Friday, October 3, 2008

Sheva: Thank you support, Guys!

Zurich - Fasting scorer Andriy Shevchenko ended after he successfully penetrate wicket FC Zurich. Mesh also radiated satisfaction and and thanks from the exit.

Sheva did not mention the name of one person, including Ronaldinho gave the bait slick in the usual 70 minutes. Sheva'll get a sense of love for all those who continue to support them in the difficult period.

"I'm happy, eventually can also print a touchdown," he said, as quoted Goal, Friday (3/10/2008).

"I am grateful to the fans who continue to support me, even though I make a mistake early in the match," continued the Ukrainian Striker A.

"I always supported my colleagues and continue to work hard in the field. I am grateful to them, but also to Carlo Ancelotti and all the medical team."

Sheva also expressed how content he can out of the goal famine in recent months, even when the defense is still up to Chelsea finally sent back to San Syro.

"It seems there is something that I print a touchdown, but it all ended and this is now a big step for me. Can you print a goal is important for a Striker, but many more should I do," he said.