Monday, October 13, 2008

Carra: Liverpool Not Hull

Liverpool - Liverpool Appearances slick at the beginning of the season put them in the top forum with Chelsea, despite there are still questioned the ability of "The Red" to remain at the top. Jamie Carragher own, if only to remind his team not Hull.

It Through the seven parties, Liverpool recorded two victories and two series of results. With a number of collection points 17, they are entitled to the position owing to two points with the equivalent of Chelsea in one position.

One important in the fight of the Primary League is when Manchester City. Behind 0-2 earlier, they succeeded in closing the match with a 3-2 victory.

Comeback the extraordinary beautiful touch tanks provide the initial slick Liverpool this season. Consequently no less convinced that if this is the season they will be successful. But I also little doubt that the consistency of "The Reds" until the end of the season.

For Carragher, doubt is reluctant discussed it extensively. He only wants to prove that this time it will be a serious challenger.

"People say we should stop making a good beginning. I thought, 'We play seven new parties and we are Liverpool. Did we deserve on there? What I skip anything?".

"We are not Hull. If we are still there in March later on, then we can discuss it. Until that time, we must focus to do the best in every match. More concrete actions rather than words," said the Liverpool center back to official team sites.

Until now, full of surprises with Hull jumped to the top. The club season and are in position three in the Championship division and gain promotion through the playoff round for the temporary position in three primary forum League, behind the three figures from Liverpool and Chelsea.