Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rossi: "A new cycle for Lazio"

ROME, Sept. 25 - "The boys are following me, we are putting a lot. It started another round. After the four sberle taken by Milan, Lazio has raised its head, trimmed 3 goals to Fiorentina for Mutu and Gilardino at the end of a game played a major levels. Obviously satisfied with the coach Delio Rossi, convinced that Lazio 'has opened a new round.

CHANGE - 'We made a choice to change a few faces Rossi said on Radio Radio. "Either the president was to begin another cycle with another coach is physiological to happen after a few years. There is still much to work. But the good days we see the morning. I see room for improvement. Missing the details yet, and for those it takes time. In four years I have never experienced what I'm living the stadium. I am glad that people appreciate the team. If a team is induced makes 30 percent more. I believe it. Our team is to see 70,000 Lazio stadium. When you start a course where you can get but do not know what we put. We think day to day. Now we evaluate the performance of the team, but not the ranking.

The Coup de Zarate AND THE RETURN OF ROCCHI - Pending the return of Rocchi, Lazio enjoys with Zarate and Pandev. "Rocchi is a major player, is our captain-coach said biancoceleste." But now I'm considering what I have, I hope to have it soon. Stand me find the right solution, but the team must have its own balance. Otherwise becomes Playstation. " For now, the blows from Playstation have it Zarate. "The attacker is important that signs, but it is important that the team wins. If one day say that Lazio is dependent Zarate would be happy also because it puts people in the field is the coach. It was the best in the field with Fiorentina, has always kept the defense committed, did nice things. He has the qualities, it is very young and comes from another type of football, and if you did not balance work fast to miss. Maybe some will match that will have a physiological decline, and speak of a crisis. I know who has the qualities otherwise would not be the center of Lazio.

PREPARATION - The Lazio runs, a sign that the preparation has worked. "If you're serene go better, but if you do not have beer unable to spend said Rossi." We have made preparation in the medium and long term, which in this period is anachronistic, because if you lose two games and then you hunt work for another. I then have against the friendly after a few days. I still believe in the preparation done in a certain way, and not aimed at throwing the wool over the eyes winning some friendly to sell subscriptions. But the preparation is evaluated in the spring. If the team runs in spring means that have been a good preparation. We must try to keep a high average throughout the year. "I am glad to be Left-concluded." I have refused several teams to remain at Lazio.