Monday, October 13, 2008

Cost of Victory Argentina

Buenos Aires - Argentina Victory, which quoted from Uruguay to relieve and read. However, there is a price to be paid, ie, injury and suspension, which runs some of the players.

Two goals from Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero to send Argentina 2-1 win over Uruguay in the River Plate Stadium, Sunday (12/10/2008). Victory is precisely because the first fight in the last six 'Tango'.

As happened in South America, Argentina-Uruguay match held firm. Yellow card and the injury of the players jump into seemingly impossible is avoided.

Argentina coach Alfio Basile will lose a number of important pillars in the World Cup qualifying continued in 2010 with its headquarters to Chile, on Wednesday (15/10).

Aguero, Javier Mascherano and Martin Demichelis can appear questionable because of an injury. Meanwhile, the two stars in the middle and front lines, Juan Roman dream and Carlos Tevez, a positive use as punishable as a result of card accumulation.

Basile also recognizes the bunker will have a big problem in the pen Chile. "We estimate that a very heavy match against Chile," This I Basile as Reuters.

"I remember when we go there for the Copa America in 1991. They (supporters Chile - red) really make the team as we make," said Basile, who in the opportunity 17 years ago also act as the architect Biancocelesti strategy.