Sunday, October 12, 2008

Seedorf says Inter Scudetto Favorites

Milan - AC Milan may be a rival for Inter Milan. However, one of the Rossoneri players, Clarence Seedorf, it is mentioned as a favorite wholesaler Inter scudetto this season.

Seedorf said, not without reason. Half-Dutch origin is issued opinion after viewing the various strengths of the team that care by José Mourinho is.

Also the first player ever to play for Inter is that the Nerazzurri have the power evenly on each line. Yet again the fact that they are the authorities in the three Serie A last season.

"They are a team that must be defeated. They are the champion to survive and have the most complete players. They have quality players in every position, it is incredible," he said in Tuttosport.

"I can not say we inferior to them, but the Nerazzurri have six or seven options in every position. What is more important, everything depends on continuity. Season and we destroyed and we need to go back to the point with humility, through facts, not word - word, "he said.

Milan are currently in eighth position while the forum. From the battle six times, they reach three victories, one equilibrium, and two-time losers. Il Diavolo Rosso are now 10 or collecting the value of three figures deviate from the Inter are in third position.