Saturday, September 27, 2008

Juve, Camoranesi from 1 ' La Viola back to its

The latest from the fields. Early Samp-Juve: blucerchiati with Accardi, recovered, found that white exterior right. The Fiorentina, pledged to 20.30 with Genoa, module 4-3-3 relaunches and the old guard. Rossoblù with tiridente Jankovic-Milt-Palladino

MILAN, Sept 27, 2008 - Starting from the advances Sampdoria-Juventus and Fiorentina-Genoa to finish with the expected postponement of the San Siro between Milan and Inter. Here's the latest from the fields until the fifth day Serie A

Sampdoria -- (fg) Recover Accardi, who will start from the beginning. Even Gastaldello is better and should be in the field. In midfield, Sammarco favorite on Dessena. Bonazzoli on the bench: in its place, Delvecchio behind Cassano. Bellucci, called, is not yet ready and follow the race with Juve from the gallery.
Juventus - (am) Camoranesi has recovered and will be in the first minute. A fall Sissoko midfield, alongside him Marchisio is a slight advantage on Poulsen. In attack the only certainty is Iaquinta holder: to relay his side Del Piero-Amauri. In defense Mellberg will replace the injured Legrottaglie, left back Molinaro.

Fiorentina - (g) Prandelli finder 4-3-3 and the old guard: made by the turbot (tactical scheme used in recent issues), the coach plans to deploy a training similar to that of the past, except for Felipe Melo and Gilardino, favored in the ballot with Pazzini. Before Frey likely Jorgensen from right (with Comotto ready to race), Gamberini and Kroldrup central Gobbi left. Amid complete the department Donadel and Montolivo. Forward in support of the first tip Mutu left and Santana (a slight lead over Semioli) on the other side. A game started to space Jovetic.
Genoa - (fg) Massive turn-over, the one studied by Gasperini, devoid of injury Gasbarroni. In defense, and Papastathopoulos Bocchetti are candidates to take over respectively Biava and Criscito lanes on the sides. In midfield, former viola Vanden Borre ahead on Juric. Confirmation Likely for Rossi and Modesto on bands. In attack, as well as Milito, likely green light for Jankovic (or Sculli) and Palladino. In withdrawal also Thiago Motta, but the neo-rossoblù be in the gallery.

BOLOGNA-NAPOLI (15 hours tomorrow)
Bologna - (go) recovered Moras, 4-3-1-2 with forwards Di Vaio, Marazzina on the bench.
Naples - (fm) New turnover in view of Bologna. reja revolutionizes defense and midfield in this game Gianello door, before him unprecedented line consists of three Santacroce, and Aronica Rinaudo. A midfield play Montervino, Patience, Blasi, Hamšík and Mannini, attack in the couple choice should be Zalayeta-Pia, in the lead over Denis.

CATANIA-CHIEVO (15 hours tomorrow)
Catania - (gf) As expected, Japanese Morimoto did not have it done to recover from a ailments and is not among the 21 invited to Zenga that, from this afternoon will be in retreat on the outskirts of Catania. The list. Goalkeepers: Bizzarri, Kosicky, Polito. Defenders: Saturday, Sardo, Silvestre, Silvestri, Stovini, Terlizzi. Midfielders: Baiocco, Biagianti, Dica, Izco, Ledesma, Llama, German. Forwards: Antenucci, Martinez, Mascara, Paolucci, Plasmati. So called back between the goalie Polito, in early warning for natural conditions are not ideal for Bizzarri, who in Turin had finished the game without being able to make referrals from the bottom of the field. Expected return of Mascara forward, Stovini command the rearguard.
Chievo - (FDP) Particularly patterns on the ball inactive for Chievo in the morning finishing Veronello. "The Catania - Iachini notes - thanks to a lot of marks placed kicks, and men have interesting patterns. But we can do about bad situations from detention." In early afternoon arrival in Catania. Esposito still unavailable, Bentivoglio and Kerlon. To assess the conditions of Pinzi, struggling with a strong contusion. Rigoni ready. "The Catania is a great team and Zenga is proving to be a great coach - stresses Pellissier - the people with whom we have played against Inter and Juve have also means that a lot of security in their means. Massimo respect for them. But at the Catania Chievo can win. "

LECCE-CAGLIARI (15 hours tomorrow)
Cagliari - ( finishing the morning before leaving for Italy. Allegri has summoned 20 players, leaving home yet Ferri, Pani and injured Astori. In group revises Jeda, to take a jersey from holder in attack alongside Acquafresca. For the rest, in defense, before Marchetti, a small square between Canini and White in the center, the second favorite to support Lopez, while Pisano and Agostini are some on outside. In midfield, can confirm the trio Fini, Conti and Word, with Biondini pushing for one of two places alongside Conti. Finally, Cossu in support of the couple Acquafresca-Jeda, preferred to Larrivey and Matri.

PALERMO-REGGINA (15 hours tomorrow)
Palermo - (c) Contrordine, Ballardini trust of its people and not change them for the third game in a row: "I do not think to change nell'undici owner - said the coach of Ravenna on the eve of the challenge with Reggina - we are all well ". Finishing behind closed doors. Remain outside because only the injured Budan ( "Maybe after stopping the review of the available"), Guana (knee pain), Kjaer (the foot blisters) and Fontana (blow to the wrist) in addition to excluding the rotating Capuano (Porto Only two defenders on the bench), Di Matteo and Romeo. Summoned all the other winds, but your squad will be the usual suspects, including Carrozzieri who disposed of the blow yesterday resolved to start training.

ROME-ATALANTA (15 hours tomorrow)
Atalanta - (gm) Del Blacks intends to confirm the team that beat Cagliari, the only change could affect the defense with the return of Bellini instead of Rivalta. "But decide before the match," said the technician Friuli, leaving doubt. The rest does not change, then nothing turnover. Of Blacks led to Roma 22 players because Atalanta remain in the capital until Thursday evening having to play Wednesday all'Olimpico with Lazio in the Coppa Italia. Among the invited there is also Cerci, that Rome against his will in the gallery but is ready to play a piece in the cup.

Torino-Lazio (15 hours tomorrow)
Torino - (ft) Rosina is not convened, Corini is recovered. Abate against Lazio as part owner Dzemaili, De Biasi give a rest to turn Amoruso. "I want a Toro not reckless," said De Biasi. Abate presenting alongside Abbruscato and Bianchi. In defense touches in Colombo (to debut the first minute) to replace the disqualified Diana.

UDINESE-SIENA (15 hours tomorrow)
Udinese - (sm) "Di Natale? E 'between eighteen summoned." The response of Marino wants to leave open the presence nell'undici owner of number 10 white, but the impression is that the creativity to strip Neapolitan will be starting the match with Siena. Quagliarella and Pasquale, until yesterday ahead preferences should start from the bench with Siena. At the press conference the coach has not given clear guidance on this subject, but stressed the importance of using the proper time of the team. Difficult, therefore, that Marino surrenders to the form of Floro Flores (great performance in Bologna nell'infrasettimanale) and the Regional Security defensive garantina by central pair-Tail Domizzi (no goals with them in the last three matches) . For the flanks in their defense should be chosen Motta and Lukovic, compared to two new race in Bologna.
Sierna - (the) Finishing in Friuli for Siena, from yesterday's withdrawal. With the full infirmary (unavailable to seven), Giampaolo has few options in attack should return the couple Maccarone-Calaiò, for confirmation Kharja trequartista and the midfield formed by Vergassola, Codrea and Hobbs. Coppola and Jarolim could find a place race started, as Frick or Ghezzal. Convened in the respective national commitments for mid-October, Codrea, Frick, Kharja, Zuniga and Jaakkola.

INTER-MILAN (tomorrow 20.30)
Milan - Pato ballot-Sheva, with the Brazilian favorite.
Inter-ballot Cruz-Adriano, with the Argentine favorite.