Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fergie supporting Rooney strengthen the UK

Manchester - There is no obstacle for coach Fabio Capelo bring Wayne Rooney in his team. Although Manchester United Striker was recently restored, but manager Alex Ferguson still supports strengthening the English national team.

Rooney is currently doing light training after injury was the single strengthen MU Aalborg in the Champions League yesterday. Ferguson also likely will not play Rooney against Blackburn Rovers during the Premier League continued this weekend.

However, this is not a reason to impede Rooney to return the team to strengthen the UK. Striker Ferguson had hoped this could strengthen his English face Kazakhstan and Belarus in World Cup qualifying next week in 2010.

"I no problem with the UK to join the team. Competition is owned by them, and they should skip although Wayne may not appear in the competition this Saturday," said Ferguson as This Reuters.

However, now awaiting Rooney mend it can be called to strengthen the English national team. "It is a call Fabio Capello and how its development in the next few days. But I do not have any problems with it," he says.