Monday, October 13, 2008

Ashley Cole humiliated, FA Not Understanding

London - There are a handful of English fans who disdain Ashley Cole while St George's Cross to Kazakhstan. The English Football Association (FA), whimsy is not understandable.

Base present when Cole is a lure to players Kazakhstan Zhambyl Kukeyev in 64 minutes. Utilizing the error, Kukeyev print only one touchdown when the guest of Kazakhstan 1-5 upset.

Action is to invite criticism, Adrian Bevington, FA Director of Communications. "Clearly, we are very disappointed with the reactions of spectators," said Bevington to Setanta Sports.

"We do not understand and no one can understand the mentality when they go to the match. Hope, UK, but their support and take an individual and meneriakinya when he made a mistake," said Bevington.

Bevington admitted that Cole has been keeping a moment after the match. Bevington rate back Chelsea are in good condition. As a senior and professional players, Cole is often called Bevington are in any circumstances.

"In conclusion, it is insanity and it is not useful. What you want to reach people like this? People who watch the match and cheer their own players," Bevington question.

"Suporter football have the right to express their views. I have been in football throughout my life and it is a part of. Everyone has their own opinion, but what I do not understand is what they try to achieve?" Bevington said.

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Franco Baresi inspiration for Rafa Benitez

Liverpool - Liverpool survive Lini is one of the best in the UK, with proven hat-trick of Gold Glove awards for Jose "pepe" Reina. AC Milan legend, Franco Baresi, called an impact.

Since the 2005-06 season, Reina always clean sheet record at the Primary League. That's given the Golden Glove for three successive seasons.

Awards are of course not merely because of the strength Reina under the rule only. Lini survive "The Red" also have contributed not less large in the arrest rate of attacks that have potential opponent put in a nest ball.

Synergies in all aspects of the field that eventually empty ability to Rafael Benitez, the manager "The Red" since 2004, gathering in the back line that easily be penetrated.

"Rafa has brought the defense to the next level. He was into every detail, all the small things such as the position of the body, how to react when the opponent using different formations," katya center back Jamie Carragher Liverpool to the official Liverpool website.

How Benitez any details concerning the defense may very inspired by Baresi, Milan star period 1977-1997, which is known as one of the best back over the period. Baresi game with Paolo Maldini, Alessandro Costacurta and Mauro Tassotti even considered as one of the quartet to survive the best in the history of football.

"Basically he (Benitez) driving (strength) Franco Baresi of AC Milan," said Carragher.

Players survive the faithful defend Liverpool since 1996, also expressed how Benitez not only in cagey any defense, but also a comprehensive scheme game.

"He's (Benitez) can change the system five times in one match. In the inaugural match Robbie Keane, he (Keane) eventually play in the left wing because Rafa see something about Lazio, which makes you want to put three people in the middle, when the only party friendship , "Carragher demolished.

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Double Robinho, Brazil pulverized Venezuela 4-0

San Cristobal - Brazilian berry big victory in the party continued for the World Cup in 2010 in Venezuela cage. Marked two goals from Robinho, the team of 'Samba' home with a 4-0 victory.

In Pueblo Nuevo Stadium, on Monday (13/10/2008), Brazil is not Venezuela match. Apart from Robinho, goal-scorer Kaka and Adriano donations to complete the triumph of the team that Dunga upbringing in San Cristobal.

Brazilian goal when printing directly fight the new age of five minutes. Kaka opened the benefits of the team delegates with a hard kick from the right side of the box without a face capable goalkeeper Renny Vega.

Goal Kaka is very special because it is a first half goal for AC Milan Brazilian in the last 11 months.

Venezuela more mental collapse when Robinho double the advantage just four minutes ago. Controlling the ball on the left side, Robinho kick round the skin far outside the penalty box and goal. Brazil also winning 2-0.

Adriano's first innings closed with a 3-0 advantage in the minutes for Brazil to-19. Goal action from the beginning that Kaka send bait to Elano forward with a horizontal cross bait. Adriano ball without difficulty cheat goal and print.

Venezuela had the opportunity to get in to-22 minutes through a free kick, Juan Arango. However, the execution Arango goal because it failed to be defeated by Brazil goalkeeper Julio Cesar.

In the second phase, the attacks and relax a little Brazil Venezuela consequently have the opportunity to unleash some attacks through Giancarlo Maldonando but again, Cesar appear spry to secure gawangnya.

However, Brazil still showed class by adding a 4-0 victory in 66 minutes. Joaofilhoe bait send a breakthrough to a Robinho pass from the off-side trap. With calm, Robinho cheated the ball into the wicket Vega.

Brazil make sweet retaliation because in their last meeting with Venezuela, Robinho et al subdued 0-2 in a fight friendship. Results will also be to-18 victory of Brazil in the 19 meeting with Vintonito.

This victory makes the position of Brazil in the forum CONMEBOL zone terkatrol to rank with two scores 16. This amount is equal to that collected Argentina but the team 'Samba' superior goal difference.

Meanwhile, Paraguay is still solid perch at the top of the forum with a value of 20.

Ordering players:
Venezuela: Vega; Chacon, Rey, Boada, Rojas; Vitali (Lucena 69), Vielma, Guerra (Moreno 61), Vargas (Seijas 55); Arango, Maldonado.

Brazil: Julio Cesar; Maicon, Lucio, Juan (Thiago Silva 46), kleber; Gilberto Silva, Josue (Mancini 78), Elano, Kaka (Alex Meschini 71); Adriano, Robinho

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Cost of Victory Argentina

Buenos Aires - Argentina Victory, which quoted from Uruguay to relieve and read. However, there is a price to be paid, ie, injury and suspension, which runs some of the players.

Two goals from Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero to send Argentina 2-1 win over Uruguay in the River Plate Stadium, Sunday (12/10/2008). Victory is precisely because the first fight in the last six 'Tango'.

As happened in South America, Argentina-Uruguay match held firm. Yellow card and the injury of the players jump into seemingly impossible is avoided.

Argentina coach Alfio Basile will lose a number of important pillars in the World Cup qualifying continued in 2010 with its headquarters to Chile, on Wednesday (15/10).

Aguero, Javier Mascherano and Martin Demichelis can appear questionable because of an injury. Meanwhile, the two stars in the middle and front lines, Juan Roman dream and Carlos Tevez, a positive use as punishable as a result of card accumulation.

Basile also recognizes the bunker will have a big problem in the pen Chile. "We estimate that a very heavy match against Chile," This I Basile as Reuters.

"I remember when we go there for the Copa America in 1991. They (supporters Chile - red) really make the team as we make," said Basile, who in the opportunity 17 years ago also act as the architect Biancocelesti strategy.

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Rooney No objection Swingers Role

London - Two-time Wayne Rooney switch positions when England trounce Kazakhstan 5-1. Although the two positions is far different significance Rooney, he remains ready to install Fabio Capello anywhere.

In the first half of the match, Sunday (13/10/2008), Capello install variants 4-3-3 formation to play 4-5-1 with Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard and Gareth Barry as a central half. Rooney own more action in the left wing.

Results "cheaters" in the first innings, being recast formation Capello initially. Shaun Wright Phillips is inserted to replace Barry, Dan Rooney also played more to the middle.

The results are positive. Rooney twice able to penetrate the opponent and the goalpost "Three Lions" roared loud with the big victory party in the 5-1 World Cup qualifying them.

Rooney admitted that the scheme own game in the second innings to make it more "live". However, the attacker original club Manchester United is reluctant finical position.

"I controlled the ball more and play more comfortable. But if the manager I want to play on the left, then I will do," says Rooney This such as Setanta Sports, Monday

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Carra: Liverpool Not Hull

Liverpool - Liverpool Appearances slick at the beginning of the season put them in the top forum with Chelsea, despite there are still questioned the ability of "The Red" to remain at the top. Jamie Carragher own, if only to remind his team not Hull.

It Through the seven parties, Liverpool recorded two victories and two series of results. With a number of collection points 17, they are entitled to the position owing to two points with the equivalent of Chelsea in one position.

One important in the fight of the Primary League is when Manchester City. Behind 0-2 earlier, they succeeded in closing the match with a 3-2 victory.

Comeback the extraordinary beautiful touch tanks provide the initial slick Liverpool this season. Consequently no less convinced that if this is the season they will be successful. But I also little doubt that the consistency of "The Reds" until the end of the season.

For Carragher, doubt is reluctant discussed it extensively. He only wants to prove that this time it will be a serious challenger.

"People say we should stop making a good beginning. I thought, 'We play seven new parties and we are Liverpool. Did we deserve on there? What I skip anything?".

"We are not Hull. If we are still there in March later on, then we can discuss it. Until that time, we must focus to do the best in every match. More concrete actions rather than words," said the Liverpool center back to official team sites.

Until now, full of surprises with Hull jumped to the top. The club season and are in position three in the Championship division and gain promotion through the playoff round for the temporary position in three primary forum League, behind the three figures from Liverpool and Chelsea.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Seedorf says Inter Scudetto Favorites

Milan - AC Milan may be a rival for Inter Milan. However, one of the Rossoneri players, Clarence Seedorf, it is mentioned as a favorite wholesaler Inter scudetto this season.

Seedorf said, not without reason. Half-Dutch origin is issued opinion after viewing the various strengths of the team that care by José Mourinho is.

Also the first player ever to play for Inter is that the Nerazzurri have the power evenly on each line. Yet again the fact that they are the authorities in the three Serie A last season.

"They are a team that must be defeated. They are the champion to survive and have the most complete players. They have quality players in every position, it is incredible," he said in Tuttosport.

"I can not say we inferior to them, but the Nerazzurri have six or seven options in every position. What is more important, everything depends on continuity. Season and we destroyed and we need to go back to the point with humility, through facts, not word - word, "he said.

Milan are currently in eighth position while the forum. From the battle six times, they reach three victories, one equilibrium, and two-time losers. Il Diavolo Rosso are now 10 or collecting the value of three figures deviate from the Inter are in third position.

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Italy will proceed Tifosi fascist

Sofia - Results equilibrium 0-0 against Bulgaria dealt with attitudes not pleasant by some spectators Italy. They found out a disorderly and actions reflect the ideology of fascism.

In the fight that took place at Levski Stadium, Sofia, Sunday (12/10/2008), Italy more down the young players, although there are names such as senior Fabio Cannavaro and Gianluca Zambrotta.

Italy, which had never win when the put-off in Sofia, more than dominate the game. Still, a number of opportunities that are in them through Alberto Gilardino, failed a touchdown.

This then be overused by some delegates Suporter team. They began to pelt the support of Bulgaria with a bottle and began removing a fascist following calls identical with the credo that "introduced" by Benito Mussolini that.

This then makes infuriated President FIGC (Italian football federation) Giancarlo Abete. He also promised to investigate this case.

"They must be punished. Tickets have been sold are marked with their name, so we can track every person holding," he said as This Reuters.

Meanwhile, different from the fans, coach Marcello Lippi admitted that even quite satisfied with the look of the young Azzurri. Results will also continue the fantastic record with Lippi at the Italian national team which has been in 29 games repeated unbeatable.

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Carrick & Hargreaves Ready for Comeback

Manchester - Manchester United received the good news. Two half their midst, Michael Carrick and Owen Hargreaves, fade to recover from injury and ready to play again in the near future.

Carrick absent due to injury when the single face Liverpool on 13 September. Since then he has spend six games in all competitions MU.

Meanwhile Hargreaves suffered a knee injury since it is still in play Bayern Munich in the early relapse again this season. He was playing in the second fight in the Premier League and one match in the Champions League, but he was absent the rest.

Injury is not only to make them can not defend MU, but also the English national team. Meanwhile, for Sir Alex Ferguson, manager The Red Devils, both injury to make choices half-middle enough to be limited. Moreover, he also lost Paul Scholes until December.

Now they have started to recover. According to Sir Alex, both conditions can be expected that can be derived in the fight against West Bromwich Albion on Saturday next week.

"We hope Michael will be ready in the next week," he told the Manchester Evening News. "He immediately undergo full training. Owen is much better and we'll enter it into the list of players against West bromine," he said.

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Azzurri young players make Lippi satisfied

Sofia - Italy just to reach the ties of his visits to Bulgaria. However, Marcello Lippi admitted very satisfied, especially with a young Azzurri play.

Indeed, there are senior players like Gianluca Zambrotta and Fabio Cannavaro when Italy play equilibrium was 0-0 with Bulgaria. However, the Italian team emerged some new faces such as Simone pepe and Giuseppe Rossi who debut in the senior national team while Riccardo Montolivo also get a promotion from the U-21 team.

Without Gianluigi Buffon, Andrea Pirlo and Mauro Camoranesi and Lippi decision to leave Alex Del Piero, Andrea Barzagli and Antonio Cassano, the average age of players in the fight is 27 years. A brave decision given the Italian never win if the battle to Bulgaria.

"I see no good in the Report card between young and senior players, so I'm sure we will still see a good team performance. There are good players there, some old and some are still young. Gianluca Zambrotta to play good players as Martin Petrov and Andrea Dossena is also growing, "said Lippi, such as by Channel4.

Results also continue this fantastic record with Lippi at the Italian national team which has 29 games unbeatable. Incision is not only a record number of mass throughout Italy on behalf of Vittorio Pozzo.

"This is the most positive I see a convincing appearance of some new players and some new players that few will defend the national team," Lippi information.

Rejuvenation in the Italian team also welcome the very positive from missorkidea de Rossi. Rome is half the U.S. rate Azzurri still have the potential for very large and of course these conditions can make the public feel optimistic Italy.

"We see big growth in the last few games that make us optimistic. I am delighted with this team, I'm comfortable with this team. It's like working every day with the club," said De Rossi.

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In obscenities Cole, Cole Supported

London - Due to make mistakes in the birth of Kazakh goal, Ashley Cole obscenities at their own supporters. But back to the Chelsea defense from Rio Ferdinand and Fabio Capello.

In winning 2-0 position, said the wicket England David James digolkan Zhambyl Kukeyev. Goal is indeed should not happen if Cole do not blunder with "give" on the ball Kukeyev.

England then able to add three additional goals that the two of them came from Wayne Rooney and one from Jermaine Defoe. However, the incidence of errors over the materials to make Cole a blasphemy The Three Lions fans who pack Wemble Stadium.

"Disappointing, when players make mistakes - you want to be in the back and encouraged re-focus on the match. That is not to shout at players with their own. Hopefully, spectators who are ashamed to do with himself," said Ferdinand as the fed TheSun.

Comments approved by the captain his coach Fabio Capello. Just as Ferdinand, Capello considers fans should not berate your own players because he made a mistake.

"I can not understand why the spectators shout at one of the players - you need more help players when they make mistakes," says Don Fabio.

Big victory, followed by ties between Croatia without a touchdown with Ukraine, the UK is now starting to make forum Group 6 with nine points from three games.

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