Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Capello under pressure And Mourinho defends the

The coach dell'Inter takes the side of the coach, signing an article for the Daily Telegraph: "Train England is not impossible, but it is difficult. It must also have the courage to bet on some young". Meanwhile piovono criticism for failing convening of Owen, while Lampard in doubt, seeking help to fans

LONDON (GB), September 2, 2008 - At this time, Fabio Capello is a man at the gate. The newspapers (and not only them, for the truth) have not forgiven the siluramento of "coconut" British excellence, or Michael Owen, for the dual challenge of the World Cup qualification against Andorra and Croatia and are all waiting for the race Saturday to open fire against the coach, in case the result is not what hoped. The only voice outside the chorus of complaints against Italian coach is to José Mourinho, who now lives in Italy there and trains and has written exclusively for the Daily Telegraph of his defence office to the work of Capello. "Train the National English is not impossible, but it is certainly difficult - we read in - because you have all eyes focused on him, as is happening to Capello this week, and the pressure is very high. Beyond the usual problems associated with Injuries and lack of time to be with the players, I think the most difficult for coaches like myself and how Capello is the fact that we can not buy the players we want. When you're in a club and you need for example of a defender Central, you look around and find him. But in this case you must make a virtue of necessity. "

MENTALITA '- According to the Portuguese, however, the crucial point is another. "Capello should consider very lucky, because it has the possibility of working with some of the best footballers in the world, like John Terry, Rio Ferdinand, Steven Gerrard and Ashley Cole (surprise, Mourinho did not refer to the pupillo Frank Lampard, editor's note), but sometimes you must have the courage to make a cut in the past, you take your risks and rely to some young, because nothing lasts forever. And here we come to the heart of the matter, because football is not English has talent that could make the difference, or players can grow and become champions. One of the things I have always surprised when I was in England is the way football is followed youth. There is so much noise on the subject, but perhaps the solution is simpler than you think. In Portugal, a child can begin playing in the Harbour to 10 years and the age of 16 have already met 10 or 12 times the Benfica or Sporting Lisbon have disputed important matches, even before a large audience And be ready for big leap. In England, however, this is not possible because the timetable is made on a regional basis and that for me is the real error. What is the point for a couple of Chelsea win 14 to 0 against Cobham and meet the same age Liverpool or Manchester United just once a year when going well? What can really learn from such a thing? I realize that many coaches of the Premier League teams are not English and who are not even many players, but when you're in another country you have a duty to improve the way things work there too. That is exactly what I tried to do me when I arrived at Chelsea in 2004, but the timing I could not do anything. That's why I think coach the national team English is a very difficult task, but at least against Andorra will be an easy race and can not be absolutely trouble winning three points. With Croatia, however, will be a little 'different, because they have great quality and then are fiercely nationalistic. 'true, have already beaten England twice in the last two matches, but I do not believe at all that there will be a third occasion. "

OWEN AND LAMPARD - A prediction that than ever before Fabio Capello would like you avverasse, given the criticisms above for non-convening of Owen (but also no to Jonathan Woodgate was not taken well by his coach Juande Ramos), as Writes the Sun. Too bad, though, that luck has decided to make things a bit more complicated than anticipated, having already done outside Gerrard, Carrick and Hargreaves, has also strongly doubt the presence of Frank Lampard, according always Sun, complains of aches riacutizzarsi accused the thigh against Wigan nine days ago. According to the tabloid Sunday Lamps would have played against Tottenham despite the pain, but now the muscle would submit the bill and, despite the midfielder being forced to be against Andorra, a final decision will be taken only Thursday.

TIFOSI - About the challenge Saturday in Barcelona, Lampard has relied on the support of fans, contrary to what happened during the race for qualification to Euro 2008 against Andorra precisely when the then England Steve McClaren faticò in no small to be better on weaker opponents and the fans if the present took with the players. "It was not really a good time - said Lampard on the Guardian - that's why I hope that this time the public is on our side. Matches like these can be very complicated, because Andorra has nothing to lose, and we need support of our fans. We want to make full spoils in two races ahead of us, although we know that it will not be easy. It will be essential to mark immediately, and then administer the result with more tranquillity ".

Simona Marchetti
La Gazzetta dello Sport