Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lampard & Rooney shirt in the entire stock Cast enemy

London - England will be put-off with the advanced party of Kazakhstan in World Cup qualification 2010. Unique, Kazakhstan players had not hesitate buy shirts Frank Lampard and Wayne Rooney faced before.

Wembley Stadium, Saturday (11/10/2008), Kazakhstan will be a tough contra party host England in the previous two parties always reach the full number.

Facing the team instead of "Three Lions" play in the cage, Kazakhstan should have a clear provision thorough preparation. I'm sorry, but one of them even buy clothes, including English players who will be the opponent in the field.

By The Sun, one of the players of Kazakhstan to buy nine shirt Lampard who numbered 8 when his team back to the store Hertfordshire Sports Direct. A number of other players preschool Rooney shirt numbered 9.

Prices were cheap T-shirt, 3.49 pounds, may be one of interest to invite action-buy the entire stock. Cheapness price of the shirt because it is indeed stock season and English uniforms.

"They were really enthusiastic, with the UK uniform. I'm not sure whether they realize it is the old uniforms, but they are not likely to complain, they do not believe the price," said a sales staff of the store.

Events not stop shopping until there. To the Kazakhstan-15 players who donated their store each then buy shoes that exactly the same, at 49.99 pounds. Perhaps that is the shoe that will be used against Britain.

"We think it may just kidding. But they use sport shirt and his official only a few that can speak enough English to ask to try shoes," said a staff of other sales.

"I joke with what they ask not have shoes to match later. But one of the shoes that are not handled in the store. They try different shoes, but eventually choose the same. The strange because all of the size of eight, and when they answered will use in Wembley, I think that it's cute. "

Sounds strange? Do not laugh directly pout Kazakhstan players, because similar events have been done shopping Croatia in Euro 2008 qualifying party last November. At that time they shop at the outlets popularize London, Harrods. The result, Wembley Stadium and a witness when the Croatian defeat England 2-3, while Lampard does cs absent in Euro 2008.


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Cordoba criticizes Ibra Related Mancio

Milan - José Mourinho such impresses Zlatan Ibrahimovic so much praise. But at the same time Ibra had so impressed underestimate Inter Milan coach previously, today. That is not the best monetization opportunities colleagues one team, Ivan Cordoba.

Inclusion Mourinho to Inter greeted positively by the extraordinary Ibra him with praise. Swedish attacker in a while even admitted to "learn more on the latter three months instead of the previous five years."

They are not a direct assessment of Ibra hint that Mourinho, coach added "Nerazzuri," more capable to handle the team instead of a separate Mancio with Inter last summer.

"I respect the opinion of anyone, but Zlatan aware that he must undergo season with a great coach who has brought much success and coverflow regularly," Cordoba to the criticisms made Italy Sky Channel 4, Saturday (11/10/2008) .

Back the origin of Colombia are also convinced that in this world is not one hundred percent of trainers who can be accepted by all people or all PLAYERS.

"Currently we are working very well with the trainers at this time, Mourinho could give steps forward in terms of quality owing to experience, but we must also grateful to all Mancini of the things that we have experienced with him," the value of Cordoba.

For Inter, Mancio has been successful to present two degrees Coppa Italia (2005 and 2006), two Supercoppa Italiana (2005 and 2006) and three Scudetto (2005-06, 2006-07 and 2007-08). He allenatore most successful "La Beneamata" for 30 years.

"What Ibra behave less magnanimous (against Mancio) I think so, but I do not know what there is a case that is more in depth between them so that the comment was out."

"He's had injury problems when the leadership of Mancini and can not seem to find a way out, he can not appear as interest, and he may not consider this aspect when I saw the back," Cordoba analysis.

How, Ibra?

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Mourinho: Media does not respect me

Milan - Inter Milan trainer José Mourinho complained that the reception of the media in Italy against himself is not positive. But for business income, Mourinho no complaints even ready to cut their salaries.

Mourinho called Channel 4 have made a surprising statement last week by stating that their income a year is 14 million euros, including agreements with the sponsors. It then explains that Inter are that it is just a farce from the trainers.

Whether spoof or what, Mourinho is now back to make a statement in relation to the amount of income it is. He was ready to get salary-cutting overhaul the global financial crisis that throws the middle.

"For the good of all, I'm ready to cut salaries," he said to TGS.

In addition, comments further confiscate not less attention. If he was exchanging words with the coach or club leader-club opponent, this time Mourinho criticize the press.

"How they feel less talk, learn to respect, but I have to adapt. I can be 100 percent sure that I welcome change, the Italian football and I welcome change."

"This is my last wish is to change things. I have no such intention," said the man is the origin of Portugal.

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Kazakhstan Mystery Create Capello

To achieve victory, then you know first opponent, said the ancient war strategy. But Fabio Capello, which handles nearly blind English Kazakhstan strength so that the opponent this weekend.

Kazakhstan picks 3-0 victory over Andorra in the opening party. But defeat Croatia 0-3 on the ground and from the Ukraine 1-3 to make the original Dutch coach, Arno Pijpers, the ax.

The Football Federation of Kazakhstan then choose the former coach U-21 countries, Bernd Storck, to educate seniors on the team last month. A number of new players into any team in Kazakhstan.

It is also difficult to make Capello feel the strength of the opponent. Moreover, the original Italian men themselves see a handful of new party of Kazakhstan.

"I see only three parties of Kazakhstan. They have a new team and replace a lot of young players come from the U-21 and I do not know. I only know of four players," Capello said to Setanta Sports.

"It's better if you know everything about your opponent, but sometimes when they change the manager and your team against the other, always will be different," said Capello.

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Saved Rome, Totti

Rome - Show a serious challenger wholesaler Scudetto last season, AS Roma is now even exhaustion. 14 slump in order forum, "Giallorossi" would face Inter Milan in the next party. Francesco Totti also be an interpreter for local government.

Due to problems in his knee, Totti has been absent in many party Rome early this season. Previous Totti is indeed rising operating table, and restore themselves, but inflammation in the joint has made it "Er Pupone" absent in a number of important training and fight.

Meanwhile, Rome without the captaincy it difficult to achieve satisfactory results. Of the six parties, "Il Lupo" picks new seven-digit results from the double victory, once equilibrium, and losing three.

With the capital is concerned, in the seventh after the party giornata international Roma had been strong opponents, Inter, who is also weighing a rival last season.

"The fans should stay calm because you will see a true Roman again," said Luciano Spalletti to the Corriere dello Sport quoted Channel 4.

To show the Romans truthfully, the other is the Totti-awaited comeback when, "Nerazzuri" coming Oct. 19. When he is back, Spalletti believes his team responses can be Totti.

"We need a little time but Totti will return and make a difference. Until now we have suffered many injuries Simone Perrotta, Max Tonetto, Rodrigo Taddei and Alexander Doni. Inter are superior to make visible the other team, but we are ready to start the season as a put-off and , "Said the Italian allenatore origin.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

A Brazilian Robinho is now fragile

Caracas - Brazil has a superior record in the face of their candidates in the 2010 World Cup qualifying, Venezuela. However, Robinho choose disposed alert because Brazil is now fragile.

Brazil over Venezuela a record out. From 18 meeting, 17, won the team fight Samba. However, they had packed only one victory in Venezuela are meeting in their last fight a fellowship in Boston, last June. At the time, Vintonito defeat Brazil 2-0.

After the defeat against Venezuela, the Brazilian record the results of the less good. Teams that care for Carlos Dunga was a total failure in the Olympics and won only one of the four-party PPD 2010 South American zone.

This is a basic precautions Robinho. For players 24 years old that, although Brazil in the forum while now ranked second and ranked eight in Venezuela, does not mean that Venezuela can be seen next to the eye.

"Many people do not treat with respect Venezuela because they do not have a long tradition. But we know, now Brazil can lose from anyone," said Robinho at Reuters.

"We must work with humility and respect," said the player who defend it and then Manchester City.

From the four parties in the last PPD in 2010, Brazil win only once, namely, the top score of 3-0 with Chile. In the three other parties, not only can not win, Robinho et al do not even print the successful touchdown (Paraguay lost 0-2 from 0-0 and hold, each by Argentina and Bolivia).

"Every match is a different story. This is a new phase and Brazil will be prepared," said the fight on Robinho contra Venezuela that was held in Caracas, Venezuela, on Sunday (12/10/2008) it.

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Xabi Alonso highlighted slow

Turin - Liverpool half Xabi Alonso had a target of Juventus. But Claudio Ranieri assess if Alonso may indeed welcome in the team match fosterage because it is too slow.

In the summer and then, the issue of removing Alonso to the Turin club is fast enough buzz. Ranieri did not protest when the Spanish players were so shot.

"Previously he was the player we want. But even though he is a person of exceptional players and a great professional, he makes me wonder with its slow movement in the middle sector," said Ranieri This such as The Sun.

Liverpool to the middle line, Alonso can be like a fish in water. Welcome so if he plays at Juve.

"In the middle line Rafa Benitez Liverpool upbringing, in which they are all small fighter-fighter, he (Alonso) is in the extraordinary position."

"But line in the middle of our difficulties he will maintain lines of the middle line because Mauro Camoranesi and Pavel Nedvěd is not the type of players who return back to provide support for the wing players such as Liverpool," Ranieri analysis.

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Emerson: Right Dinho Reject Brazil

Milan - not the name of Ronaldinho in the Brazilian team because the players had AC Milan is reluctant to be called. Action was also praised other Brazilian soccer players, Emerson, who is also a club with his colleagues.

Dinho in the absence of the original team of "Samba" to fight World Cup qualifying opponents Venezuela and Colombia because of suspected players are removed by the coach Dunga.

Dinho, but it will reveal that he is stated to Dunga that he currently prefers to concentrate Milan for the fitness level reached 100 percent, rather than defend Brazil.

"I've seen looks very good and in better condition. He can do everything for the return of Ronaldinho so we all know," Emerson said to Sky Sport Italia.

"He has to practice hard and I think he is asking to remain here rather than defend the Brazilian because he wants to give something extra (for clubs)," he continued.

Brazilian international players who defend the country last time in 2006 is also considered that the decision Dinho to remain in the club is right.

"Now he has the opportunity to practice without boarding the plane and travel 15-18 hours in the aircraft, which means he will miss the one-day exercise. In my opinion he is right to make decisions to remain with us," said the half brought Milan is the year 2007.

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Viduka rest Six-Month Again?

Newcastle - Mark Viduka still must continue to delay his dreams sod this season. Muscle heel injury that he suffered has not recovered and he may still have to rest up to six months longer.

Viduka joined Newcastle United in 2007 ago. However, due to injury at about the end of the season and, until now the Australian attacker can not even play.

Caretaker The Magpies manager Joe Kinnear revealed that Viduka takes six months to recover and may even be operable. Currently, Viduka is in Australia to ask for a second opinion.

"Mark Viduka has been a one-time scanning of his injury, but he wants to get second opinion. This is also our medical staff. That's why he returned to Australia," said Kinnear cited Goal.

"However, we know that there is a possibility Viduka require surgery. And when this becomes preparations, then we will not be strengthened during his six months at least. This is not good news," Kinnear information.

Last season, Viduka quite instrumental role in saving Newcastle from the brink of degradation. Becoming a trio of players before the Magpies with Michael Owen and Obafemi Martins, a male aged 34 years yesterday that print seven goals from 26 games.

"We will know more when Viduka back six more days. And until that time, we can only wait and hope," said Kinnear Mother.

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Caution Italy, Dimitar There are destructive!

Italy this weekend will be donated their Bulgarian and the fight is guaranteed not intended to make easy Azzuri called Dimitar destructive middle problematic. Striker Bulgaria is ready to appear with the strength of 100 percent to bend Italy.

Travel in the 2010 World Cup qualification, Italy is still perfect record numbers owing to victory in the two previous parties. Now they look at the third victory against Bulgaria in the Vassil Levski Stadium this weekend.

Towards the fight later, the condition of Italy problematic by the absence of the main pillars under the rule wicket, Gianluigi Buffon. Juventus goalkeeper origin of the injury and should be absent colleagues with one team, Mauro Camoranesi.

Buffon did not control the wicket Italy clearly greeted positively by Dimitar destructive. "I am pleased Buffon not play and I think I'm not the only one that pleased," elaborated the attacker original club Manchester United is cited as Channel 4.

"Gigi is the mainstay Italy and he was the best goalkeeper in the world. We fortunate he will not be there."

Ordering options players Marcello Lippi for Italy is not clear from the comments Dimitar destructive of the previous estimate that Luca Toni will be paired with Alex Del Piero, which was not even participate. There is no Del Piero could be to reduce the strength of Italy is not because the players have denied a myriad of experience.

"There is no estimate of Giuseppe Rossi. He is still young and can not do everything alone. He will need help. Italian players no less intense. Alberto Gilardino, for example, is the type of player that can be readily in recent games," said Dimitar destructive.

Bulgaria had to reach the results disappointing opponents Italy in the past. However, Dimitar destructive emphasize that this is the right time to make his team bend the world champion four times that.

"Italy have many problems but we respite and I will be there 100 percent. I'm afraid with my injury recently, but medical officials have no convincing that serious," he said.

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Riise: I Need Time

Rome - John Arne Riise not find the best performance since speculate in the Serie A. AS Roma back, it acknowledges that he still needs time to adapt.

Norwegian international players is moving from Giallorossi to Liverpool this summer. However, its performance up to now still is below the standard of the ordinary is shown when the defense of the Reds.

The results achieved by the Romans also less so smooth. However, Riise still have confidence that there will be time time will be aligned in order to get the best performance again.

"I need time, give me a few months only. I do not get the best start but I'm optimistic because I'm new in the early stages and we will see what happens in June of this approach," said Riise, such as This Goal.

"As I like to say when the move here, how do I need a month to adjust to the new type of football and also the system. I must be getting better and will continue to play," he said.

However, former Liverpool player will face tight competition to get a place in the team after the main Roman Max Tonetto recovered from his injury.

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Adriano Ready reliable

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil began recently highlighted because not appear as the title five times world champion who adheres to them. Towards the fight opponents Venezuela, Adriano much-loop that can be inspirator "Samba" to return to enthrall?

Forum in World Cup qualifying zone, South America, Brazil now occupy the position of the two leaders at the forum down behind Paraguay with four points. Despite the order not bad team, Dunga upbringing is not separated from the critics.

A series of satisfactory results not recorded in the four-party last World Cup qualification. They lost 0-2 from Paraguay, and Argentina 0-0 series opponent. Finally they arrested the basic equilibrium of the forum Bolivia 0-0 in the month of September.

If you would like added, they also had to fix the results disappointing opponent in the party friendship Venezuela last June. At that time Brazil lost 0-2 from the team that will also be experienced again this weekend.

The results are clearly not enough to make the team than Brazil. Better results would be obtained in the two opponents fight qualifying Venezuela and Colombia to pressure not whack.

To achieve impressive victory, Dunga likely candidate to make Adriano as the focus not overtake the front-line shape it Luis Fabiano. Significance is the more appreciated it paired with Inter Milan attacker with Robinho in the training sessions of the opponent team's core team of reserves on Wednesday (8/10/2008).

"I look good in Inter, slowly but surely I am confident position to reach my back. Back here is the fruit of hard work and I hope we can play an important role," says Adriano is quoted as Reuters, Thursday (9/10/2008).

Adriano return to the national team this year after a number of fitness problems and the problems of discipline that was threatening his career. Together with Inter, Adriano is soccernet record resemble two goals this season, each in the Champions League and Serie A

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Criticized Partners, a dream defend President

Buenos Aires - Boca Juniors There are players who hurl criticisms to Juan Roman dream. But the dream need not worry because the President directly defend the Boca playmaker.

Tuesday (7/10/2008), and, Boca back Julio Cesar Caceres rate dream appear more motivated when defend the country, Argentina. He also accused the motivation dream is dry.

"In some games, he ran and visible in the other match was passive," said Caceres to a radio station in the country, Paraguay.

Dream is a direct reply. "Things like this should remain at the space instead. He (Caceres) have violated the code of ethics of all football," said the 30 years that not less caustic.

"He does not know what I feel for this club," he continued.

Muffled attempt to prevent fire and expand the scale of the conflict, Boca president Pedro Pompilio directly mediate the conflict. How? Toss with the statement that the defense of a dream.

"Is a dream player for the extraordinary owned. It is an honor to have. I welcome think twice to put it again," said Pompilio, as quoted Reuters.

Although the role is vital for Boca, the performance is a dream recently invited criticism. Although it can set the tempo of the game and have a bait-bait accurate, elegant style of a dream and full tranquility votes have been behind the period in the middle of the modern world of football.

However, the dream of a golden child for Boca because he is bred since Tuesday by the club head is in La Bombonera. So, even though the dream wasted Villarreal from the players because they too want to be favored and less committed, Boca pleased with the open door.

League in Argentina, Boca is now the middle of the graph to nosedive. Los Xenezies losers in three of four games final. Two suffered a defeat even Repeated at La Bombonera.

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Acts Barca Hunting Benzema

Barcelona - Barcelona want to bring very Karim Benzema. But hunting has not been successful because the attacker Lyon is still endure in his club. Is surrender the Catalan club? Yet.

Recognized by the Director of Football Barca Txiki Begiristain, the long covet Benzema playing in the Camp nou. The latest effort is made in the summer ago.

"We have never tried to recruit him several times but have not been successful. We tried this summer, but he wants to remain in Lyon," he said to cited by AFP, on Thursday (9/10/2008).

Currently attacker aged 20 years is one of the young players the future of France. In the country's domestic league, Benzema proved so top scorer with the sharpness of the top division last season.

In the national team level, he has also cement the position in the team's core. Benzema has recorded 16 appearances and four goals fetched. Things that make a lot of names to attract the attention of big clubs of Europe.

"In the end it is his decision. We have a remarkable relationship with him and his club, and we certainly continue to touch so he knows we want, and (hopefully) he eventually wants to join with us," Begiristain please.

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Face sanctions, Adrian Mutu 2 Supported Association

Bucharest - Adrian Mutu is still trying to continue sanctions against FIFA fines imposed on him. Romanian players have admitted it received support from two of the players association football.

August, FIFA requires that Adrian Mutu to pay a fine of 17.2 million euros to his former club, Chelsea. Striker sanctions given to 29 years old because of the strengthening of Chelsea in 2004, himself consume cocaine and eventually the sack.

In further developments, Adrian Mutu assessing the sanctions' are not fair and not humane 'and decided to appeal to the Arbitration Board Sports (CAS).

On the Romanian national team training in Bucharest, Thursday (9/10/2008), Adrian Mutu mentioned the two organizations to support himself and FIFPro is the AFAN.

"I am pleased with the support given to me by AFAN and even more so FIFPro. I'm happy because we are in the same frequency," said Quality as the fed AFP.

Perhaps as a form of support, some Romanian players, including captain Cristian Chivu it, also accompanied Adrian Mutu in a press conference that was held in Bucharest.

"What happened to me is injustice and I will fight for my rights. Beatify can get support from the players' association," said the defense now that the Quality of Fiorentina.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

English football debtor 3 billion Pounds Sterling

London - A surprising facts revealed by Chairman of the English FA David Triesman. According to Triesman, English football at all levels bear the debt of 3 billion Pounds Sterling.

This is expressed by Triesman in a conference attended by business leaders in the field of football at Stamford Bridge, London, on Monday (7/10/2008).

Triesman get the data from a source in the city of London and as he claims, the data is information that can be trusted and the most recent available at this time.

"Estimates best that I can get in London yesterday is the overall debt in English football may have been a number approaching 3 billion Pounds Sterling," said Triesman as the fed Reuters.

"One thing is sure of debt is that debt must be paid. Alternatively, Refinance done," said Triesman.

Value of debt that many worry that create Triesman. He believes that the debt is spread to many creditors in the world. Therefore, a club owned by many parties all over the world, both the form of financial institutions and individuals.

The problem, some of these institutions are not in a healthy condition. Meanwhile, other clubs owned by the owner of the very rich but not bound to remain at the club or even owned by the people who are not too rich and not bound.

"As all of us know, and this is very painful, financial institutions are now more to avoid the risk," the blogosphere.

Figure frightening about the debt that has not stopped. Around a third of the total debt (or approximately 950 million pounds) is the burden of the top four clubs: Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea.

Associated with the financial crisis that the world these days, Triesman said can not predict whether a top English clubs will fall headlong because of his debt or not.

"If someone says to me a month ago whether I have fears that Lehman Brothers will be bankrupt, I will not have the fear," said Triesman.

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West Ham could recoup

London - the financial condition of West Ham United following the big question in some cases that do not support them, including the matter of his bank owned by the bankrupt club owner, Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson.

The second largest bank in Iceland, Landsbanki, recently declared bankruptcy and has taken the government. Gudmundsson, the family has the largest share in the bank, also has the sack from the terrace of office as directors Landsbanki.

Financial problems faced Gudmundsson be so influential in West Ham. Deputy head of the club Asgeir Fridgeirsson, for example, suggests that the government may provide welcome funds for the manager Gianfranzo Zola to buy new players later in the winter.

Still Zola can not enter at all stock transfer. Because the team is considered fat, almost covering 35 players, he can find the capital to buy new players by selling some of the players.

Related to its bankruptcy Landsbanki, Fridgeirsson ensure that Gudmundsson will not use money from the cash West Ham to overcome the problem in Iceland.

"Mr. Gudmunsson remain fully committed to the success of this football club and initial apprehend build Gianfranco Zola made," said Fridgeirsson. "No direct effect will be. So, he need not sell West Ham," he continued.

Gudmunsson buy the east London club is worth 85 million Pounds Sterling in November 2006. Investment increased 30.5 million pounds more in December 2007 after he purchased an additional five percent of the club shares.

West Ham last month lost their shirt sponsor after a major tour operator in the UK, XL, bankrupt. Dissipation sponsor the club lost income to make about five million pounds.

Two weeks ago, a court permit independent claim of Sheffield United against West Ham. Division two club is requesting compensation of thirty million pounds related to the case of Carlos Tevez.

Sheffield considers Tevez, who is now playing in Manchester United, should not be played at West Ham both teams compete at the end of the 2006/2007 season. The reason, the Hammers recently declared in violation of the rules in the recruitment of Argentina stars. Tevez goal to print the wicket Sheffield and help his team survive in It, while Sheffield it to the brink of degradation.

West Ham, who currently sits on the sixth in the list of English League while the forum, in the financial report in the 2006/2007 season had loss of 22 million pounds, not including tax.

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Again, MU player with Wigan Link

Wigan - After half by the middle of stroke Wilson Palacios, Manchester United, also called squint other Wigan players, Antonio Valencia. Recognition of that fact came from Wigan Chairman Dave Whelan.

Speculation Palacios transfer to MU just back stronger. Now following the allegations that the "Red Devil" may be conducted simultaneously with the additional purchase of a double Valencia.

In fact, right wing players aged 23 years old is already attracting some time MU. At least it's a claim Whelan.

"We have some young players outside and we will be followed by several clubs who hunt them. That's football," said the Wigan Observer Whelan made Setanta Sports.

"If you're a professional football player, you want to win a lot of things, I understand that. We will try to keep them as possible. Goal Valencia hurdle to Man City really terrible. I know Man United has long been observing him,"

Manager Steve Bruce in the early years of this is that if his club future is not easy to maintain a major player if the club want it to the middle as MU.

"If Man United knock the door, how can you refuse them? I realize you can not refuse a team like Manchester United, Liverpool or Tottenham," I'm Bruce.

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Playing anywhere Gerrard Ready

London - After two absent in the English victory against Andorra and Croatia last month, Steven Gerrard off back in action for the "Three Lions". Playing in ideal position outside it will be ready for it.

Gerrard said that the frequent half-back position is of interest. At club level, it is normal lines filled with the Liverpool skipper.

English contra party to Kazakhstan this weekend, Gerrard would not get in a position where it ideally. Welcome easy for him to shift half-a-half-English appear slick from the 4-1 win at Croatia. At the time half-filled central Frank Lampard and Gareth Barry.

With Joe Cole's injury that normally operate in the left wing, Gerrard is estimated to be a substitute. Position is clearly not a very familiar place for Gerrard, but he was ready to appear anywhere.

"Only the boss will know what the team later. Whatever also, I know with the players we have in the team, we have the opportunity to win here. We have quality players," he firmly to the Zoo magazine cited Sky Sports.

"As the English players, you only have to do the work required by the trainers. And you do so with the best ability," said Gerrard.

In addition to known standards play a half-back, Gerrard is also known as capable of showing half-right, even as the second Striker behind the main strikers. So what if it will really be left half?

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Portuguese Without Four Stars

Lisbon - Portugal trainer Carlos Queiroz has set a team that will be involved in his two games in the qualifying World Cup 2010 this week. Four were absent be stars.

Playmaker origins of Chelsea, Deco, and half Atlético Madrid, Maniche, forced abolished in the list of the team because both players are welcome be fit for the fight against Sweden (11/10) and Albania (15/10) in Group One.

Maniche and Deco to follow two other pillars of Portugal, which also has not recovered from his injury, namely, the back Ricardo Carvalho (Chelsea) and half attack Simao Sabrosa (Atlético).

Portugal currently are in the order of four in Group A while the forum. From two-match Cristiano Ronaldo et al takes three scores.

Portugal team:

Goalkeeper: Quim (benfica), Eduardo Carvalho (Braga), Daniel Fernandes (VfL Bochum)

Background: José Bosingwa (Chelsea), Paulo Ferreira (Chelsea), Fernando Meira (Galatasaray), Bruno Alves (Porto), pepe (Real Madrid), Vitorino Antunes (Lecce), Miguel (Valencia), Tonel (Sporting)

Middle: Raul Meireles (Porto), Joao Moutinho (Sporting), Carlos Martins (benfica), Danny (Zenit St Petersburg), Yannick Djalo (Sporting), Manuel Fernandes (Valencia)

Home: Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United), Nuno Gomes (benfica), Hugo Almeida (Werder Bremen), Nani (Manchester United), Ricardo Quaresma (Inter Milan).

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Terry: Give Walcott time

London - The three goals to his wicket Croatia, Theo Walcott became the very players expected British public. Even for the future of the players, he should not answer.

Since it is surprising when Arsenal bought with the high price of some season ago, Walcott was the performance that fluctuates. Once he appear so impressive, but in some opportunities Striker 19 years old is considered disappointing.

If he is so adored British public, it is because the appearance of extraordinary show when he helped England frustrate Croatia 4-1. Southampton is a graduate of the incident three goal victory of the Three Lions.

This is a worrying and John Terry. He saw the public pressure on Walcott is too large, it can result in poor, as has happened in the World Cup 2006.

"In the World Cup two years ago, all people see the direction of Theo. But he was not getting scope," said English national team captain is on the Sun.

"He is someone who has the talent and imposing a good player for the team in the future. But we must stop if we said, and he relies on is the only player who can be relied on," continued the English captain.

Terry continued, with Arsenal Walcott received very good treatment from Arsène Wenger did not give a lot of pressure. However, when uniformed Union Jack, all the British public as hoped in the middle.

"We have players such as Theo before, Wayne Rooney and Joe Cole. Let them play with the game itself."

"Arsène Wenger can see that he was good enough when he was with Arsenal. But when he came together with England, we do not want him too," he said.

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Capello is now confident in Wembley

London - Fabio Capello admitted was "fobia" if you need to play at Wembley Stadium. However, subsequent big victory over Croatia, he can now be confident, although still wary.

The amount of pressure and high expectations of the public to be on the Wembley England team is the reason why Capello had to be very worried if playing in the stadium is sacred. Ultimately, The Three Lions had played poorly in their own cage.

"In previous games I never play it outside Wembley can help. I say that because of outside pressure is often minimal. With 90 thousand fans in the stable expectations that big there," blogosphere, as quoted Guardian.

However, these concerns have been much reduced. The reason is the big 4-1 victory when the visit to Croatia, the supreme generate confidence back John Terry cs.

Still, he still warns that the PLAYERS not driven to the top of the Tang. Because the way it's appearance in the fight before they will be able to repeat.

"Now they (players) have confidence that important, it will be easier for the players to show their best game here," said Don Fabio.

This weekend the UK will face Kazakhstan in World Cup qualification continued. For while they sit at the top of Group 6 after the forum cite the results of 100% of the two fight over Andorra and Croatia.

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Mourinho: English still dominates

Milan - Move the team and train and Italy do not necessarily make sure that José Mourinho with the performance in the Champions League. He even predicts the competition will still be owned by It.

Mourinho certainly have many reasons to reveal the comment. Most can be seen of course, the look of the four Serie A clubs in the first two MatchDay reach the Champions League results varied.

AS Roma swallow shameful defeat of the CFR Cluj and despite the convincing win to the Bordeaux, while Inter Milan even balanced Werder Bremen after the previous defeat Panathinaikos FC 2-0. Results achieved similar success Juventus defeat Zenit but then balanced Bate 2-2, while Fiorentina play twice equilibrium with Bayern Munich and Steaua Bucharest.

The condition of four English clubs are not much different, except that Liverpool reach the results of 100%. It, however, the team's performance in the last two years, which put the three agents in the semifinal round believed Mourinho may still occur this year.

"It's true that English has dominated the Champions League in the last few years. I do not say that we will be able to change it - but I think we are a party of four (with Fiorentina, AS Roma and Juventus) to get to 16 big innings," Mourinho said in the interview with BBC Inside Sport as supposedly independent.

From the four Serie A clubs such, can only be Inter and Juventus have a great opportunity ahead to the next phase-round. Besides a good history in the competition among the best clubs, both teams also have enough to put-off with the giant club from across the country.

Unfortunately, as far as this performance Juventus had not convincing, even in competition with the local never win three in the last fight. Inter themselves have never again won the Champions League since the 1964/65 season, when José Mourinho is expected to remove the opposition had a track record of less good lead after a champion FC Porto.

"If the fourth team to escape the English League, which seems very likely occur, it will be very good for us. If I should win Champions League, I do not see the differences (opportunities) between us with Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus. "

"Only one cup for 10 or 12 best teams. Tropi In the end it will become the property of one club. Of course we will fight for it," said Mourinho.

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Spalletti position guaranteed safe

Rome - Rome cite the failure of achievement in some slick fight last crossed position Luciano Spalletti. However, the president Rosella ensure that the seat should be allenatore Rome will remain the property of Spalletti.

Rome did not show good performance in this season. So far only seven digits are collected Francesco Totti cs in the arena of Series A. Meanwhile, in the arena of Champions League, Roma defeated the surprising team bran the screen, FC Cluj, in the first MatchDay.

These results raise speculation position Spalletti is threatened. However, should be emphasized sklent news reported that several Italian media.

"Now is a difficult moment for a team that usually win. Rome is a big family, Spelletti will not be," should be demolished as quoted Goal, on Tuesday (7/10/2008).

Although guaranteed safe, Spalletti still be required to improve the performance of Roma this season. Victory over Inter at the Olympico in the fight continued Serie A could be a gift from the trust that has given the club.

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After Mourinho Near English national team

Milan - Seat English national team coach apparently was close to José Mourinho. However, his love train club stronger so that he does not accept the department.

Mourinho had become one of the favorite candidates for replacement Steve McClaren the sack from the office because it failed to bring the UK to the European Cup final lap in 2008. Mourinho is currently unemployed after the sack by Chelsea.

However, the coach who brought the original Portuguese champion Chelsea into the Premier League was rejected. Fabio Capello finally adopted. Mourinho chose to spend time at home before finally train at Inter Milan last summer.

"I select club of countries because of my current club manager and I enjoy this job. Employment in the national team is not the type of work that motivates me. It is clearly very different," said Mourinho as This Goal.

However, Mourinho admitted himself tempted to handle the UK because of lifestyle reasons. In addition because he is good to know football and English, English national team train is also a prestigious position.

"Of course I consider to be England team manager. In all, I love football and I am also happy in the UK. Second, where the national team manager's prestige is very large, it is English," he says.

However, the former Porto coach this can not deceive the heart. "I desire to play every week, if possible more than one match a week. This is my life. Living that I want to have," said Mourinho.

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'Prepare the MU 18 million Pounds Sterling for Wigan Stars'

Wigan - Manchester United, supposedly ready to bring Wigan star, Wilson Palacios. Ransom of 18 million Pounds Sterling even be ready for the half.

In the summer of last name Palacios was linked to the MU. Finally, there is no agreement, which finished as Wigan manager Steve Bruce reportedly would not release the players are aged 24 years old.

However, the factors that Bruce also claimed succession to open the opportunity Palacios fled. Not surprisingly, Bruce is a former MU star who once handled by manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

"You know 'a relationship between Steve Bruce and Alex Ferguson. They are very close," said a colleague Palacios told The Sun on Tuesday (7/10/2008).

The same source said that Wigan have given the green light, despite these new players Honduras willing Bruce removed later in January, or before summer 2009.

"United have to monitor Wilson for some time. Steve benefit because good relationship with Sir Alex so that Wilson can hold for six months to a year or longer. There is no signed agreement but have no morals. Wigan expensive to fix the price, 18 million pounds . (Transfer) It can be finished later in January, "said the source.

Palacios to make debut in the world of professional football clubs with Club Deportivo Olimpia of Honduras in 2002. Medio August 2007 he took trial with Arsenal and eventually recruited Birmingham, who had handled Bruce, in the same month. Bruce brought Palacios after the players recommended by Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger.

On 11 January 2008, Palacios again met with Bruce at Wigan. He appears able to mesmerize the media-to oust the Sun as one of the ten best transfer season 2007/08.

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Chelsea asked to Avoid Lavezzi

Napoli - Ezequiel Lavezzi has apparently become the target of Chelsea. However, Napoli emphasized that they will not sell its Striker with any price.

Lavezzi teeth as a demonstration is one of the players who have prospects in the future. He has shown that the performance is quite impressive in Sao Paolo, since by Napoli from San Lorenzo in the summer ago.

Chelsea tacit apparently was interested to get the attacker Argentina origin aged 23 this year. Manager Felipe Scolari wants to add Lavezzi lines of attack options in the Blues.

However, Napoli does not want to release Lavezzi with any price. "We do not accept other bids for Lavezzi," says Director of Sport Napoli Pierpaolo Marino to the Corriere Dello Sport.

"If they (Chelsea) thinking to make offers, they may have forgotten to do it because we will reject it immediately. Lavezzi not sold any price," he says.

Lavezzi still bound hngga contract in Naples in 2013. Serie A clubs also have stated that they will retain the best players they have at this time.

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Blatter: FIFA 24 European countries incompetent

Brussels - The decision to add the number of participants of the European Cup final lap of the 16 into 24 countries from 2016 criticized by FIFA President Sepp Blatter. He was compelled as a matter of incompetent.

As previously fed, adding the number of proposals the European Cup participants who have asked several countries since last year finally approved in Congress and before Euro 2008. Given the green light for more than half the total members of UEFA totaling 53 countries.

This is clearly an opportunity to open small tournament to try to take it. However, critics have predicted will be born because of the addition is feared to create prestige competition is decreased.

In addition, the opportunity may not pass not make qualifying contention in a less mercurial. The number of finalists to 24 tournament, meaning that nearly half of 53 UEFA member countries will enter the final lap.

"I'm not happy with this. Practical half of the association will pass my looks incompetent," Blatter said, as quoted Reuters, on Tuesday (7/10/2008).

"I'm not sure the (decreasing) quality, but this is too complicated for me and not simple enough for countries to compete with each other," he elaborated.

In addition, changes name to become UEFA Cup UEFA European League starting next season (2009/2010) is also not clear criticism of Blatter. It is feared could open the possibility of re-birth of a European super league clearly be gazed at Blatter.

"We have the Champions League and now the new European League, where basically this is the first and second division in Europe. Several years ago a number of big clubs of Europe aims to form a league, which is still alive in the minds of some clubs, and now this re-open the door for the super league that can be detrimental to football, "Blatter said.

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Ancelotti: Cool, But This phenomenon Shortly

Milan - After reaching some impressive results, AC Milan now even hold the primary forum Cagliari. Weird? You do not have such a surprise because, according to Carlo Ancelotti Milan suffered what was simply a phenomenon when the studios.

Starting this season with two defeat in the domestic scene, then rose with Milan to reach the victory in the five-party after that. Two fed victory in the UEFA Cup, while the remaining three in Serie A.

From the positive results in the Serie A, there are two victory "Rossoneri" that should be attention. The first is able to overcome the leadership forum while Lazio through score 4-1, and upset the champion Inter survive with the score 1-0.

Performance is clearly cause tremendous optimism for Milan, but also caution from the opponent. But what immoral, face Cagliari, it was not ever reach a point this season it - alias always lose - "Il Diavolo Rossi" I can not even show their teeth.

Rather than continue to move forward with positive results, only the score 0-0 that eventually decorate the score board games Cagliari vs. Milan diligence, on Monday (6/10/2008)

"These results do not automatically mean steps backwards, as a glance such a phenomenon can occur after this many games. We step forward and I think we have the results right to consider the overall look of the second bunker," Ancelotti deception, as quoted Channel 4.

According to the analysis Don Carletto, endured his Milan team is not a means to weaken or back down performance. Thus Cagliari, who began improving appearance so that Milan can compensate.

"Things like this can happen in one travel season, when a team full of determination to play good football. We may hope we can win in every fight. We are not displaying extraordinary game, but the result is good enough (because of) their is a the team should play their ability, "he explained.

Ties with the goal clearly is not satisfactory, especially Milan also play its three mainstay that is Alexandre Pato, Kaka and Ronaldinho. But in the last 20 minutes, Pato and Dinho had to be replaced out of Andriy Shevchenko and Inzaghi thedoctorpaolo. Both the strategy eventually proved itself equally effective no.

"We need a strong middle attacker to demolish their defense, but (Marco) Boriello still Inzaghi injury and just started practice, so he was not in shape to appear more than 20 minutes. I recognize that I may be doing more rapid turnover," I Ancelotti explained the strategy.

Regardless, optimism still maintained Ancelotti mainly offers Dinho and Sheva, which is still loyal to local government will immediately return to the best performance. "Pause for international parties come soon, so this weekend for two Ronaldinho and Shevchenko will improve their physical performance."

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Ranieri High tension

Turin - Juventus is a new one swallow defeat in this season, but the performance of "The Zebra" is considered far from satisfactory. This is the moment-tense moment for the coach, Claudio Ranieri.

Later this man aged 57 years old was evaluated starting position as allenatore Juventus. Many local mass media saying he does not satisfy leaders "Old Lady."

Statistics rivalry that has work Alessandro Del Piero et al at the beginning of this season is a measure it. Of the six parties in Serie A, the number of victories they can afford only two pallet, while the results of a series of even more, namely, three times.

From the last three games, respectively Juventus is not able to win, including mid-week against the team from Belarus, BATE Borisov, in the Champions League stage.

The match last night, Sunday (5/10/2008), give the first defeat for Juventini. In the cage, the public Stadio Olimpico Grande Torino audiences witnessed the team suffered 1-2 defeat of Palermo.

Entered first by Fabrizio Miccoli in 24 minutes, Del Piero was wiped score at minute 39. However, since Momo Sissoko in-espulso in 41 minutes, Juve are playing with 10 players. At 10 games Palermo last minute to print his goal of victory through the legs Levan Mchedlidze.

"This is a difficult moment," Ranieri's team about the conditions and himself at this time. "But we want to continue to fight and do what is needed. The children have to do what they could."

The difficult period that also mentioned the club president, Giovanni Coboli Gigli. However, he said that the government does not plan to sack Ranieri, as only that some "elders" want ciro Ferrara Ranieri took over the place.

"We have no doubt the coach (Ranieri). This is indeed a difficult moment, but you witness that we will soon rise. We should be compact and close to Ranieri. This team is still valid with exceptional quality," said Coboli Gigli.

"I rebut that hard if the club is having problems with Ranieri. It is difficult to answer whether this team has a lot of issues. What is clear, personally I enjoy serve 25 different".

Ranieri have enough time to restore the moral team, while the trust Coboli Gigli. After the local competition for the agenda of the international gap, Juve will next face Real Madrid in the Champions League.

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Scratch Del Piero, Lippi Call Four new players

No name Alessandro Del Piero in the Italy team for World Cup qualification fight contra Bulgaria and Montenegro. Instead of stars that Juventus, Marcello Lippi to call four new faces, one of the attackers Villarreal Giuseppe Rossi.

Rossi of Italy will defend the previous U-21 given the trust to "class up" team to the Azzuri. Hello, Lippi impressed with the look of the former Manchester United players during the defense of the Italian Olympic cauldron in Beijing Medio August.

In addition to Rossi, the other new players are two called Naples, Fabiano Santacroce and Christian Maggio, and the Udinese forward Simone pepe.

"I can not believe, I can not talk," said Santacroce, such as by Reuters on Monday (6/10/2008).

"I can not wait to start this adventure and are grateful to Naples, which is to improve my game and give this extraordinary opportunity," supplement the birth of the Brazilian.

Meanwhile, veteran players Del Piero and then the season with a tremendous showing top score Serie A with 21 goals this time Lippi ignored in the visit to Bulgaria on Saturday (11/10/2008), and the party pen stand Montenegro, Wednesday (15/10/2008 ).

"Lippi to call me and explain, if not in my team," Del Piero's to Channel 4 shortly after his team lost from Palermo.

To fight two World Cup qualifying contra Bulgaria and Montenegro itself, Lippi entranced with the injury a number of players who make the choice more narrow. Among the injured was Andrea Pirlo, Vincenzo Iaquinta, Marco Materazzi, Nicola Legrottaglie, Marco Cassetti, Fabio Grosso and Angelo Palombo.

Italy team:

Goalkeeper: Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus), Marco Amelia (Palermo), Morgan De Sanctis (Galatasaray).

Back: missorkidea Bonera (AC Milan), Fabio Cannavaro (Real Madrid), Giorgio Chiellini (Juventus), Andrea Dossena (Liverpool), Alessandro Gamberini (Fiorentina), Fabiano Santacroce (Napoli), Gianluca Zambrotta (Milan)

Half: Alberto Aquilani (AS Roma), Mauro Camoranesi (Juventus), missorkidea De Rossi (Roma), Gennaro Gattuso (Milan), Christian Maggio (Napoli), Riccardo Montolivo (Fiorentina), Antonio Nocerino (Palermo), Simone Perrotta (Roma )

Striker: In Antonio Natale (Udinese), Alberto Gilardino (Fiorentina), Simone pepe (Udinese), Giuseppe Rossi (Villarreal), Luca Toni (Bayern Munich).

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Can not Sleep, Career Klinsmann tested

Munich - Two years ago all the German people praise and grateful to Juergen Klinsmann. Now, some people even dare "to expel him" from its current.

Klinsmann is considered to be heroes when the vessel carrying Germany to the World Cup semifinal 2006 in the pen itself. Although not final, but the public satisfied and again on the beautiful game and the stable are presented Michael Ballack et al the time.

After deciding to resign from Der Panzer post of the tournament, Klinsmann often incoming exchange trainers top teams such as Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur, to the United States national team. That indicates he successfully build a good reputation in the relatively long time.

But when the Bayern Munich man successfully bring it to the original Stuttgart Allianz Arena, Hollywood FC fans are enthusiastic. They believe Klinsmann will be able to continue the heritage of Ottmar Hitzfeld, who last season michel gondry present title, but chose to continue his career at the international level, with the Swiss national team train.

But what happens? Bayern staggering in the hands of Klinsmann. Except from Borussia Dortmund in the German Super Cup, they only play two series in the first fight domestic competition. After winning the next two parties, a thick cloud began to come to Klinsmann and his team.

They will be in such a way in the fifth week, when the defeated Werder Bremen 2-5 in their own cage. After Bayern lost back from Hannover 96, and weekends and only 3-3 when play entertain Bochum.

In the last fight, some fans reportedly began to utter even humans. "Klinsmann, you go!" Once they shout, as media reported the local mass-media.

How Klinsmann defense? "I also painful," he said. "But the reaction from the fans to understand when they can not obtain the desired results."

In the interview with the site Bayern, Klinsmann said that the team Suporter debtor in the form of a big improvement after a gap of international this week.

"We will evaluate all the mistakes, and the players must also accept any criticism," he says.

Klinsmann tends to blame the children wash fruit victory over the failure of Bochum. He even admitted quite angry because his team a victory to be so careless dispersed.

"I can not sleep that night. This is painful, but I am a natural fighter. I know where the location of each problem," says Klinsmann.

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While Scolari Not Want Any More

London - Appearances dominant Chelsea defeat at Aston Villa, being happy LUIZ Felipe Scolari. Brazil is the origin of managers more satisfied and optimistic because "The Blue" in the middle of the performance trim.

Chelsea successfully defeat Villa also customize the middle uphill through two goals from Joe Cole and Nicolas Anelka. Not only win, Frank Lampard cs achieve with impressive.

From the statistics in Eurosport, Chelsea recorded a dominating control of the ball with 60.7 percent and 39.3. They also release 35 times in 14 backlash that led them to the gate, while Villa only 10 can make a shot with 1 to the right goalpost.

Movement and pass "The Blues" also praised the 461 able to present accurate bait while Villa, who were forced to survive only 252 baits can create a sharpshooter, or nearly half of Chelsea.

"I'm satisfied because we played very good and my fight is the most important in this season because if we win then we will be in the position of the first forum and we have ten days time to restore the players," Scolari said, as quoted official website of Chelsea , On Monday (6/10/2008).

According to him, the victory was not only offers success to reach three figures but also become an important capital to fight next. "After that when we appear again in the league after 10 or 15 days, we all will be in good condition."

What are the children in its foster competition is also making more optimistic achieve success. Not only in the Primary League but also in other place.

"This is the most important to us and we can forward from the first position in the league, there are at the top in the Champions League and also pass to the next phase in the Carling Cup. What I want more? No," Scolari businesslike.

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Madrid hold Espanyol

Madrid - Raul Gonzalez a hero when Real Madrid against Espanyol. While the "El Real" can only cite ties 2-2, Raul, who twice fetched goal equates the position after his team was left behind.

In the match, on Monday (6/10/2008) Espanyol twice winning first. But the benefits that can always be defeated by Raul. As a four-goal created in the first innings 45 minutes.

One additional number to make life in Madrid five positions forum La Liga with 13 points. The number of Barcelona achieved the same number in the four position. Meanwhile, Espanyol made, ties up to create the position to the rank-9, from the previous tenant sequence of 11.

The Path

Shown at the Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid had to be left behind when first entering the match to 20 minutes. Raul Tamudo his downed by Gabriel Heinze in the box, being forbidden referee pointed white dots. Tamudo is so successful eksekutor snooker Iker Casillas and make Espanyol winning 1-0.

However, the score was only survive four minutes. From an attack, bait cross Madrid forward Raul's success with his head. Strong position again.

Again the goal again present not long ago. In Roman Martinez 31 minutes to send the ball to cross the bait Luis Garcia. Madrid academy players built directly through the gate Casillas to make a return Espanyol reach excellence.

Nine minutes ago, Raul seems to equate the position again. However, the backlash is still comb the thin side gate.

Then in the second minute injury time, the Madrid captain Carlos Kameni can be conquered again. After receiving the ball bounce bait with the chest, Raul working together one-two with a partner in the penalty box before the ball around to the corner gate. Score 2-2 close first half the match.

Two minutes to enter the second phase, Ruud van Nistelrooy immediately surge. Arjen Robben cross bait that replace Rafa van der Vaart made it to test Kameni.

Nene alternate threaten Casillas wicket in 57 minutes, but the support from Fabio Cannavaro could sweep the danger of the wicket Madrid. In minute 66, alternate Kameni in the other hurdle that must work hard to save his wicket effort from van Nistelrooy.

In the final minute, Madrid get a free kick and Wesley Sneijder recall them. Mr. home penalty claim when kicking Sneijder strike votes of Moises Hurtado, despite referee another blow. 2-2 score did not change.

Ordering Cast:

Real Madrid: Iker Casillas; pepe, Gabriel Heinze, Sergio Ramos, Fabio Cannavaro, Ruben De la Red (Wesley Sneijder'65), Mahamadou Diarra, Rafael Van der Vaart ('45 Arjen Robben, Royston Drenthe'70), Ruud van Nistelrooy , Raul, Gonzalo Higuain.

Espanyol: Carlos Kameni; Daniel Jarque, Gregory Beranger, Sergio Sánchez, Nicolas Pareja (Jesus Maria Lacruz'45), Ivan De la Pena (Coro'75), Roman (Angel'62), Moises Hurtado, Anderson LUIZ de Carvalho Nene, Saul Tamudo, Luis Garcia.

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Ka-Pa-Ro Failed to win Milan

Kaka, Pato and Ronaldinho showing since the early minutes when AC Milan against Cagliari in Serie A. The six giornata Brazilian trio, but it is only able to bring balance to play Milan 0-0 opponent of the previous team always lose.

After five victories repeated - two in the UEFA Cup and three in Serie A which also includes the 1-0 victory over Inter Milan last week - Milan eventually be satisfied with one additional points on Monday (6/10/2008), were treated when Cagliari.

Ironically, Milan had arrested equilibrium by the same team that previously had never once reach a point this season also. Ties opponent "Rossoneri" This has become points of Cagliari, the basis of the forum.

In the match at the Stadio Sant'Elia, Cagliari had the opportunity to make early in the match. Michele Fini cross bait Marek Jankulovski hit the ball and wild areas leads to the Milan defense despite not welcome that. Andrea Cossu not long ago to test Christian Abbiati who can still chase the ball out.

In the minutes to-20, Cagliari have a golden opportunity after the successful release Cossu bait breakthrough for Joaquin Larrivey. Abbiati out of the nest to try to stop Larrivey but not even the power of football to enter the gate empty.

After a pause, Massimo Ambrosini speculative kick from distance forced goalkeeper Federico Marchetti rushing back to his wicket and the ball skim from the bottom of draftsmanship wicket. Only created a corner kick.

Cagliari try reply to past cooperation understudy Capucho Neves Gap with Fini, but again the ball was still not find the target.

On 17 minutes the time remaining, Carlo Ancelotti attempted to change the strategy to exit with Ronaldinho and Pato, Filippo Inzaghi to enter and Andriy Shevchenko. But turnover of the players is not to change position, the end result remains 0-0.

Ordering Cast:

Cagliari: Marchetti; Pisano, Lopez, Bianco, Agostini; Fini, Conti, Biondini (Lazzari 89); Cossu; Acquafresca (Matri 76), Larrivey (Pause 34)

Milan: Abbiati; Zambrotta, Bonera, Maldini, Jankulovski; Ambrosini, Gattuso (Flamini 80), Seedorf; Kaka, Ronaldinho (Shevchenko 73); Pato (Inzaghi 73)

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Key Liverpool victory is the desire Strong

Manchester - Excellence 2-0 Manchester City be on Liverpool in the first innings, but eventually carved 3-2 victory, "The Red" owing to three goals in the second innings. Appearances are not evil spirit can praise from the coach Rafael Benitez Liverpool.

In the first 45 minutes match, Sunday (5/10/2008), defeat a vision that Liverpool have been left behind two goals without reply from the host City. But the second stanza of "The Reds" with a brilliant comeback.

Begins with the goal Fernando Torres that evoke the spirit of Harlem Gang, his red card in one of the players of "The Citizens" best rate remains Liverpool. Torres then make one more goal before Dirk Kuyt finally close by late goals before the dispersal.

Kuyt before touchdown, City was actually maintain despair achieve results after the series back Martin Skrtel Liverpool exit the field due to injury a few minutes before the match is over. Benitez can not enter because the players have been three times to make the shifts, so the match again balanced 10 opponent 10. But Liverpool have risen overdo.

"What is the positive reaction from the players after a poor first round. We make two mistakes so that the two goals, and the reaction and character that we see in the second phase is the key to my victory from reaching this," This is Benitez as the official Liverpool website.

"When I drink down to the players and try to print a single goal and then we will be able to return to the game. That is the idea initially, and the character and determination of the players far better than the first round. We tried hard in the second innings and the determination exceptional players, "he continued.

Spain manager of origin are not refute that his team made several mistakes in the first round so that players can be punished opponents have the speed and ability to trim individual.

"Make better if we do not penetrated but at least if you can win it will show that the players are ready to win every match. Physically we in good condition and the fitness trainers we can praise worthy. We also have the confidence and good mentality , "Said Benitez.

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Fernandes bring Valencia the lead at the top

Valencia temporary position for the first forum La Primera Liga blessing victory over Valladolid 1-0 in the sixth week. Goal puppet merely printed by Manuel Fernandes in the second round match.

The victory quoted "El Che" in a visit to the Estadio Nuevo Jose Zorrilla, on Monday (6/10/2008) make them now collect 16 points from the results of five victories and one tie. Villarreal fed equivalent amount in the two positions.

Faced Valladolid, Valencia lost from the amount of actual control of the ball (37.6 percent and 62.4 percent). Also the case with the amount of backlash (8 shot, 2 to the wicket 19 shares shot, 4 to the wicket).

However, since victory can be locked 54 minutes through goals single Fernandes. After receiving the ball from David Villa, the former Everton and Portsmouth player was able to throw the shot along the ground nest in the wicket host.

Meanwhile in the Estadio Ramon Sánchez Pizjuan, Sevilla hosts cement a place in the top blessing 4-0 victory over Athletic Bilbao. Results that make their third position in the forum, under the Vilarreal and Valencia, with 14 Raised numbers.

Goal victory Sevilla made by Frederic Kanoute in the 26 minutes before adding his Renato four minutes before the interval. Trim back the attack on 75 minutes success included Adriano Correia to make touchdown third and Javier Chevanton finally close the party with the fourth goal nine minutes before the dispersal.

In the bottom Recreativo Huelva board still must continue to fight to exit from the zone of degradation after defeated 0-4 by Malaga. Recreativo are now in the position of third base forum. Meanwhile, Sporting Gijón that there is one position below Recreativo began blessing twist 2-0 victory over Mallorca.

Ordering Cast:

Valladolid: Sergio Asenjo; Baraja (Enoch Goitom'84), Alberto Marcos, Pedro Lopez, Luis Prieto, Victor (Haris Medunjanin'77), Alvaro Rubio, Angel Vivar Dorado (Damian Escudero'64), Jonathan Sesma Gonzalez, Pedro Leon, Bartholomew Ogbeche.

Valencia: Renan; Ivan Helguera, Emiliano Moretti (Asier Del Horno'45), Miguel, Alexis, David Albelda, Manuel Fernandes, Joaquin, Miguel Angel Angulo (Ruben Baraja'86), David Villa, Mata (Vicente'82).

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Petric Bring to HSV Peak

Mladen Petric late touchdown to make Hamburg SV to reach the full number in the visit to the cage, which defeated Energie Cottbus 2-1. Additional three digits to make the HSV to the top while michel gondry forum.

Until the weekend to the German League-7, HSV has collect 16 points from the results of winning five times, once lost, and equilibrium. The number of these figures three points better than Hoffenheim and VfB Stuttgart are sequentially in the position of two and three forum.

In the face Energie Cottbus Stadion der Freundschaft in, Sunday (6/10/2008), HSV winning first through Ivica Olic in 54 minutes. Host to make the position so strong in the same 74 minutes through Branko Jelic.

Towards the end of the match, victory eventually be owned by the head of the team delegates Petric. Three figures it owned HSV.

At the same time, two other party michel gondry between Schalke and Wolfsburg vs. Borussia Dortmund contra Hanover, ended only equilibrium.

At the Veltins-Arena, host Schalke hold equilibrium Wolfsburg 2-2 by the guests. Kevin Kuranyi, being Schalke lead the team but delegates to reverse the situation, with two goals from Edin Dzeko and Caluby.

In his red card Ricardo Costa 71 minutes in Wolfsburg seem to cause difficulty. Kuranyi can save the hosts from defeat blessing in golnya minutes 90.

Meanwhile, in the Signal-Iduna-Park, Dortmund host is unable to maintain excellence in 10 minutes through Nelson Haedo Valdez because 15 minutes after Mikael Forssell Hannover can bring home with one point.

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Spurs pains, West Ham Except

London - Tottenham Hotspur more worrying ingulf back after defeat. Entertain Hull City, Sunday (5/10/2008), the team Juande Ramos surrendered 0-1.

Goal single wicket Spurs lodged in the birth of the foot Geovanni in the ninth minute through a free kick from outside the penalty box, in front of the public White Hart Lane.

Host actually play more dominant and have many opportunities to produce goals. But only until the match ended they not able to do what can be done Geovanni.

With the Spurs defeat the increasingly immersed in the primary forum. Five-time losers of seven games to make them "update" the worst record in the beginning of the season in their history 96 years following the English League.

Meanwhile, Hull, after last week flinch at the Emirates Stadium Arsenal, let alone to position three large. Of course, is a remarkable achievement for a club the first time appear in the top division of English League 104 years in their history.

In the other match, hosts West Ham 1-3 subdued from Bolton Wanderers. This is the first time the Hammers a new coach, Gianfranco Zola, upset in the match Premier League.

Goalkeeper Robert Green made a mistake that Bolton winning 2-0 in the first innings. It is not sticky when catching the ball in the air, so the ball fell to the feet Kevin Davies, who easily insert it into the goalpost.

Goal occurs in 30 minutes. Ironically, five minutes and then Green again failed to secure the ball with either a backlash Gretar Steinsson. Vomiting ball by Gary Cahill into the goal.

Carlton Cole zoom through the head of his position minutes at 68. However, in the final minute Bolton strike back goals, time through Matthew Taylor's free kick.

Ordering players:
Tottenham: Gomes, Günter (Bentley 55), Corluka, Woodgate, Bale, Lennon (Giovani 74), Jenas, Zokora, Modric, Pavlyuchenko (Bent 35), Campbell.

Hull: Myhill, McShane, Turner, Zayatte, Dawson, Marney, Ashbee, Boateng, Geovanni (Halmosi 71), King (Folan 81), Cousin (Mendy 60).

West Ham: Green, Faubert, Neill, Upson, Ilunga, Behrami, Parker, Noble, in Michele (Bellamy 54), Etherington (Sears 79), Cole.

Bolton: Jaaskelainen, Steinsson, Andy O'Brien, Cahill, Samuel, David, Nolan, McCann, Muamba (JoeyO'Brien 80), Gardner, Elmander (Taylor 73).

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Can you make the primitive Goal, Rooney?

Manchester - Wayne Rooney sharp middle-sharpness. After three games in the final print is always the goal, he can continue the good trend in the fight-fight next?

If these questions were submitted to the Manchester United attacker, the answer is clear: can! Moreover, Rooney now own the confidence to continue to make its goal, although admitted to a little interference on his single.

"Once you print a touchdown, then your confidence will rebound," he said as This AFP. "Fortunately, I have been in there and take that opportunity."

"I'm single problematic little in recent weeks. I just need a little cautious with that problem," he says.

After three last fight against Bolton, Aalborg (in the Champions League) and Blackburn successful print goal, the attacker aged 23 years old this switch views to the international fight. In the next few days he will strengthen the UK in the fight qualifying World Cup 2010 - against Kazakhstan and Belarus. He is determined to continue the performance is good.

"Of course now my focus to the UK. Moreover, after several games in the past we always look good. I look of it and I hope we can get six points," he said.

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Mourinho: I Can Win Relax

Milan - Only victory is thin on the Inter Milan Bologna. Still José Mourinho mention if the results had been predicted before, and can even be obtained with himself relax in the BENCH.

Two goals from Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Adriano lead Inter penalties to reach the victory over Bologna in the Italian League's sixth week. The Nerazzurri lead near the top forum on the fight because the other balanced Lazio Lecce 1-1.

On the results of the fight José Mourinho looks very calm. He even issued a statement full of confidence, claiming that the three figures will be fixed even though he only just relax in the reserves bench.

"These are one of the games where I can relax in comfortable with the BENCH. Score 2-1 may indicate a balance (between the two teams), but the fact is not like that, "said Mourinho after the match as the fed Channel4.

The former coach of Chelsea and FC Porto that even if his sole goal Bologna only "giving" from his team. That happens because the goal is due to communication errors between Zavier Zanetti by Ivan Cordoba.

"This is easily analyzed. One of the teams have seven or eight opportunities to print goal. Meanwhile, the other only have two opportunities, but can print the goal because we give it to them, "said Mourinho.

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Ibrahimovic: Goal is Easy

Milan - Zlatan Ibrahimovic showed his keenness break the wicket Bologna. Striker Inter Milan is also admitted to not make difficult the goal.

Ibrahimovic again play an important role in helping Inter to reach the 2-1 victory over Bologna. However, the match is on the international Swedish Striker print this goal through a beautiful touch of his wizard.

In the minutes to-24, Ibra ran to the near goalpost and the back of his heel welcome Crossing Adriano. While one goal again donated a print Adriano goal from the penalty spot in minute-to 49.

Ibra also pleaded with the attack that made the team but he admitted his goal is very simple. "I do not think the goal should be like this, but how to make the score," he said as This Goal.

"That is a goal that is easy for me. I've been working very hard to develop and I are very satisfied. However, my knee does not hurt me," said the Inter Milan Striker this.

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Barca beat up 6-1 Atlético

Barcelona - Barcelona Laga contra Atlético Madrid, which is predicted to run out ongoing fierce partisanship. Mr. houses appear very strong to defeat guests with a fantastic score of 6-1.

With players of the materials plus the status as one of the best, meeting with Barca Atlético running as exciting with both teams launched another attack. However, fight in the Camp nou, Sunday (5/20/2008) even held one direction with the host appear to dominate.

A total of six goals that made the team care PEP Guardiola in the tournament, with five of them came in the first 45 minutes. While the guest team can only reply once to make the match ended with the score 6-1.

With the additional three points Barcelona now sit in second position with the forum while the value of 13, the results of the four victories, and once equilibrium is lost. Meanwhile, for the Los Rojiblancos is a reversal both in last week after repeatedly defeated Sevilla with a 1-0 score.

The Path

Goal first time Barca created a new rivalry running three minutes. Rafael Marquez recorded the name in the score board when his head forward bait corner kick from the right side of the defense team of delegates.

Competition, which is believed to run the lines tend to be less fierce bite. Moreover, the host and then get a gift penalty from referee subsequent violations made against Messi. Samuel Eto'o as a forward eksekutor easily change the score became 2-0.

And the thundering cheers Barca fans back sorai heard reverberating throughout the stadium over time created the third goal in eight minutes. Utilize background inadvertency players Atlético the middle of life to build the fence, Messi thin free kick outside the penalty box could only does before finally entering into the goalpost Gregory Coupet who still try to manage colleagues.

Behind three goals not directly make Atlético despair. In 13 minutes Maxi Rodriquez decry the lack of his team through a hard kick from outside the penalty box.
However, when the team likely will be a guest of return, Barca had to add the number of goal the name of Samuel Eto'o.

Goal is created owing to the creation Xavi release bait measured on the Striker. After two wins duel with the opponent back, Eto'o was also snooker goalkeeper Coupet.

Goal Barca in the first round of this hard work came from Andres Iniesta the bend-contortion in the middle of the opponent back and release the backlash that hit the pole only hurdle. However Rebound the ball to the middle of the penalty be struck directly Eidur Gudjohnsen to change the position to be 5-1.

Barca in the 5-1 advantage with no pressure to reduce it. A number of other opportunities successfully created a backlash by one Iniesta hit the pole at the wicket and failed to Rebound-by Messi is free to stand in the position.

Messi themselves appear very bright in the fight. An action-his solo run in the first half also increase the number of goals scored nearly host. But the severity of work to go through some of the players plus efforts to tear the opponent the ball when faced with live Coupet not produce anything, the ball be derogating its thin side to the right goalpost Atlético.

If so dominant Messi Barcelona in the bunker, is not the case with Kun Aguero. Atlético young star called a duel will be a terrible with Messi as the powerless and can not do anything for his team.

Entering the second round not many changes occurred. Barca still appear attack, while Atlético are still difficulties to develop the game at the same time escape from the pressure of the opponent.

The only goal that was born in the second half of this came in 73 minutes through Thierry Henry. The procession of the birth of this goal by creating a beautiful Henry begins with the release on bail Bojan Krkic and resumed it in the young Striker Xavi. Henry backlash first time back after receiving bail from Xavi back to tear the nets Atlético sixth time.

Ordering Cast

Barcelona: Valdés, Puyol, Pique, Márquez, Abidal, Busquets, Xavi ( `Keita 73), Gudjohnsen, Messi (Bojan` 69), Iniesta, Eto'o (Henry `59)

Atlético Madrid: Coupet, Perea, Ujfaluši, Heitinga, López, Maxi Rodríguez ( `De Las Cuevas 20), Assuncao, Raúl García, Luis García (Pernia` 45), Sinama-Pongolle, Agüero ( `57 Banega)

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Llorente Takes Lead Villarreal

Barcelona - Joseba Llorente a recent victory over Villarreal 2-1 Real calf. Victory also brought to Villarreal while La Liga lead the forum.

In the match held at the Estadio El Madrigal, Sunday (5/10/2008) Villarreal get resistance from the tight calf in the first innings. Even in the first round the team winning more delegates through the first goal in Damia to-20 minutes.

However, the Yellow Submarine finally able to rise up and find the best return game in the second innings. Gonzalo Rodriguez successfully equates the position to be 1-1 and Joseba Llorente eventually ensure victory Villarreal 2-1.

Villarreal make the victory while leading the forum for La Liga. Villarreal have now takes 16 points from six games or winning three points from Valencia will be the new face Real Valladolid tomorrow.

Real calf while still occupy after a new board under 2 to collect points.

The Path

In the calf was indeed pressing at the beginning of the match. Luc Emana trying to make with the release
strong right foot kick from outside the penalty box but still failed to produce goals.

Similarly, Mehmet Aurelio opportunities through his head Crossing welcome Jesus Capi can still be defeated Diego Lopez. Meanwhile, Villarreal try to attack but left foot kicking Giuseppe Rossi is still thin derogating in addition to the wicket.

The opportunity Ariel Ibagaza left foot shot past can still be broken Casto. Now calf back to make it through hard kick right leg Jose Mari from the right side can still be blocked Lopez.

However, the calf finally succeeded in winning first. A Crossing from Mark Gonzalez successfully utilized by the release Damia left foot shot from the middle of the penalty corner to the right goalpost Villarreal.

Real calf still control the match but the way down to drinking 1-0 position remains unchanged. In the second phase, Villarreal try to catch up and do it with two shifts infused Robert Pires and Guillermo Franco.

Results quite effective. In the minutes to-69, Villarreal eventually become successful equates the position 1-1. Goal is printed by Gonzalo through his head in the penalty box after utilizing Crossing Ariel Ibagaza.

One minute later, Villarreal back into winning 2-1. Llorente a recent victory after victory, Villarreal left foot kick from distance successfully penetrate wicket calf utilize bait Pires.

Score 2-1 to Villarreal was not changed until the end of the match.

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Inter chase Lazio in the rankings Peak

Milan - Inter successful leader of gaining points overlap forum while Serie A, Lazio, after the defeat Bologna 2-1, Sunday (5/10/2008) at the Giuseppe Meazza.

Additional three-digit points to make Inter currently 13, together with Lazio in the fight, which previously only able to play against Lecce 1-1 equilibrium in the Olympico.

However, as the Lazio goal difference better than the Inter team, José Mourinho Hobbes care must be satisfied to sit at the forum while two. The Bologna remains in the board down to three digits.

Inter started the match with a convincing. Appear to dominate eventually lead to 1-0 in 24 minutes.

Goal created after Adriano successfully send a tourist to cross Bologna penalty box. Zlatan Ibrahimović a brilliant welcome to heel the ball back and make the team hosts the lead.

Rod again get two opportunities to increase the benefits of Inter, but failed to reap results. Similarly Adriano, which will kick the ball results in the first innings can still blocked goalkeeper Francesco Antonioli.

New in the second round superiority Inter increases. Whether intentional or not, Sergio Volpi hands touch the ball in-Crossing Adriano in the forbidden area in the minutes to-49. Referee Maurizio Ciampi also directly appoint the white point penalty and Adriano put in a nest not have difficulties to change the ball position to be 2-0.

However, the score was not long survive. Vaggelis Moras successfully maximize error Javier Zanetti chase the ball in 55 minutes to subdue and Julio Cesar.

Goal Moras is the prod players to stray from the Inter pursuit team Bologna. Although a number of opportunities are created, between the backlash from Adriano and Victor Obina, the score stayed 2-1 until the whistle is long.

Ordering Cast:
Inter: Julio Cesar; Maicon, Cordoba, Rivas (Cambiasso 72), Zanetti; Quaresma (Obinna 88), Vieira, Muntari, Mancini (Stankovic 74); Adriano, Ibrahimovic

Bologna: Antonioli; Marchini, Terzi (Coelho 78), Moras, Bombardini; Mudingayi, Volpi (Marazzina 63); Adailton (Zenoni 63), Amoroso, Valiani; In Vaio

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