, who knows well how pain can cause a serious illness.

Sebastiano Vernazza