Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Barcelona, is as good the product "nostrano"

A coach "home" as Guardiola sends in so many players coming from the nursery. With encouraging results. Only Athletic Bilbao has done more, but there autarky is the law

MADRID, Sept 24, 2008 - The Barcelona team or a 'casera'. Spanish term commonly used in the restaurant, which serves to give home-made products. The Barça, which tonight in the 4th day of the Liga host Betis, is done in house. The coach chosen for the post-re Rijkaard was born and raised in the club and that same technician, Pep Guardiola, at the start of this season has decided to focus on strong guys come out of the "Cantera", the nursery, the club blaugrana.

AT LEAST 5 OF span - In the first six official output this season Guardiola fell in with 5 or 6 "canterani" nell'undici holder, coming to match the field no less than 8 players pulled on in the shadow of the Camp Nou. It happened in the home match with Racing. Last Sunday at Gijon has arrived to 7. Will be glad those of Uefa, who want to force clubs to use more and more kids home-made.

MORE THAN 50% - It is in this context that the Barcelona is wonderful: so far in the first 3 games league players from the nursery have played 54.8% of minutes played by the various people of Barcelona. A percentage that Spain has fought only dall'Athletic Bilbao (56.4) for obvious reasons of self-sufficiency. Very good also Espanyol (44.5), the Betis (43.4), the Osasuna (41.8). The Real Madrid, whose nursery provides a half-Liga players and some European clubs (Diego Lopez, Arbeloa, Balboa, Jurado, Granero, Mata, Soldado, Negredo, Borja, Juanfran just to mention the most famous names) stops at 26.1 %, Obtained through the use of Casillas, Guti, Raul and De la Red.

NAMES KNOWN AND YOUNG PROMISES - This, in order of minutes played, the list of 'canterani' are used by Guardiola: Xavi, Puyol, Messi, Iniesta, Busquets, Pedro, Pique and Bojan. And given that the latter is considered a small jewel, so far with Pep was available only 61 minutes is hard to understand the percentage of the above may even increase in the future. Guardiola, who last year coached the Barça B, Barcelona Atletic today, did not hesitate to give minutes to Pedro, right outside, and then Sergio Busquets, son of art and central midfield. The two have done well, especially the second. Sergio (prefers not to use the surname to avoid comparisons with his father, former goalkeeper blaugrana) took place at Yaya Toure and surprised all by maturity and ease of insertion. In launching pad there are Victor Sanchez and Victor Vazquez. And in England would put their eyes on 14enne Gerard Deulofeu (given the new Ronaldinho) even Chelsea and Arsenal. The policy Guardiola is actually common practice in Barcelona in his 5 years of bench at Camp Nou Frank Rijkaard has made debut are 28 children of nursery. Barça to blindly believe the "school de la Masia" and they are right.

Filippo Maria Ricci