Monday, October 13, 2008

Ashley Cole humiliated, FA Not Understanding

London - There are a handful of English fans who disdain Ashley Cole while St George's Cross to Kazakhstan. The English Football Association (FA), whimsy is not understandable.

Base present when Cole is a lure to players Kazakhstan Zhambyl Kukeyev in 64 minutes. Utilizing the error, Kukeyev print only one touchdown when the guest of Kazakhstan 1-5 upset.

Action is to invite criticism, Adrian Bevington, FA Director of Communications. "Clearly, we are very disappointed with the reactions of spectators," said Bevington to Setanta Sports.

"We do not understand and no one can understand the mentality when they go to the match. Hope, UK, but their support and take an individual and meneriakinya when he made a mistake," said Bevington.

Bevington admitted that Cole has been keeping a moment after the match. Bevington rate back Chelsea are in good condition. As a senior and professional players, Cole is often called Bevington are in any circumstances.

"In conclusion, it is insanity and it is not useful. What you want to reach people like this? People who watch the match and cheer their own players," Bevington question.

"Suporter football have the right to express their views. I have been in football throughout my life and it is a part of. Everyone has their own opinion, but what I do not understand is what they try to achieve?" Bevington said.


Anonymous said...

Hull City AFC Vs Chelsea FC is a surewin of 6.82% at Sports Arbitrage Union.

He was allowed to lose last Sunday but any slip-ups tonight would be unforgivable. There is no doubt that Grant will field a strong team, but it's not going to be walkover. Hull will set out to bully the Blues from the start.

Normally we'd just soak it up but, with our lightweight attack, set pieces look like our only likely source of goals.