Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lotito: "The Lazio has great quality '

MILAN, Sept 25 - Enthusiastic Lotito at the League in Milan. The Fiorentina 3-0 on him thrilled: "The quality of Lazio is there for all to see yesterday dominated the field. I also liked Foggia.

Congratulations to Delio Rossi:
"His merit is to have made a solid tactical equipment to the team that now has brilliance."

The contract?
"The Civil Code also provides verbal agreement. Moreover, I chose to coach this summer.

The case-Bianchi?
"We wanted a fast player, capable of attacking from the right and left as Zarate.

What will happen with the return Rocchi?
"The focus coach who is better or they will coexist. E 'its task. "

Close to Lotito:
"Our motto is: work, sacrifice, professionalism and humility".
Alberto dusty