Sunday, October 12, 2008

In obscenities Cole, Cole Supported

London - Due to make mistakes in the birth of Kazakh goal, Ashley Cole obscenities at their own supporters. But back to the Chelsea defense from Rio Ferdinand and Fabio Capello.

In winning 2-0 position, said the wicket England David James digolkan Zhambyl Kukeyev. Goal is indeed should not happen if Cole do not blunder with "give" on the ball Kukeyev.

England then able to add three additional goals that the two of them came from Wayne Rooney and one from Jermaine Defoe. However, the incidence of errors over the materials to make Cole a blasphemy The Three Lions fans who pack Wemble Stadium.

"Disappointing, when players make mistakes - you want to be in the back and encouraged re-focus on the match. That is not to shout at players with their own. Hopefully, spectators who are ashamed to do with himself," said Ferdinand as the fed TheSun.

Comments approved by the captain his coach Fabio Capello. Just as Ferdinand, Capello considers fans should not berate your own players because he made a mistake.

"I can not understand why the spectators shout at one of the players - you need more help players when they make mistakes," says Don Fabio.

Big victory, followed by ties between Croatia without a touchdown with Ukraine, the UK is now starting to make forum Group 6 with nine points from three games.