Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lampard & Rooney shirt in the entire stock Cast enemy

London - England will be put-off with the advanced party of Kazakhstan in World Cup qualification 2010. Unique, Kazakhstan players had not hesitate buy shirts Frank Lampard and Wayne Rooney faced before.

Wembley Stadium, Saturday (11/10/2008), Kazakhstan will be a tough contra party host England in the previous two parties always reach the full number.

Facing the team instead of "Three Lions" play in the cage, Kazakhstan should have a clear provision thorough preparation. I'm sorry, but one of them even buy clothes, including English players who will be the opponent in the field.

By The Sun, one of the players of Kazakhstan to buy nine shirt Lampard who numbered 8 when his team back to the store Hertfordshire Sports Direct. A number of other players preschool Rooney shirt numbered 9.

Prices were cheap T-shirt, 3.49 pounds, may be one of interest to invite action-buy the entire stock. Cheapness price of the shirt because it is indeed stock season and English uniforms.

"They were really enthusiastic, with the UK uniform. I'm not sure whether they realize it is the old uniforms, but they are not likely to complain, they do not believe the price," said a sales staff of the store.

Events not stop shopping until there. To the Kazakhstan-15 players who donated their store each then buy shoes that exactly the same, at 49.99 pounds. Perhaps that is the shoe that will be used against Britain.

"We think it may just kidding. But they use sport shirt and his official only a few that can speak enough English to ask to try shoes," said a staff of other sales.

"I joke with what they ask not have shoes to match later. But one of the shoes that are not handled in the store. They try different shoes, but eventually choose the same. The strange because all of the size of eight, and when they answered will use in Wembley, I think that it's cute. "

Sounds strange? Do not laugh directly pout Kazakhstan players, because similar events have been done shopping Croatia in Euro 2008 qualifying party last November. At that time they shop at the outlets popularize London, Harrods. The result, Wembley Stadium and a witness when the Croatian defeat England 2-3, while Lampard does cs absent in Euro 2008.