Thursday, September 4, 2008

Di Canio and Mancini Temptation West Ham

At Upton Park is already thought to after Curbishley, after the turbulent farewell technician. Among the papabili also the former idol of the "Hammers" and the former coach dell'Inter. Newcastle home instead Kevin Keegan, the support of strong supporters, calls for the head of the Executive Director Dennis Wise

LONDON (GB), September 4, 2008 - Waters very troubled Oltremanica for the events tied to benches West Ham and Newcastle. After the clamorose resignation yesterday of Alan Curbishley from Upton Park, in controversy with the campaign purchases made by the club, the former technician has sfogato columns on the "Sun", telling that he was stabbed behind during the recent football, visa that have sold players like Anton Ferdinand and George McCartney (Sunderland passed to) without his consent. "I had an agreement with West Ham - said Curbishley - according to which I was the only one to decide the composition of the team, but the company has continued to make choices on players without coinvolgermi. In the end, I have had to go. "

BILIC - And now to Upton Park is already time to think about after "Curb", although the "Daily Mail" writes today that some executive has tried to convince the coach resigned to reconsider its decision. Inutilmente. The name "hot", which for the truth runs from week because the crisis between Curbishley and summits of West Ham is certainly not yesterday's news, is that d Slaven Bilic, current coach of Croatia and former column of the Hammers. And although bookmakers for its settlement is to be given 3 to 1 and many newspapers (see "Daily Mirror", "Daily Telegraph" and "Daily Star") with bullet decision on his application, Bilic would be very reluctant to take the job ( show as "Sun" and "Times"), because under its contract with the federation until 2010.

ITALIAN JOB - From here, the need to find other possible replacements: the second name on the list of bookies is to Harry Redknapp (since 6 to 1, although the coach of Portsmouth said he was happy his work at Fratton Park), but the most attractive options are all Italian and called Paolo Di Canio (an idol of the Hammers, inter alia, as the "Sun", creator of the arrival of David Di Michele and fresh licence as a coach, with the dream never hidden to sit on the bench of his former team) and Roberto Mancini (pushed, as he wrote the "Daily Mail", the technical director Gianluca Dwarfs). In fact, until the early hours of this morning ran his name by Davide Ballardini, but then the blitz of Zamparini, who has hunted Colantuono and took the former's technical bench for Cagliari, Palermo, called him out of the race . Certainly, the West Ham seeks to define the issue of new coach by next Sunday, when addressing the West Bromwich.

RICATTO - we move further north, at home Newcastle, is an ethereal armed truce. To give straight usual, "Sun" Indeed, Kevin Keegan, strong supporters of the support unconditional (which would have threatened to boycott the forthcoming races housewives) and that of players (according to the "Daily Mirror", on war footing with ownership), would have imposed a series of ultimatums to society during their meeting yesterday: that is, "redundant Dennis Wise (executive director of the club) and vice-chairman Tony Jimenez and give total control of the team and contracts of players or I'm going. " "The way in which Keegan is treating the matter is nothing short of astounding - a source told the tabloid Newcastle - and if it succeeds in achieving its objectives, will have the power that has never managed to have since returned" .

ALAN - But to ruin the plans of "King Kev" We think the exclusivity of the "Daily Star", that Newcastle would be considering the hypothesis Marcelino if Keegan were to leave. The current technical del Real Zaragoza (full name Marcelo Garcia Toral) already had revealed in May that he was contacted by some emissaries Toon (at the time, Keegan and the club owner, Mike Ashley, were a step away from breaking after the statements of the actual value of the technical team, for him unable to compete with the "Fab Four" the Premier League). As for the legend Alan Shearer, the only really able to calm the fans in the event of farewell Keegan, it seems, however, unlikely that the company may decide to focus on him, after snobbato in January. Besides, even the same Shearer has always said is not interested in replacing "King Kev" so aware of the delicate situation inside the club, as well as the risk that would entail the fact of having to measure with a predecessor so cumbersome.

Simona Marchetti
La Gazzetta dello Sport