Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hodgson praises Di Michele "As Del Piero and Baggio"

It is convinced of the Technical Fulham that all all'Udinese seven years ago on the eve of the challenge with West Ham: "David has started to really great and we should try to make life as difficult as possible"

LONDON (Gb), 27 September 2008 - David Di Michele as Roberto Baggio and Alessandro Del Piero. The comparison almost heresy is at risk of Roy Hodgson, who seven years ago all the neo purchase of West Ham all'Udinese and that, precisely because it struck dell'attaccante by technical qualities, was very surprised by the fact that the Turin has given loaned to the London team coached by Gianfranco Zola.

TALENT - "Di Michele is an experienced player - he explained the coach of Fulham at Sun - and it is great to find the way of scoring in every circumstance, because he has excellent technique and knows how to play the ball very well and is at the door really able. I was very surprised by his career as well as the fact that we have moved a lot since he changed teams eight. With his talent and his quality I would have expected it becoming like Alessandro Del Piero or Roberto Baggio. "

PUBLIC HAZARD - That is, two of the most popular champions of all time, the first flag of Juventus, the second player in spite of his revolt in a city (Florence) when it was sold to Juve own. Returning to Di Michele, a mark twice in three matches, the former bomber to Udinese and Torino Hodgson is certainly the greatest danger in the challenge against the Hammers, among other things that are a result of the Cottagers at home since 1966.

PASSING - "David has begun to really great and we should try to make life as difficult as possible." A goal that the coach hopes to achieve by focusing on the desire for revenge of Bobby Zamora, one from West Ham if they have not gone too well. "When a player facing his former team - ended the English coach, on the Inter bench from 1995 to 1997 and a rapid move well in 1999 - we always put a little more desire in me and I was very impressed by what Zamora is doing. " At least in this case, however, as to venture out and other similarities also a bit uncomfortable.

Simona Marchetti

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Renato launches fines per kilo

The coach of Vasco de Gama, fourth in the league, can not make his players' diet. That is sidelined after the pink "Fat" has decided to touch on the portfolio with 111 euro fine for every kilo over weight

MILAN, Sept 27, 2008 - Who does not fire, no shots (in camp). And so life for players of Vasco da Gama is being done every day tougher. Intendiamoci, it would be a good thing for a player to maintain their weight, regardless of any punishment. Since, however, the Brazilian club has chosen the hard line with the 'fat', then starting the trouble.

Fat - Renato Portaluppi, ex meteor of Rome (famous for its nighttime raids in the capital), is the current coach of Vasco. Unfortunately for him the team is fourth in the championship. The reason? Clearly, the low fitness of the players, many of them overweight. But since the trend does not change the balance on the next step, in addition to exclusion dall'undici owner of the 'fat', was to tap the portfolio.

PAY - The coach then decided. For every kilo over the weight the player concerned should pay a fine of 300 real (111 euros). "The players eat garbage - said Renato Globo newspaper -. And to educate them there are many alternatives. It is not enough to make them not go into the field? Well, then we must strike them in a matter where they are particularly sensitive: the money."

O 'ANIMAL - Also on Globo wrote that six players of Vasco da Gama are overweight. Among these, the former Fiorentina and Napoli Edmundo. Who knows if 'O' Animal 'accept the dictates of his coach. Knowing it, might seek to exempt them. For Vasco would be the sixth change driving technique, only in this season. Other steps that.

Alessandro Ruta


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Juve, Camoranesi from 1 ' La Viola back to its

The latest from the fields. Early Samp-Juve: blucerchiati with Accardi, recovered, found that white exterior right. The Fiorentina, pledged to 20.30 with Genoa, module 4-3-3 relaunches and the old guard. Rossoblù with tiridente Jankovic-Milt-Palladino

MILAN, Sept 27, 2008 - Starting from the advances Sampdoria-Juventus and Fiorentina-Genoa to finish with the expected postponement of the San Siro between Milan and Inter. Here's the latest from the fields until the fifth day Serie A

Sampdoria -- (fg) Recover Accardi, who will start from the beginning. Even Gastaldello is better and should be in the field. In midfield, Sammarco favorite on Dessena. Bonazzoli on the bench: in its place, Delvecchio behind Cassano. Bellucci, called, is not yet ready and follow the race with Juve from the gallery.
Juventus - (am) Camoranesi has recovered and will be in the first minute. A fall Sissoko midfield, alongside him Marchisio is a slight advantage on Poulsen. In attack the only certainty is Iaquinta holder: to relay his side Del Piero-Amauri. In defense Mellberg will replace the injured Legrottaglie, left back Molinaro.

Fiorentina - (g) Prandelli finder 4-3-3 and the old guard: made by the turbot (tactical scheme used in recent issues), the coach plans to deploy a training similar to that of the past, except for Felipe Melo and Gilardino, favored in the ballot with Pazzini. Before Frey likely Jorgensen from right (with Comotto ready to race), Gamberini and Kroldrup central Gobbi left. Amid complete the department Donadel and Montolivo. Forward in support of the first tip Mutu left and Santana (a slight lead over Semioli) on the other side. A game started to space Jovetic.
Genoa - (fg) Massive turn-over, the one studied by Gasperini, devoid of injury Gasbarroni. In defense, and Papastathopoulos Bocchetti are candidates to take over respectively Biava and Criscito lanes on the sides. In midfield, former viola Vanden Borre ahead on Juric. Confirmation Likely for Rossi and Modesto on bands. In attack, as well as Milito, likely green light for Jankovic (or Sculli) and Palladino. In withdrawal also Thiago Motta, but the neo-rossoblù be in the gallery.

BOLOGNA-NAPOLI (15 hours tomorrow)
Bologna - (go) recovered Moras, 4-3-1-2 with forwards Di Vaio, Marazzina on the bench.
Naples - (fm) New turnover in view of Bologna. reja revolutionizes defense and midfield in this game Gianello door, before him unprecedented line consists of three Santacroce, and Aronica Rinaudo. A midfield play Montervino, Patience, Blasi, Hamšík and Mannini, attack in the couple choice should be Zalayeta-Pia, in the lead over Denis.

CATANIA-CHIEVO (15 hours tomorrow)
Catania - (gf) As expected, Japanese Morimoto did not have it done to recover from a ailments and is not among the 21 invited to Zenga that, from this afternoon will be in retreat on the outskirts of Catania. The list. Goalkeepers: Bizzarri, Kosicky, Polito. Defenders: Saturday, Sardo, Silvestre, Silvestri, Stovini, Terlizzi. Midfielders: Baiocco, Biagianti, Dica, Izco, Ledesma, Llama, German. Forwards: Antenucci, Martinez, Mascara, Paolucci, Plasmati. So called back between the goalie Polito, in early warning for natural conditions are not ideal for Bizzarri, who in Turin had finished the game without being able to make referrals from the bottom of the field. Expected return of Mascara forward, Stovini command the rearguard.
Chievo - (FDP) Particularly patterns on the ball inactive for Chievo in the morning finishing Veronello. "The Catania - Iachini notes - thanks to a lot of marks placed kicks, and men have interesting patterns. But we can do about bad situations from detention." In early afternoon arrival in Catania. Esposito still unavailable, Bentivoglio and Kerlon. To assess the conditions of Pinzi, struggling with a strong contusion. Rigoni ready. "The Catania is a great team and Zenga is proving to be a great coach - stresses Pellissier - the people with whom we have played against Inter and Juve have also means that a lot of security in their means. Massimo respect for them. But at the Catania Chievo can win. "

LECCE-CAGLIARI (15 hours tomorrow)
Cagliari - ( finishing the morning before leaving for Italy. Allegri has summoned 20 players, leaving home yet Ferri, Pani and injured Astori. In group revises Jeda, to take a jersey from holder in attack alongside Acquafresca. For the rest, in defense, before Marchetti, a small square between Canini and White in the center, the second favorite to support Lopez, while Pisano and Agostini are some on outside. In midfield, can confirm the trio Fini, Conti and Word, with Biondini pushing for one of two places alongside Conti. Finally, Cossu in support of the couple Acquafresca-Jeda, preferred to Larrivey and Matri.

PALERMO-REGGINA (15 hours tomorrow)
Palermo - (c) Contrordine, Ballardini trust of its people and not change them for the third game in a row: "I do not think to change nell'undici owner - said the coach of Ravenna on the eve of the challenge with Reggina - we are all well ". Finishing behind closed doors. Remain outside because only the injured Budan ( "Maybe after stopping the review of the available"), Guana (knee pain), Kjaer (the foot blisters) and Fontana (blow to the wrist) in addition to excluding the rotating Capuano (Porto Only two defenders on the bench), Di Matteo and Romeo. Summoned all the other winds, but your squad will be the usual suspects, including Carrozzieri who disposed of the blow yesterday resolved to start training.

ROME-ATALANTA (15 hours tomorrow)
Atalanta - (gm) Del Blacks intends to confirm the team that beat Cagliari, the only change could affect the defense with the return of Bellini instead of Rivalta. "But decide before the match," said the technician Friuli, leaving doubt. The rest does not change, then nothing turnover. Of Blacks led to Roma 22 players because Atalanta remain in the capital until Thursday evening having to play Wednesday all'Olimpico with Lazio in the Coppa Italia. Among the invited there is also Cerci, that Rome against his will in the gallery but is ready to play a piece in the cup.

Torino-Lazio (15 hours tomorrow)
Torino - (ft) Rosina is not convened, Corini is recovered. Abate against Lazio as part owner Dzemaili, De Biasi give a rest to turn Amoruso. "I want a Toro not reckless," said De Biasi. Abate presenting alongside Abbruscato and Bianchi. In defense touches in Colombo (to debut the first minute) to replace the disqualified Diana.

UDINESE-SIENA (15 hours tomorrow)
Udinese - (sm) "Di Natale? E 'between eighteen summoned." The response of Marino wants to leave open the presence nell'undici owner of number 10 white, but the impression is that the creativity to strip Neapolitan will be starting the match with Siena. Quagliarella and Pasquale, until yesterday ahead preferences should start from the bench with Siena. At the press conference the coach has not given clear guidance on this subject, but stressed the importance of using the proper time of the team. Difficult, therefore, that Marino surrenders to the form of Floro Flores (great performance in Bologna nell'infrasettimanale) and the Regional Security defensive garantina by central pair-Tail Domizzi (no goals with them in the last three matches) . For the flanks in their defense should be chosen Motta and Lukovic, compared to two new race in Bologna.
Sierna - (the) Finishing in Friuli for Siena, from yesterday's withdrawal. With the full infirmary (unavailable to seven), Giampaolo has few options in attack should return the couple Maccarone-Calaiò, for confirmation Kharja trequartista and the midfield formed by Vergassola, Codrea and Hobbs. Coppola and Jarolim could find a place race started, as Frick or Ghezzal. Convened in the respective national commitments for mid-October, Codrea, Frick, Kharja, Zuniga and Jaakkola.

INTER-MILAN (tomorrow 20.30)
Milan - Pato ballot-Sheva, with the Brazilian favorite.
Inter-ballot Cruz-Adriano, with the Argentine favorite.



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Kakà-Cambiasso in Official The derby begins in advance

AC Milan and nerazzurro have discovered the cards. The Brazilian, "Ibra is strong, but we will win" and sketch the goal with which exceed friend Julio Cesar. The Argentine: "I see a lot of traffic in the area, will mark the decisive goal"

MILAN, Sept 27, 2008 - Air derby yesterday in the Journal. Among other guests, Kakà and Cambiasso have "played" an advance of the derby scheduled tomorrow night at San Siro. And skirmishes between beats ( "Ibra is strong, but we will win," the Brazilian was splashed on a display that has the goal in mind to overcome compatriot Julio Cesar, while speaking of her Cambiasso goal in the derby: "My networks are always come back to. stavolata I hope that does not serve, indeed mark the decisive goal. "Here's a taste" of their interviews, published in the Journal today.

Kakà, this derby may be a response to the doubts of Milan?
"Maybe. Right now we have three victories in three matches, important points. Why win against Lazio and Inter is beautiful, but we must find the motivation playing against Reggina in a night of rain, on Wednesday. And in the end are the points taken or lost against small that make the difference. "

Cambiasso, what weighs derby to get to 4 on Milan?
"The ranking does not matter. This is really a race to himself. I say now that we are first of us, but I thought even when pursuit.



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Cassano Juventus fan depends on Del Piero

The Bari want guarantees: why wait for 2010. And if Giovinco explodes ...

MILAN, Sept 27, 2008 - Talk of Cassano and our thoughts turn immediately to Juve. A marriage predicted long ago, but still much to do. Or better: the most likely date of the ceremony seems still two years away. Namely the summer of 2010. Patience, then, nothing should be taken for granted. Also because the talent to Sampdoria Bari is good and his head in exchange for a new mesh is attached to the precise technical guarantees.

CLAUSE RESCISSORIA - all the more so since the switch from Real to blucerchiati was signed with the contracts anthology. The conditions torn by dg Beppe Marotta has been excellent since Cassano is not cost a euro unless the commitment to pay 5 million to Madrid in case of supply by 2012. But the agent Cassano, the lawyer Beppe Bozzo, was not as well. That termination clause from 18 million euros in the first authenticated League, allows the player to choose its future without major influences on the current society. And that the Juve knows it well. The well-informed ensure that the John Elkann learned from the same Garrone in Samp-Juve. blindatissimo in a lunch at a popular restaurant just steps away from Marassi.

AND THE MANCHESTER CITY - Surely Cassano tends to stay in Italy after the burning Spanish, but the fact remains that its listing has returned popular abroad. Recently the Manchester City has been made alive to know his intentions. And you know what the economic availability of new property, with its ambitions. But the temptation for Bari is relative. He will leave the Samp only when the president Garrone will understand that it is better to turn the page. So the first move up to Samp.

The shadow of DEL PIERO - Rather the proud Cassano, before accepting the move to Juve, expects to know the moves Del Piero, whose contract expires in 2010, that is behind the 36 years. The captain leaves no white anything, strengthened by an exceptional performance. But what will be the scenario in two years? Without neglecting the rise of Sebastian Giovinco, obviously a candidate to carve space from Juve player in pink. But up to that point? Of course, a Giovinco holder could also lead the Juve not to seek a talent such as cumbersome Cassano. But we must also pay attention to the future of Trezeguet. Without him and with a consolidated Amauri, the white club could also opt for Cassano who, let us not forget, now acts as the first tip.

And Cobolli brakes - Watch case the president Giovanni Cobolli Gigli sends a message that clearly calls into question Sebastian Giovinco, "Cassano has a huge value and has already found the serenity and physical form to do important things. But the young Juve has to be growing well, so I do not see possibilities. "


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Mourinho against all

The coach Inter to free wheel. On Ranieri: "There has 5 years to learn good afternoon and good morning." Beretta: "Maybe it needs to work a little 'personality." On Shevchenko: "In Milan he found something that was not in England, here you can see immediately that has improved"

MILAN, Sept 27, 2008 - "From Milan I do not expect anything, I expect a team with good players and who wants to win the game. We are exactly the same: we want to win, we trust, we are a team that knows that after the game will be in front Milan in the standings and quiet to play a beautiful game that I feel like it at all. " José Mourinho is not a biased forecast on the eve of the Milan derby. "The Inter is the strongest team championship? For tomorrow is not important to know who is stronger, yes for the championship. A marathon of many months later, at the end of the tournament, which will be the team stronger." The coach Portuguese crosses the Ukrainian Shevchenko, back to Milan after the unfortunate parenthesis to Chelsea. "In Milan he found something that is important for him and who had not in England, here you can see immediately that has improved, I see it on TV and I think a player who is returning to its huge level - adds the Portuguese press conference -- surely there is something in Milan that makes it a happy man and this is why I think we have the great Sheva all admired before his move to Chelsea. "

RA NIERI AND ENGLISH - "I studied five hours a day Italian for several months to be able to communicate with you journalists, with the fans and think that you have failed to respect? Speak Ranieri then that after five years in England had difficulties to say 'good morning' and 'good afternoon'. Who is he? Who can tell me not to send Baresi in the press conference is Moratti, the president and no other. " So Inter coach José Mourinho is back on the controversy concerning the presence of his vice Beppe Baresi in interviews before and after the match with Lecce. Mourinho then accused the journalists: "You have not complied Baresi. The concept is clear, if you have not understood can also make a design."

PERSONALITY PROBLEMS 'FOR BERETTA - A sinking is dedicated to Beretta, who criticized the lack of respect in choosing not to present themselves to journalists Wednesday evening. "Beretta has spoken to me at the stage - reminded Mourinho - and not told me anything. If you said something to me to the press did not do that. Maybe it needs some work 'on personality. Fear has to speak with colleagues and then speaks to the press? It is a somewhat 'strange for me. "



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Ronaldo court for trans affair

The Brazilian talks for 5 hours with the judge who deals with cases of attempted extortion by the three transgender prostitutes with whom you intrattenne in April

RIO DE JANEIRO (Bra), 27 September 2008 - Nearly five hours of deposition Ronaldo in Brazil for the affair that saw him lead last April, when the former striker of Inter Milan and denounced for attempted extortion three transgender prostitutes. Ronaldo has testified in the court Marta Oliveira Cianni Marins, who took over the case. The testimony of Ronaldo, has informed the tribunal will not be made public. As reported the Brazilian striker, who is several weeks working to get back in shape after the accident along the trans asked him for money not divulge the story to the media. Ronaldo has admitted having brought the three in motels, explaining, however, not to have noticed that women were not. Prostitutes have always maintained that the player was drunk and had used drugs in their company, which is always denied by Ronaldo.


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Ancelotti, alliance pre-derby "Without meaning comparisons on TV"

The coach of Milan takes the side of Mourinho who recently Dribble a distance comparison with Ranieri. But he warns: "Playing for attack." It admits with some 'late:' It is true, I met Abramovich "

CARNAGO (Varese), 27 September 2008 - If it feels. It has dreamed? Carlo Ancelotti made a solemn promise: "Playing to attack" with attached prophecy, "we goal on corner kick." Interviewed by Milan Channel before the ceremony and press conference on the eve of the derby with Inter, the coach trusts rossonero of his boys. "Attack and therefore also against the Nerazzurri this will be the match of Milan. Trying to be careful to speed Inter counterattack and the ability to exploit the restart of Ibrahimovic and Mancini." It will be a balanced derby, is convinced, but to stop the champions of Italy will be crucial to pay attention to every detail. "I am sure that we attentissimi on balls inactive for the Nerazzurri, another feature them dangerous, and very good about our".

THE COMPARISON AND MOU TV - Now, after having met and beaten Cuper, Zaccheroni and Mancini, would give a displease José Mourinho. "Inter All'allenatore I can not say anything, there is no need to send messages on the eve of the match. The jury is a capable coach but for what he has done before Inter. In terms of communication is capable and intelligent. " And Ancelotti deepens. "Mourinho is a coach capable and intelligent level of communication. It is a good technician. I am not being disagreeable, I am beautiful and so many things that did or said to endorse. Comparison distance between coaches on TV should not be there, it makes no sense "Adds siding so on the side of Mourinho, who recently Dribble a distance comparison with Claudio Ranieri. "I'm going on television to talk about the game that I played. Mourinho has been criticized for the case with Ranieri, however, in my opinion was right."

THE COURT OF ABRAMOVICH - With several months of delay Ancelotti admits to have met Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich denies although it has been offered a superingaggio. "Yes, it is true that I met Abramovich. Sometimes you just say bales of a fin for good, but we have not talked about money, but only football and players. Even for Mourinho? All ...". It closed the speech with a siparietto exhilarating, because in that circumstance, in a Parisian hotel, met the coach of Roma, Luciano Spalletti: "It was a funny episode."

INTER PERFECT - In the press conference calling to find a flaw Inter. "Hard to say - answered - I think it is a team with many qualities. I do not know identify shortcomings, the Inter fights only if you are 100% and take in hand the race and command the game. To avoid stressing on display all the qualities that have ". As the attackers. Inevitable, then, speaking of the defense. "Suffer many goals? Ideally, it would not take many - Ancelotti said - in this moment we have problems with the defensive phase. In terms of the collective and thereby improve the box of goals against will remain at zero."

Dinh SHEVA E - E Ronaldinho and Sheva? Among the many options in attack there could also be a deployment that provides for the inclusion of Gaucho and Ukraine: "Dinho is improving slowly - he says - will use the fact that it is important that it remains with us during the stopover, certainly will give him a lot more energy. Sheva is good, this feels very tender, I see it stimulated and I think for most for him that the other is important to have these feelings that can make an important contribution. I do not think it will be an important determinant for the derby scudetto will be important for us to close a negative and perhaps open another, otherwise we are in difficulties and will work hard to get out. "

SEVEN - Ancelotti urges the rossoneri: "The derby is more important for us and for Inter. We have a great opportunity to exit from this difficult time." Finally training. Taboo, of course, but at least he does name a few. "Those safe? Abbiati, Zambrotta, Maldini, Kaladze, Jankulovski, Gattuso and Kakà. We do seven, satisfied ...".
Gaetano De Stefano


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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rome, a day on De Rossi

ROME, Sept 25 - Three disqualified in the league, all for one day, after the fourth day of competitions. This is De Rossi (Roma), Britos (Bologna) and Diana (Torino). Fines companies: 5.000 euros at Genoa, 4,000 all 'Inter, 2500 in Bologna, 1,000 to Lazio and Udinese. The sporting judge Gianpaolo Tosel, then called on Chievo - Torino federal prosecutor to "further investigations in relation all'episodio, reported by the employee, occurred in the area of damage in prefiltraggio two stewards."

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Lotito: "The Lazio has great quality '

MILAN, Sept 25 - Enthusiastic Lotito at the League in Milan. The Fiorentina 3-0 on him thrilled: "The quality of Lazio is there for all to see yesterday dominated the field. I also liked Foggia.

Congratulations to Delio Rossi:
"His merit is to have made a solid tactical equipment to the team that now has brilliance."

The contract?
"The Civil Code also provides verbal agreement. Moreover, I chose to coach this summer.

The case-Bianchi?
"We wanted a fast player, capable of attacking from the right and left as Zarate.

What will happen with the return Rocchi?
"The focus coach who is better or they will coexist. E 'its task. "

Close to Lotito:
"Our motto is: work, sacrifice, professionalism and humility".
Alberto dusty

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Slow motion: Disaster Brighi in Genoa-Rome

ROME, Sept 25 - midweek round of Serie A without major cases to be slow motion, but stands out the error of Brighi and linesmen Biasutti in Genoa-Rome with the goal annulled a regular Panucci. Regular two goals of Genoa, but the penalty could stay on Menez.

Stefanini (Atalanta-Cagliari)
Floccari, the network is set
It seems adjust the decisive goal of Floccari the attacker to Del Blacks on the part of wire offside on the launch of Cigarini, at his side there are Lopez and White but Pisano that keeps him in the game. Contact Talamonti-Acquafresca in Bergamo area: it is not rigorous.

MAZZOLENI (Bologna-Udinese)
Britos: rigor and red
The correct decision in "Mazzoleni of rigor: Floro Flores (who in the regular position) ranks way towards Antonioli door behind him Britos test recovery and, just inside the area, takes decisive contact between the legs left of the two players. Rigor and expulsion, given the clear opportunity to goal. Good also 0-2: Floro Flores part in regular position.

GIRARDI (Chievo-Torino)
Hands Pratali, involuntary
Chievo protest, demanding a penalty kick at 26 ': the shooting of Mandelli, in fact, end up on the left hand of large Pratali. Girardi assess the distance between the two minimal (in fact it is so), opting for involontarietà. Giusto, however, the penalty awarded to grenade: the cross by Paolo Zanetti, in fact, on the right end of that Yepes is wide, the distance is reasonable, there is rigor.

BRIG (Genoa-Rome)
Regular two goals of Genoa
A disaster, dressed in collaboration with the linesmen Biasutto.Succede fact that at 21 'Shooting (2-1 result for Genoa), Panucci signs that a more regular you can not. When does the pass (it will), the defender giallorosso is held in position by Ferrari regular five meters. So how to adjust the position of Loria, which is closer. Biasutti, instead, inexplicably, sbandiera (what?), Closing the patatrac. An episode that clearly sends a confusing arbitrator already just brilliant. What little dopoespelle De Rossi for a foul on Palladino. Not only that: just five minutes later, Brighi ignores a push of Ferrari on Menez in rossoblù area: could stay the penalty. Adjust the goal of 1-0 to Sculli: when to cross Gasbarroni, the player rossoblù be in play Riise. Doubts on goal, 21: not for the position of Milito (regular given the position of Perrotta and Brighi, in off side not punishable Olivera), but because Doni could have kept the ball in the field.

BERGONZI (Inter-Lecce)
Cordoba on Esposito, who risk!
First time without major incidents by slow motion, only a ... curiosity: about punishment by trequarti of giallorossi, is to limit the contact between Vieira e. .. Burdisso. Cordoba big risk: at the time of head Esposito, the defender from behind the nerazzurro pushes slightly. Adjust-goal game of Cruz: When the Argentine pulls, in fact, Adriano is in position off side, but the images from behind the door is hard to understand not interfere in view of Benussi.

Pierpaoli (Juventus-Catania)
Del Piero, gol canceled: ok
Intervention by Poulsen on Llama, without possibility of taking the ball. There could be a yellow card. Fischiato off a side to Amauri, sees good linesmen Angrisani. What is good to 23 'fishing offside when Del Piero (which will mark its whistle on arbitration): Alex, in fact, on the change of Amauri is beyond the defensive line giallorossa.

DE MARCO (Lazio-Fiorentina)
Dainelli on Zarate, from rigor
One key episode in the first half: 30 ', in fact, Zarate comes in area and is tackled by Dainelli slipped in the Argentine tries to make another step, then ends down. Probably, the arbitrator has estimated that at least there was contact (otherwise De Marco had to warn Zarate for simulation), not this, however, result in a penalty kick. Difficult and controversial decision: you see the right of Danielle who goes on to claim that it anticipates Zarate. Whistle the penalty was not a disgrace. On the 2-0 goal, to protest an alleged breach hands of Zarate, the ball splashing in the arm after a conflict with Felipe Melo. Touch Brocchi, before him there Comotto that the right touches: involuntary.

ROCCHI (Naples-Palermo)
Aronica arm, ok the penalty
Just rigor assigned to the 37 'of shooting at Palermo. At the touch of smarcante Miccoli, Aronica enlarges the left arm just inside the area, diverting the trajectory of the ball: Rocchi had no doubts and honestly there were no doubts. The International Florence proves once again the best.

SACCANI (Reggina-Milan)
Flamini pardoned by double yellow
There is only one episode that stain the game of Saccani, the arbitrator of Mantua, in fact, one of the best pssata season, Flamini grace that deserved expulsion for a double warning for bad speech on Costa.

TOMMASI (Siena-Sampdoria)
A third, all ok for Tommasi
No problem for the young Tommasi di Bassano del Grappa: A third appearance in his career, the game is easy, he will not make his, doing what they should. A third, all ok for Tommasi No problem for the young Tommasi di Bassano del Grappa: A third appearance in his career, the game is easy, he will not make his, doing what they should.

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Sandri process, the hearing sleigh

ROME, Sept. 25 - was canceled for a defect form the preliminary hearing of the trial for the murder of Gabriele Sandri, a supporter of Lazio killed 11 last November in the service of Badia al Pino by a projectile fired by the Polstrada Luigi Spaccarotella. The GUP of Arezzo, Simone Salcerini, has accepted a plea of defense: one of the two statutory Spaccarotella, Francesco Molino and Gianpiero Renzo, it was not served notice of the closure of investigations. Molino and Renzo then that was annulled a decree fixing the hearing of preliminary, and now the attorney will draft a new notice of closure investigations and notify it again to interested parties.

The absence - The two lawyers, for the establishment of the new hearing will take a month or two and a half. In any case the hearing had not presented Spaccarotella. "We hoped that people could see the expression of this man - said to Sky Sports Molino 24 the lawyer - an expression that from that day is no longer the same, but the absence was due to fear of threats, for some danger. In Rome from 11 November sip there are posters and signs that suggest Spaccarotella that is the subject of at least antipatie people .... " In the absence of news Spaccarotella, Cristiano Sandri, the brother of Gabriel, commented: "We're disappointed, is not that we want to see this ...».

"IT CAN NOT MORE '" - Audience nothing, and Spaccarotella absent. The relatives of Gabriele Sandri still waiting for "justice". "The GUP noted this void - says the victim's brother, Cristiano Sandri - but also has ordered the dispatch of documents to the council of Prato, there is an investigation underway because we are two fax numbers went to successful ... ". The mother, Mrs. Daniela is seraphic: "Do so, after no longer be able to stick to anything. We want a clear process. " But then you vent: "I should not even exist the process. They should put it in and just. " While his father George said the lack of Spaccarotella: "I had doubts not find it, queers will tell his lawyer. I am 10 months that I do not see the murderess in the face of my son. So soon, no longer can. "

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Ibra: "Now I want to beat Milan '

MILAN, Sept 25 - 'We have to recover ahead of Milan, we are first and will be a great derby. We want to reach overcome it. "Archived victory with Lecce which launched the 'Inter at the top of the league, Zlatan Ibrahimovic focuses it on the Milan derby. Race full of emotions, and to win at all costs groped for the first flight. Meanwhile the Swedish enjoys good performance against Puglia.

'LECCE 3 POINTS WITH IMPORTANT' - has not scored, but was once again among the best. Ibrahimovic with Lecce has had to 'settle for a cross centered on punishment. "I hit the ball very well - told Swedish, but not entered. Victory painful ... "But it was difficult to play today, Lecce came to here to defend, have done well, were all in defense also attackers and we put in difficulty but in the end we scored. "There are three important points because the opponents have lost important points. The second time we were in four front, with Cruz even five - continues Ibrahimovic, but we wanted to win and the mister has done everything to get this win. "

INTER FUN - A whole that Ibra like: 'I have fun in this team are happy and so is not that I played so much. The 600 Zanetti? I want to do more than 600, I hope, "concludes Ibra.

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Naples, on October 3 will decide on curves

ROME, Sept 25 - The Chamber of Conciliation and Arbitration for Sport announced that was scheduled for Friday October 3 to 15, at the offices of the Olympic stadium, the arbitration hearing on the case SS Napoli Calcio Spa / Italian Federation game football for the closure of the curves of San Paolo. The arbitration panel will be composed of chairman Dario Buzzelli and lawyers Angelo Piazza and Marcello de Luca Tamajo, acting as referees.

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Galliani: "The Inter? Only a point ... "

MILAN, Sept 25 - Even Adriano Galliani sees Inter in the escape: "He has only one point advantage. Do not forget what was about to happen last year: the Inter had 11 points on the second, but 20 minutes from the end of the championship Roma was winning the Scudetto. "

Mourinho - The case-Mourinho, to the rossonero said: "If Ancelotti decided not to speak in front of the television, send Tassotti. Certainly, if I were CEO of a tv that would have delighted in front of my cameras there was Mourinho. I is nice. "

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Cobolli Gigli: "The Inter is not fleeing"

MILAN, Sept 25 - For Cobolli Gigli, the primacy of solitary 'Inter is not the same as an escape. He said the offices of the League of Milan, before the start of the Serie A club "He has a point in more than Lazio and Atalanta, two more of us and of Naples, is not already fled.

'THE DERBY typhoid MILAN - He announced, however, for those who will typhoid Sunday evening in the Milan derby:' I will touch tifare for Milan. The president also spoke about Juventus fan of Mourinho: "It 'a character that stimulates communicate when and when not transmitting. Above all, it encourages them to win. " And then Sissoko and his weakness due to fasting for Ramadan. "I am against any kind of abstinence, particularly that of victories. However I understand that Sissoko observe fasting for Ramadan: my sources have seen ... mangiante to sunlight.

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Rossi: "A new cycle for Lazio"

ROME, Sept. 25 - "The boys are following me, we are putting a lot. It started another round. After the four sberle taken by Milan, Lazio has raised its head, trimmed 3 goals to Fiorentina for Mutu and Gilardino at the end of a game played a major levels. Obviously satisfied with the coach Delio Rossi, convinced that Lazio 'has opened a new round.

CHANGE - 'We made a choice to change a few faces Rossi said on Radio Radio. "Either the president was to begin another cycle with another coach is physiological to happen after a few years. There is still much to work. But the good days we see the morning. I see room for improvement. Missing the details yet, and for those it takes time. In four years I have never experienced what I'm living the stadium. I am glad that people appreciate the team. If a team is induced makes 30 percent more. I believe it. Our team is to see 70,000 Lazio stadium. When you start a course where you can get but do not know what we put. We think day to day. Now we evaluate the performance of the team, but not the ranking.

The Coup de Zarate AND THE RETURN OF ROCCHI - Pending the return of Rocchi, Lazio enjoys with Zarate and Pandev. "Rocchi is a major player, is our captain-coach said biancoceleste." But now I'm considering what I have, I hope to have it soon. Stand me find the right solution, but the team must have its own balance. Otherwise becomes Playstation. " For now, the blows from Playstation have it Zarate. "The attacker is important that signs, but it is important that the team wins. If one day say that Lazio is dependent Zarate would be happy also because it puts people in the field is the coach. It was the best in the field with Fiorentina, has always kept the defense committed, did nice things. He has the qualities, it is very young and comes from another type of football, and if you did not balance work fast to miss. Maybe some will match that will have a physiological decline, and speak of a crisis. I know who has the qualities otherwise would not be the center of Lazio.

PREPARATION - The Lazio runs, a sign that the preparation has worked. "If you're serene go better, but if you do not have beer unable to spend said Rossi." We have made preparation in the medium and long term, which in this period is anachronistic, because if you lose two games and then you hunt work for another. I then have against the friendly after a few days. I still believe in the preparation done in a certain way, and not aimed at throwing the wool over the eyes winning some friendly to sell subscriptions. But the preparation is evaluated in the spring. If the team runs in spring means that have been a good preparation. We must try to keep a high average throughout the year. "I am glad to be Left-concluded." I have refused several teams to remain at Lazio.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bayern, the ransom is safe Bets on revenge for Toni

Today we bet on Serie A, Liga and Cup of Germany, where he is awaiting the rebirth of the club bavarase after the setback with Werder. In our league, in addition to the rossoneri played 1 dell'Atalanta and double in Chievo-Siena and Torino-Samp

MILAN, Sept 24, 2008 - For once the bet does not speak midweek Champions. Card imprint Serie A and Liga, a lot more transferred from national cups. Not to get too victories by the hand apparently discounted because trappolone where you let the grain is invariably made up games precisely from the cup. As always, the best lines ever lower to 1.35.

EASY BET - Alright, the first is a cup match. DFB Pokal, Germany Cup, home win on dell'Amburgo Bochum, a 1.40 Snai / Matchpoint. A forced redemption after three goals without reply suffered dall'Amburgo to Wolfsburg. Two series by double chance, that the dear old double that was used as a wild card in Totocalcio. Interesting to the X2-Chievo Verona in Turin, offered to 1.54 from Snai, thinking alllo state of mind and shape of the grenade after arrembante final against Inter. 1X better in Siena-Sampdoria, bank by 1.40 Bwin, with the team Giampaolo amarissimo opponent for everyone at the Franchi in Siena. For Barcelona and Real there is a shift in the house still based goals. The Camp Nou comes Betis at the Bernabeu derelict Gijon, but the substance does not change. For both the game is more suited victory with disabilities (at least two goals for waste), quoted by Snai 1.67 respectively for the blaugrana and 1.50 for the merengues.
Hamburg-Bochum 1 1.40
Chievo-Torino X2 1.54
Siena-Sampdoria 1X 1.40
Barcelona-Betis 1h 1.67
Real Madrid Sporting Gijon-1h 1.50
10 € - winning € 75.61

BET MEDIA - It 's a clash between already disappointed the Newcastle-Tottenham Carling Cup, the English League Cup. They had to be sparkling protagonists, particularly the Spurs, but after 5 days are no less the last two in the ranking. The shifts are already cup armrests of the season, the situation Both would create a lot of Gol (both teams to sign), a 1.70 Snai. Tipster same for the lesser of Madrid derby between Getafe and Atletico, lot of open mouths of fire colchoneros. Gol at 1.78 Snai. Space for the Scottish league cup: overall advantageous for Motherwell, reduce high figure against the Rangers all'Ibrox, estimated at 1.90 Snai by winning at home against Hamilton. Home win for the Atalanta, 1.75 excellent and the atmosphere resulting from treg to Cagliari. Terminating the recovery in Milan to Reggio Calabria, the first three points away quoted 1.55 Matchpoint / Snai.
Newcastle-Tottenham Hotspurs Gol 1.70
Atletico Madrid-Getafe Gol 1.78
Motherwell-Hamilton 1 1.90
Atalanta-Cagliari 1 1.75
Reggina-Milan 2 1.55
10 € - winning € 155.95

BET DIFFICULT - Classical nineties by the French League Cup, and likely emotions in Monaco-Psg, the Gol is even a 2.00 per Bwin. Challenge all to see between Lazio and Fiorentina. Among the dozens of ideas tecnini and tactical, it is possible that on the one hand fatigue for the third game in a week, and the other for the delay Sunday at San Siro, livellino comparing the draw. Snai Matchpoint and damage to the X 3.00. Quote more moderate to finish the card. Three victories at home by Liga. The Seville is due for completion by the dreams dell'Espanyol leader, 3 points and overtaking 1.65 Snai. Continue the march of Villareal, winning the Madrigal on Santander, option for everyone to 1.55. Closes the victory of Mallorca Numancia on a 1.90 Snai. Both very unfortunate in the timing of the initiation season, but especially for Numancia will be difficult to keep tensions high racing against an opponent of minor fame and charm.
Monaco-Paris Saint-Germain Gol 2.00
Lazio-Fiorentina X 3.00
Sevilla-Espanyol 1 1.65
Santander-Villarreal 1 1.55
Mallorca-Numancia 1 1.90
10 € - winning € 291.55

BET DRY - must be and will be redemption for Bayern, still at home in Germany Cup after 5 Boccali rovesciatigli beer in the face Werder opening dell'Oktoberfest. The part of sfigato entering the saloon while you take in Mazzano interprets the Nuremberg. Case was also earned Ribery. The question is not who but what. The 3-0 and 'to 7.00, little more about the 4-0, 7.50 times the post. In addition, all results are sharing in bet "Other", only 5.50.

Tancredi Palmeri

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Carling Cup, the United wins but that tackle on Possebon

English League Cup: Ronaldo back to goal, but Sir Alex embittered for the tackle on Brazilian dell'austriaco Pogatetz which feared a bad fracture. Eliminated West Ham to Zola

LONDON, September 24, 2008 - Despite the qualification against Middlesbrough (3-1) in the league cup, the coach Alex Ferguson of Manchester is pretty bitter for the ugly action suffered by his young player Rodrigo Possebon, forced to leave the field after a tackle violent dell'austriaco Emmanuel Pogatetz, of course dall'arbitro expelled. "It was a terrible tackle - says Ferguson -. What irritates me in these situations is that the author of foul said that it had no intention of doing evil." The Brazilian 19enne, was immediately transferred to hospital and also needed oxygen. There are fears a bad fracture. "Pogatetz is simply due out immediately from the field instead of trying to justify. By their bench Someone said that our player was exaggerating. Fortunately - concludes Ferguson - their coach Gareth Southgate had a good behavior because he understood the seriousness of the incident and has apologized. "

ZOLA ELIMINATED - Second game, the first travel and the first defeat for the West Ham by Gianfranco Zola, eliminated by the 16th League Cup (Carling) from Watford (2nd series). The goalkeeper newcomer lacks the Lastuvka taken on the punishment of Williamson (70 '), and the ball ends up in own goal from Mullins. For Londoners only a side of Upson, no chance for Di Michele. Amara conclusion of a bitter day for the Hammers, who two weeks ago have suffered the failure of the sponsor mesh, the tourist charter company XL. Will now be forced to pay up to 35 million euros in compensation to Sheffield United, relegated in 2006-07 to photofinish with West Ham. According to the independent commission of arbitration, the West Ham was saved thanks to Carlos Tevez, who was hired with an irregular contract (the West Ham was fined 8 million from the Premier League, but without deduction of points). The Boro collapses with the feat of Giggs (79 '), and 3-1 to Nani (95'). Arsenal great-baby. Wenger test kid, 19 years the average-record: 6-0 to Sheffield United, with trio of Mexican Vela (44 ', 50', 57 '), two of Bendtner (31', 42 '), and acute Wilshire (57 '), 16 years. Agger (15 ') and Lucas (58') to promote the Liverpool on Crewe, 62 places behind in the ranking.

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From beaches to the banlieue In Paris the Cup Dom-Tom

From now part of the Cup departments and overseas French territories. On the outskirts of the capital will challenge Guadeloupe and Martinique, Polynesia and New Caledonia. Testimonial Thuram, Karembeu and Bernard Lama

PARIS, Sept 24, 2008 - gray sky, sun in the field. From now part of the Cup departments and overseas French territories (Dom-Tom). Seven representative challenge far from paradisiacal beaches and tropical vegetation. Palazzone and ring roads around the banlieue of Paris.

PATRONAGE - A Cup strongly desired by the Federation to highlight, despite the winter day that oppresses the capital, the overseas football (78mila card at 12.5 million inhabitants) that both gave to the country. Therefore, competition is supported by former world champions such as Lilian Thuram, a native of Guadeloupe, Christian Karembeu (New Caledonia) and Bernard Lama (Guyana).

LEADS - And tonight, opens the tournament, which ends on October 4, precisely against Guadeloupe Martinique. Today up to that challenge Polynesia, New Caledonia, the only official representative (95 th in the Fifa ranking), but already eliminated from World Cup 2010. "The idea - to explain Karembeu Parisien - is to give visibility to new talent. Statistically the Dom-Tom are important for French football." So, no sun, but dreams of glory.

Alessandro Grandesso

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Milan, is staging the Inter One hundred years of history in theater

A show traces the epic of the club since its birth, between triumph and suffering. The interpreter of the monologue, Marco Vaccari: "We have an inter relationship with the team, with them at the stage we are soul"

MILAN, Sept 24, 2008 - Giacintone Facchetti, Sandro Mazzola, Helenio Herrera, sure. But Skoglund, Boninsegna and, of course, Ibra. And the badges, the glorious nights of the Champions Cup of the Sixties, but also the disappointments of some time ago when there was everything to win and not won but never ... Still, the war machine today, which claims success as if piovesse ... There is, as they say, to write a novel, but Marco Vaccari and Matteo Colombo, simply wanted to tell the story Inter in a play, in "90 minutes longer possible recovery", as they say. A show that comes to Milan tomorrow (theater Ariberto, via Crespi 9 hours 21 from Thursday to Saturday, 18 Sunday, 15 euro until October 19).

BLOOD Nerazzurri - E 'Vaccari to interpret the monologue. A football has also played, then went to the stage but has kept intact a passion: "The idea is not only the anniversary, the centenary - he explains - it was the blood nerazzurro that flows in the veins us to go to write. Among the other, we started three years ago to throw down the text, and see if there from the Inter began to win. " E 'then the wind changed, but he does not believe that the Swiss Inter skin has changed: "No, it is time that we win, and when you do not won by the team there is a relationship, especially in the evenings Cup, which are the most fascinating. There is only one emotion, a merger with who is in the field, soul. "

ROCK'N ROLL - an emotion long a century, in short, told chronologically through a series of "pictures", backed by music and references to various historical eras. Thus, for example, the exploits of Skoglund as soundtrack have Jerry Lee Lewis almost to say that, despite everything, the Inter is deeply rock'n roll.

Pier Luigi Todisco

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Here is the Hotel Boca Juniors Will open its doors in 2010

The Argentine club, a true giant of merchandising, is to give the green light to the work of the structure in downtown Buenos Aires. The rooms rather than the number will have the names of players and the top suite will be Maradona

MILAN, Sept 24, 2008 - The better the room suite Maradona, and could not be otherwise. Why are we talking of Boca Juniors. The name is yet to be confirmed, but the project is completed. In October, work will begin, el'albergo will be inaugurated in 2010 in downtown Buenos Aires.

I TAXI AND THE CEMETERY - is the latest idea of Boca, a club that produces the same high frequency talents to be sold in Europe and ideas to exploit its image. The team that was Maradona and that in its 103 years of history has won 18 international titles and 22 national championships, has its fleet of taxis and the graveyard for their fans. More than 200 cars that run for Buenos Aires with their flags gialloblu, almost a nightmare for the poor fan of River Plate and after an hour of waiting in the rain you see the tick agognato taxi ... of Boca: in short, after the damage the joke. ll cemetery was opened in 2006. Three thousand square meters in a cemetery located some thirty kilometers south of Buenos Aires decorated with flowers mostly blue and yellow and flower beds made of grass Bombonera.

KING OF SHOP - The Boca bill a million dollars a year only with the merchandising, has nearly a thousand products for sale and has a credit card and a series of cartoons for sale in newsstands. With its 58,000 members, has closed for some time the marketing season tickets for the available places at the stadium. Now the hotel, but the first time a couple of months, will also channel the club, produced by Endemol Argentina. The hotel, the first in the world inspired, dedicated and managed by a team of football, will be designed by Uruguayan Carlos Ott and built in the tourist district of the Argentine capital of San Telmo.

'It is FREE THE MARTIN PALERMO? "- A quote from 15 million dollars, the surface of 7500 square meters, 17 floors, 89 rooms, 5 stars, swimming pool, spa, bar, restaurant ... A good number of rooms, which will cost the public between 250 and 400 dollars, but numbers will not be entitled to players who have made the history of the club: Rojas Alfredo, Ubaldo Rattin, Martín Palermo are the first names safe. In addition to that of Diego Armando Maradona, of course. Once opened, the hotel will host the team when withdrawal will go in the first play of the races housewives.
A IN BRAZIL - liked the idea so much that now the manufacturers want to double building a similar structure in Brazil, dedicated to national verdeoro. Already initiated contacts with the Brazilian Football Federation. Let's see if start working on a suite Pelé.

Filippo Maria Ricci

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Barcelona, is as good the product "nostrano"

A coach "home" as Guardiola sends in so many players coming from the nursery. With encouraging results. Only Athletic Bilbao has done more, but there autarky is the law

MADRID, Sept 24, 2008 - The Barcelona team or a 'casera'. Spanish term commonly used in the restaurant, which serves to give home-made products. The Barça, which tonight in the 4th day of the Liga host Betis, is done in house. The coach chosen for the post-re Rijkaard was born and raised in the club and that same technician, Pep Guardiola, at the start of this season has decided to focus on strong guys come out of the "Cantera", the nursery, the club blaugrana.

AT LEAST 5 OF span - In the first six official output this season Guardiola fell in with 5 or 6 "canterani" nell'undici holder, coming to match the field no less than 8 players pulled on in the shadow of the Camp Nou. It happened in the home match with Racing. Last Sunday at Gijon has arrived to 7. Will be glad those of Uefa, who want to force clubs to use more and more kids home-made.

MORE THAN 50% - It is in this context that the Barcelona is wonderful: so far in the first 3 games league players from the nursery have played 54.8% of minutes played by the various people of Barcelona. A percentage that Spain has fought only dall'Athletic Bilbao (56.4) for obvious reasons of self-sufficiency. Very good also Espanyol (44.5), the Betis (43.4), the Osasuna (41.8). The Real Madrid, whose nursery provides a half-Liga players and some European clubs (Diego Lopez, Arbeloa, Balboa, Jurado, Granero, Mata, Soldado, Negredo, Borja, Juanfran just to mention the most famous names) stops at 26.1 %, Obtained through the use of Casillas, Guti, Raul and De la Red.

NAMES KNOWN AND YOUNG PROMISES - This, in order of minutes played, the list of 'canterani' are used by Guardiola: Xavi, Puyol, Messi, Iniesta, Busquets, Pedro, Pique and Bojan. And given that the latter is considered a small jewel, so far with Pep was available only 61 minutes is hard to understand the percentage of the above may even increase in the future. Guardiola, who last year coached the Barça B, Barcelona Atletic today, did not hesitate to give minutes to Pedro, right outside, and then Sergio Busquets, son of art and central midfield. The two have done well, especially the second. Sergio (prefers not to use the surname to avoid comparisons with his father, former goalkeeper blaugrana) took place at Yaya Toure and surprised all by maturity and ease of insertion. In launching pad there are Victor Sanchez and Victor Vazquez. And in England would put their eyes on 14enne Gerard Deulofeu (given the new Ronaldinho) even Chelsea and Arsenal. The policy Guardiola is actually common practice in Barcelona in his 5 years of bench at Camp Nou Frank Rijkaard has made debut are 28 children of nursery. Barça to blindly believe the "school de la Masia" and they are right.

Filippo Maria Ricci

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The City is on course Aguero

The Argentine striker dell'Atleta coast Madrid 60 million euros. No problem for the new owners of Manchester City ... An Inter obstacle in the plans that aimed to exploit his illustrious parentage: Diego Maradona, in predicate for a role of observer nerazzurro, become short-father-in-law of Kun

MADRID (Spain), 24 September 2008 - Alarm Down Madrid. Or at least so writes Marca. The reason? The interest, and the possible courtship of Manchester City to "Kun" Aguero.

VISIT - emissaries time rich English clubs are expected tonight at the Coliseum Alfonso Perez to see Getafe-Atletico. Already last year, the City has repeatedly followed closely Kun, and Mark Hughes, from coach of Blackburn, had come in person to Calderon to look closely attacker. Now that Welsh was found on a bench of gold and that the sheikhs want to enrich their team of stars of varying magnitude seems logical that the blue part of Manchester wants to focus on Aguero.

TURNOVER "affordable" - especially because the Argentine twenties has a termination clause "affordable" (if you think in terms of petrodollars) has just been raised from 55 to 60 million. If you think that Cristiano Ronaldo has spoken of a possible investment by 170 million euros ... For fantascientifica that this figure, in the real world, the City has already disbursed, cash (the entire amount has already arrived on behalf of Real Madrid , Where the practice is made of delays is a periodic payment) 42 million for Robinho.

RISING INARRESTABILE - The rise of the "Kun" seems unstoppable. Already twice world champion under 20, returned from Beijing with the Olympic gold, has scored 5 networks in the first 5 season appearances with Atletico Madrid. Last year the Argentine pushed Atletico to reject 55 million that Chelsea seemed prepared to make to bring it to Stamford Bridge. His relationship with the balance seems to Atletico, but the interest is growing.

EYE TO SUOCERO - From the time the teaser Madrid ago, and in recent days showed the name Inter. Massimo Moratti met with Diego Maradona, the player's father-in-law promised to wait for a child from Gianinna Maradona, younger daughter of Diego. The stepfather of gold "should act as observer for Inter in South America, but the move to its possible involvement in negotiations to bring the son-in Milan was short. That is the Manzanarre are worried. The sirens are rising, and all have great resources at their disposal, economic or emotional.

Filippo Maria Ricci

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