Thursday, September 4, 2008

"I had said goodbye"

Milito was presented to Signorini front of two thousand supporters rossoblù into delirium. "When I went away three years ago I said goodbye not because I wanted to return"

GENOA, September 3, 2008 - After the orgia of rossoblu tonight Also today, Diego Milito and was able to see first-hand how enthusiastically led his return after three years. They were in fact over two thousand to Signorini of Pegli to say Welcome back. And the happiest of all seemed Enrico Preziosi: "Diego is the strongest of Gormiti." Word of whom Gormiti (warriors of plastic that are crazy children, editor's note) has made them be born, and also thanks to them has been able to allow a special gift as the Prince again in rossoblu. A gift in itself, but especially for the fans, who have again taken assault resales of subscriptions. And that Milito is a return that, as well as strategic for the team, saw the value of the player, is very symbolic.

DREAM REALIZED - precisely because the Argentine player was the more in view of that Genoa in 2005, beating the Venezia to the day, won the league and then denied having vedersela again from the series C. Now history is closed, with Milito that can really enjoy the greatest series with the mesh rossoblu. And he spends precious words of honey: "I Treaty and had important players, but this is the largest and best investment: he had a dream that we made. It is a way to close the circle with the past, and I believe so they have done my duty. Let's say we ricompattati, the chessboard is complete and the game can begin. "

FOLLIE - For its Milito not pull back, and promises to continue to mark, as he did in that year of which seemed almost no longer speak. But with him back to Genoa wounds seem to have rimarginate: "I thank the president Enrico Preziosi and his son Fabrizio for having wanted here: when I went away three years ago I said goodbye and not goodbye because I wanted back, this is my home. How many gol promise? I hope to make more than fifteen, but the Genoa is made not only by me, but many players of value ". What, however, before the Prince, a little 'disappear: emblematic, yesterday evening, the arrival of Roman, Uruguayan midfielder, at the Sheraton, where many fans were already waiting: ignored completely. But to understand the madness that took loving the genoani, perhaps, can do the story of a fan rossoblu during the vigil in front of the hotel: "I live not far from here, but tonight I accompanied my wife at home, greeted the sons and I told him that I would not be returned. I took a room here at the Sheraton: maybe tomorrow morning I breakfast with Milito. " And that fans so, what is really Mìlitico.

Gabriele Remaggi
La Gazzetta dello Sport