Saturday, October 4, 2008

Maldini 22 Year Career Talk Football him

Milan - Questions heaviest opponent, tire captain in the Italian national team and AC Milan, the trip 22 years old football career to plan the future. Go to retire, Paolo Maldini said experience as one of the world's best back.

"I see my career as something fun, I do not regard football as a job. If I minded like that, then I have been since the retirement several years ago," Maldini respond in the interview with Sky, such as by Channel4.

Beginning with the Milan Maldini occurred in 1985 when he entered as a substitute players. However, it is only the young Maldini's appearance in the season. A year ago he became the new starting IX Rossoneri.

At the 40th, after or 22 years old uniformed Milan, Maldini decided this is the last season. An incision exceptional players named by the full Paolo Cesare Maldini is regarded as a big fortune.

"I think a matter of great fortune that has been in the city I get my birth. With this club I have Tropi the Champions League, as my father did before. And remember my children now also play for Milan."

"I remember it all back and then I think if I was a very lucky person," the further back on 26 June last year to celebrate the re-40 is.

Although called a "back one of the best in the world, Maldini has not given a title card at any GLI Azzurri. No European Cup, let alone the World Cup, he was not even awarded to the player with a phenomenal achievement like Ballon d'or or best player version of the World Cup.

"I do not get it with the Azzurri, but it may not make our time. Many of the opportunity we have and always less compete with the penalty," the story of 126 caps in the Italian national team.

"Strangely I became captain in the national team before I became the captain of Milan. I am pleased to get more responsibility and ready time of age 30, so I'm ready to take the task Franco Baresi."

In the long journey in his career, Maldini has been facing tens or even hundreds Striker dangerous. However, the amount of some that have the ability deems above average other attackers. They are Diego Maradona and Ronaldo the first time to move to Inter Milan.

"I think the best opponent that I face is Diego Maradona, although in the first two years with Inter, Ronaldo also phenomenal," he continued.

Go to retire his much-asked question is what will be done if Maldini no longer work with football. One is that we can be sure that he will not follow the impression that his father, Cesare Maldini, with a trainer.

"There are big questions concerning my career. They are becoming big players not always become a successful coach also. I am very open to many possibilities, we see just how the future later," said Maldini.