Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Here is the Hotel Boca Juniors Will open its doors in 2010

The Argentine club, a true giant of merchandising, is to give the green light to the work of the structure in downtown Buenos Aires. The rooms rather than the number will have the names of players and the top suite will be Maradona

MILAN, Sept 24, 2008 - The better the room suite Maradona, and could not be otherwise. Why are we talking of Boca Juniors. The name is yet to be confirmed, but the project is completed. In October, work will begin, el'albergo will be inaugurated in 2010 in downtown Buenos Aires.

I TAXI AND THE CEMETERY - is the latest idea of Boca, a club that produces the same high frequency talents to be sold in Europe and ideas to exploit its image. The team that was Maradona and that in its 103 years of history has won 18 international titles and 22 national championships, has its fleet of taxis and the graveyard for their fans. More than 200 cars that run for Buenos Aires with their flags gialloblu, almost a nightmare for the poor fan of River Plate and after an hour of waiting in the rain you see the tick agognato taxi ... of Boca: in short, after the damage the joke. ll cemetery was opened in 2006. Three thousand square meters in a cemetery located some thirty kilometers south of Buenos Aires decorated with flowers mostly blue and yellow and flower beds made of grass Bombonera.

KING OF SHOP - The Boca bill a million dollars a year only with the merchandising, has nearly a thousand products for sale and has a credit card and a series of cartoons for sale in newsstands. With its 58,000 members, has closed for some time the marketing season tickets for the available places at the stadium. Now the hotel, but the first time a couple of months, will also channel the club, produced by Endemol Argentina. The hotel, the first in the world inspired, dedicated and managed by a team of football, will be designed by Uruguayan Carlos Ott and built in the tourist district of the Argentine capital of San Telmo.

'It is FREE THE MARTIN PALERMO? "- A quote from 15 million dollars, the surface of 7500 square meters, 17 floors, 89 rooms, 5 stars, swimming pool, spa, bar, restaurant ... A good number of rooms, which will cost the public between 250 and 400 dollars, but numbers will not be entitled to players who have made the history of the club: Rojas Alfredo, Ubaldo Rattin, Martín Palermo are the first names safe. In addition to that of Diego Armando Maradona, of course. Once opened, the hotel will host the team when withdrawal will go in the first play of the races housewives.
A IN BRAZIL - liked the idea so much that now the manufacturers want to double building a similar structure in Brazil, dedicated to national verdeoro. Already initiated contacts with the Brazilian Football Federation. Let's see if start working on a suite Pelé.

Filippo Maria Ricci