Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Quaresma, the art of surprise


Here is that the Portuguese finally docks at the court of Mourinho. The new player dell'Inter, who has signed until 2013 and will be presented tomorrow at Appiano, promises extraordinary numbers. Starting with the shooting effect known as trivela

MILAN, September 1, 2008 - San Siro nerazzurro will have another work of pure class with Quaresma, in addition to paintings cross from Figo and spells istoriate by movements of taekwondo by Ibrahimovic.

THE TRIVELA - The 24enne of gitano father and mother Angola has said for a repertoire of fake, dribbling and double steps that the share frighteningly to Cristiano Ronaldo, with whom he played in the 2002-03 season (it is no coincidence that both, more Dwarfs and Joao Moutinho, are all part of the same litter, sfornata in a three-year period from the nursery of Sporting). But the blow that in the last two years has increased more fame is the trivela. A shot with effect worked out with the outside right. It would be simplistic to define that only a coup outside. Spectacular not only for the frame and the parable make unnatural made by the ball, but also because Quaresma applies it often after making a dribbling returning, hiding the ball to your opponent, or even releasing the botta of the first on passage of a companion. Both race, which from the spot,

TRES DEDOS - Quaresma can unleash the full power of gambone. Raise very much limb, to carry almost squarely with the abdomen to give the maximum strength, and the ball does not end in the gallery because the force is calibrated by foot, completely bent inwards, which touches the ball with the outside but in the position where usually affects the neck right. It is not a complete invention. Before Quaresma, Serbian Drulovic, Benfica and it is in Porto, often used a similar blow to serve assist. And again the first, one of the four mythical numbers 10 Brazil 1970, Roberto Rivelino, exploded a accomunabile played. Not by chance was renamed três dedos, three fingers, indicating their fingers outside of the foot with which struck the ball. Other Brazilians, the first Branco then Roberto Carlos, calciavano in a manner similar punishments from long distance.

THAT NUMBERS - But Quaresma is the first to systematically use this coup, to conclude or to serve the goals, and in a pure style. It runs from Portugal for the second time, after the unfortunate in the first year scalcinato Barcelona Rijkaard to 19 years, which was away in time to win the Intercontinental Cup at Porto-Mourinho post, realizing also one of the penalties in the series against the Once Caldas. Among the hundreds of hands, two memories on all remain in the eyes of Portuguese fans: the spectacular street affected race against Mourinho to Chelsea in eighth-finals of Champions two years ago, with the Estadio do Dragao-a step away from delirium (1.17 minutes of the movie on TV Official); el'incredibile goal to Belgium in the European qualifiers, perhaps the most beautiful goal from Quaresma All Time (2.01 minutes).

Tancredi Palmeri
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