Friday, October 3, 2008

Sheva and Dinho Harvest Commendation

Zurich - Ronaldinho and Andriy Shevchenko of Milan to become the key success pluck victory over FC Zurich yesterday. No one when both strongly praise.

Milan are only 1-0 win over FC Zurich in the second leg UEFA Cup, Friday (3/10/2008) yesterday. Emphasize the benefits of the victory over Milan and their 4-1 record agregate.

And one touchdown back to the gate of the Zurich included by Shevchenko, which maximizes the bait slick Ronaldinho. Collaboration both that culminate in praise for both.

"A Gold Ball wholesaler to wholesaler to give Assist other Golden Ball, also sizeable," said the AC Milan vice president Adriano Galliani in the AC Milan official website.

Personally, Galliani also praised the votes Ronaldinho has started to find the best game, also against Sheva.

"Ronaldinho has been developed. Technically, he is football itself. And I'm also happy with Sheva," he added.

Carlo Ancelotti not missed the point PLAYERS two thumbs up for that. He even dare to claim Dinho and Sheva is the best such performance in the past.

"Sheva and Dinho start appearing in the best condition, also from the consideration of both physical," said the hope also Carletto that Sheva and Dinho continue to maintain, even improve the performance.