Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cobolli Gigli: "The Inter is not fleeing"

MILAN, Sept 25 - For Cobolli Gigli, the primacy of solitary 'Inter is not the same as an escape. He said the offices of the League of Milan, before the start of the Serie A club "He has a point in more than Lazio and Atalanta, two more of us and of Naples, is not already fled.

'THE DERBY typhoid MILAN - He announced, however, for those who will typhoid Sunday evening in the Milan derby:' I will touch tifare for Milan. The president also spoke about Juventus fan of Mourinho: "It 'a character that stimulates communicate when and when not transmitting. Above all, it encourages them to win. " And then Sissoko and his weakness due to fasting for Ramadan. "I am against any kind of abstinence, particularly that of victories. However I understand that Sissoko observe fasting for Ramadan: my sources have seen ... mangiante to sunlight.