Wednesday, September 3, 2008

City-Sheikh in for Eto'o

Manchester City's new owners have told the fans: "Stop dreaming, this is real."
Dr Sulaiman Al Fahim - head of the group of Abu Dhabi - spoke only to SunSport yesterday outlined his plans for the club.
And the rest of Europe had better be very, very concerned because this means the billionaire.
Al Fahim said: "I know that Manchester City fans may have had difficult times in the past, but I would say that all these new beginning.
"This is not really a dream. It is a long-term and lifelong commitment from us.
"We are committed to the first four places in this season, we want to win the Premier League next season and within three years from now we want to win the Champions League."
Money is not a target for Al Fahim, but he expects manager Mark Hughes.
Al Fahim added: "We have the money and the manager to do so.
"We strive for the best players in the world at Manchester City and one of the most exciting teams around that everyone will want to watch."
Al Fahim Group, which is supported by the Abu Dhabi royal family, in a city £ 220million deal on Monday.
And they immediately signaled their intention of landing in a £ 32.5m deal Robinho of Real Madrid - a British transfer record
SunSport also understands that, before splashing the cash on the Brazilian, a city £ 32m bid for Barcelona star striker Samuel Eto'o.
They have also offered £ 32 million to Ajax, Klaas Jan Huntelaar, but the offers were turned down as it was too late for clubs to sign replacement.
But the spending will not stop as Al Fahim is preparing for a World XI.
Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, kaka, Cesc Fabregas, Fernando Torres, Ronaldinho and Manchester United new signing Dimitar Berbatov are all on his wish list.
The owners have not millions but billions.
Al Fahim urges City fans have every reason to be happy - and he celebrates with them in the next home game against Chelsea.
He said: "These are exciting times. We strive for this is the biggest club in Europe.
"When I think about something and I myself a goal.
"I will note that the following game against Chelsea city with my scarf on, and I would urge all fans to join me.
"I am a fan of English football all my life and this is a really exciting opportunity for us and the city."

Al Fahim said its target group City for the challenge and excitement of the Premier League football.
He said: "We do not just want to buy a team at the top. We wanted something. We saw a big challenge with Manchester City.
"This is a fantastic club with great potential and fans, and we try to recognize that the taking and where we want to go."
Al Fahim meets the boss Hughes on Friday to discuss the club in the future with excitement. And the owner added: "We have a fantastic manager with the same passion and commitment that we have.
"I will Mark to discuss the plans. Any transfer with its comprehensive consultation.
"My personal favorite players in the world at this moment, Ronaldinho, have tried to get city.
"But believe me, we will try again with Mark's agreement - and get him."
Al Fahim is also determined, Berbatov next summer, despite the losses in a bold bid to wrest it from United day of the word.
The new owner said that the intention was not a head-on battle with the United but to do what is best for the Blues.
He said: "We are here not to do battle with the people, we only want to do what is best for this club. This means that the best and ignores the like Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United.
"By the time the next transfer window in January comes around the whole world of football will know what happened here and what our plans are.
"That is when the opportunity will be greater for this club the best players."
After the false start of Thaksin Shinawatra over there are exciting times on the horizon for the city.
The pot of gold is not the end of the rainbow - but firmly in Eastland.
Now the challenge is to the silverware.
Al Fahim said: "We want to win a lot of things with Manchester City.
"This is just the beginning of something very exciting for this club and its people."

Neil Custis
The Sun