Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sandri process, the hearing sleigh

ROME, Sept. 25 - was canceled for a defect form the preliminary hearing of the trial for the murder of Gabriele Sandri, a supporter of Lazio killed 11 last November in the service of Badia al Pino by a projectile fired by the Polstrada Luigi Spaccarotella. The GUP of Arezzo, Simone Salcerini, has accepted a plea of defense: one of the two statutory Spaccarotella, Francesco Molino and Gianpiero Renzo, it was not served notice of the closure of investigations. Molino and Renzo then that was annulled a decree fixing the hearing of preliminary, and now the attorney will draft a new notice of closure investigations and notify it again to interested parties.

The absence - The two lawyers, for the establishment of the new hearing will take a month or two and a half. In any case the hearing had not presented Spaccarotella. "We hoped that people could see the expression of this man - said to Sky Sports Molino 24 the lawyer - an expression that from that day is no longer the same, but the absence was due to fear of threats, for some danger. In Rome from 11 November sip there are posters and signs that suggest Spaccarotella that is the subject of at least antipatie people .... " In the absence of news Spaccarotella, Cristiano Sandri, the brother of Gabriel, commented: "We're disappointed, is not that we want to see this ...».

"IT CAN NOT MORE '" - Audience nothing, and Spaccarotella absent. The relatives of Gabriele Sandri still waiting for "justice". "The GUP noted this void - says the victim's brother, Cristiano Sandri - but also has ordered the dispatch of documents to the council of Prato, there is an investigation underway because we are two fax numbers went to successful ... ". The mother, Mrs. Daniela is seraphic: "Do so, after no longer be able to stick to anything. We want a clear process. " But then you vent: "I should not even exist the process. They should put it in and just. " While his father George said the lack of Spaccarotella: "I had doubts not find it, queers will tell his lawyer. I am 10 months that I do not see the murderess in the face of my son. So soon, no longer can. "