Thursday, September 25, 2008

Slow motion: Disaster Brighi in Genoa-Rome

ROME, Sept 25 - midweek round of Serie A without major cases to be slow motion, but stands out the error of Brighi and linesmen Biasutti in Genoa-Rome with the goal annulled a regular Panucci. Regular two goals of Genoa, but the penalty could stay on Menez.

Stefanini (Atalanta-Cagliari)
Floccari, the network is set
It seems adjust the decisive goal of Floccari the attacker to Del Blacks on the part of wire offside on the launch of Cigarini, at his side there are Lopez and White but Pisano that keeps him in the game. Contact Talamonti-Acquafresca in Bergamo area: it is not rigorous.

MAZZOLENI (Bologna-Udinese)
Britos: rigor and red
The correct decision in "Mazzoleni of rigor: Floro Flores (who in the regular position) ranks way towards Antonioli door behind him Britos test recovery and, just inside the area, takes decisive contact between the legs left of the two players. Rigor and expulsion, given the clear opportunity to goal. Good also 0-2: Floro Flores part in regular position.

GIRARDI (Chievo-Torino)
Hands Pratali, involuntary
Chievo protest, demanding a penalty kick at 26 ': the shooting of Mandelli, in fact, end up on the left hand of large Pratali. Girardi assess the distance between the two minimal (in fact it is so), opting for involontarietà. Giusto, however, the penalty awarded to grenade: the cross by Paolo Zanetti, in fact, on the right end of that Yepes is wide, the distance is reasonable, there is rigor.

BRIG (Genoa-Rome)
Regular two goals of Genoa
A disaster, dressed in collaboration with the linesmen Biasutto.Succede fact that at 21 'Shooting (2-1 result for Genoa), Panucci signs that a more regular you can not. When does the pass (it will), the defender giallorosso is held in position by Ferrari regular five meters. So how to adjust the position of Loria, which is closer. Biasutti, instead, inexplicably, sbandiera (what?), Closing the patatrac. An episode that clearly sends a confusing arbitrator already just brilliant. What little dopoespelle De Rossi for a foul on Palladino. Not only that: just five minutes later, Brighi ignores a push of Ferrari on Menez in rossoblù area: could stay the penalty. Adjust the goal of 1-0 to Sculli: when to cross Gasbarroni, the player rossoblù be in play Riise. Doubts on goal, 21: not for the position of Milito (regular given the position of Perrotta and Brighi, in off side not punishable Olivera), but because Doni could have kept the ball in the field.

BERGONZI (Inter-Lecce)
Cordoba on Esposito, who risk!
First time without major incidents by slow motion, only a ... curiosity: about punishment by trequarti of giallorossi, is to limit the contact between Vieira e. .. Burdisso. Cordoba big risk: at the time of head Esposito, the defender from behind the nerazzurro pushes slightly. Adjust-goal game of Cruz: When the Argentine pulls, in fact, Adriano is in position off side, but the images from behind the door is hard to understand not interfere in view of Benussi.

Pierpaoli (Juventus-Catania)
Del Piero, gol canceled: ok
Intervention by Poulsen on Llama, without possibility of taking the ball. There could be a yellow card. Fischiato off a side to Amauri, sees good linesmen Angrisani. What is good to 23 'fishing offside when Del Piero (which will mark its whistle on arbitration): Alex, in fact, on the change of Amauri is beyond the defensive line giallorossa.

DE MARCO (Lazio-Fiorentina)
Dainelli on Zarate, from rigor
One key episode in the first half: 30 ', in fact, Zarate comes in area and is tackled by Dainelli slipped in the Argentine tries to make another step, then ends down. Probably, the arbitrator has estimated that at least there was contact (otherwise De Marco had to warn Zarate for simulation), not this, however, result in a penalty kick. Difficult and controversial decision: you see the right of Danielle who goes on to claim that it anticipates Zarate. Whistle the penalty was not a disgrace. On the 2-0 goal, to protest an alleged breach hands of Zarate, the ball splashing in the arm after a conflict with Felipe Melo. Touch Brocchi, before him there Comotto that the right touches: involuntary.

ROCCHI (Naples-Palermo)
Aronica arm, ok the penalty
Just rigor assigned to the 37 'of shooting at Palermo. At the touch of smarcante Miccoli, Aronica enlarges the left arm just inside the area, diverting the trajectory of the ball: Rocchi had no doubts and honestly there were no doubts. The International Florence proves once again the best.

SACCANI (Reggina-Milan)
Flamini pardoned by double yellow
There is only one episode that stain the game of Saccani, the arbitrator of Mantua, in fact, one of the best pssata season, Flamini grace that deserved expulsion for a double warning for bad speech on Costa.

TOMMASI (Siena-Sampdoria)
A third, all ok for Tommasi
No problem for the young Tommasi di Bassano del Grappa: A third appearance in his career, the game is easy, he will not make his, doing what they should. A third, all ok for Tommasi No problem for the young Tommasi di Bassano del Grappa: A third appearance in his career, the game is easy, he will not make his, doing what they should.