Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Milan, is staging the Inter One hundred years of history in theater

A show traces the epic of the club since its birth, between triumph and suffering. The interpreter of the monologue, Marco Vaccari: "We have an inter relationship with the team, with them at the stage we are soul"

MILAN, Sept 24, 2008 - Giacintone Facchetti, Sandro Mazzola, Helenio Herrera, sure. But Skoglund, Boninsegna and, of course, Ibra. And the badges, the glorious nights of the Champions Cup of the Sixties, but also the disappointments of some time ago when there was everything to win and not won but never ... Still, the war machine today, which claims success as if piovesse ... There is, as they say, to write a novel, but Marco Vaccari and Matteo Colombo, simply wanted to tell the story Inter in a play, in "90 minutes longer possible recovery", as they say. A show that comes to Milan tomorrow (theater Ariberto, via Crespi 9 hours 21 from Thursday to Saturday, 18 Sunday, 15 euro until October 19).

BLOOD Nerazzurri - E 'Vaccari to interpret the monologue. A football has also played, then went to the stage but has kept intact a passion: "The idea is not only the anniversary, the centenary - he explains - it was the blood nerazzurro that flows in the veins us to go to write. Among the other, we started three years ago to throw down the text, and see if there from the Inter began to win. " E 'then the wind changed, but he does not believe that the Swiss Inter skin has changed: "No, it is time that we win, and when you do not won by the team there is a relationship, especially in the evenings Cup, which are the most fascinating. There is only one emotion, a merger with who is in the field, soul. "

ROCK'N ROLL - an emotion long a century, in short, told chronologically through a series of "pictures", backed by music and references to various historical eras. Thus, for example, the exploits of Skoglund as soundtrack have Jerry Lee Lewis almost to say that, despite everything, the Inter is deeply rock'n roll.

Pier Luigi Todisco