Thursday, September 4, 2008

Juve ready contract to lock Giovinco

Meeting at home between Blanc, Dry and manager of player: there is the agreement in principle to renew until 2013. But we still talk about figures

TURIN, September 4, 2008 - Closed the market, Juventus began the season of renewals. And the first contract under consideration is also the most heard by society and by the fans: that of Sebastian Giovinco. Yesterday afternoon when there was a meeting of Alessio Secco and Jean-Claude Blanc with Claudio Pasqualin and Andrea D'Amico, manager of player. Mancava only him, busy with the Under-21 of Casiraghi in the withdrawal of Castel Di Sangro, but more important was the presence of the managing director, absent the first two appointments. It was discussed a five-year contract, until 2013, but between demand and supply there is still a certain distance, which the parties have not yet arrived for signature. It will take at least another meeting, then, and today is planning a new telephone contact, a sign that the intention is to arrive as soon as an agreement.

A DIAMOND - "There is harmony of intent - said after Pasqualin - We can talk about convergence parallel, because on general concepts we agree even if we have not yet fixed the numbers, which also have their importance. Awareness another is that we are dealing with a particular player, a diamond that shortly rifulgerà in all its glory, as Sebastian has already understood. "

DANGEROUS ATTENZIONI - With this contract Juventus intends to lock down its jewel, which is beginning to attract the attention of some rich foreign clubs. The first to make eyes at him was the Cska Moscow in the first team debut, that of Juventus in series B. He came over a 10 million euro, but the leaders of Turin, that despite the age and stature firmly believed in him, preferred to give in under the loan all'Empoli Almiron. In the first year in Serie A Giovinco has collected 35 goals and 6 presences, meritandosi the return in Turin.

WORK 50 THOUSAND EURO - The Olympics represented the international showcase that still was missing, so much so that in August there was even the interest dell'Arsenal ready to pay 7.5 million. "Not enough for half - replied the Juve - also because it is not a player who intend to sell." But probably were precisely the sirens British to accelerate the negotiations for the pr olungamento: with the current employment of 50 thousand euros per season the company is at risk of losing Giovinco.

THE QUESTION OF ROLE - The negotiations for renewal this falls within the Green Line of Juventus desired by John Elkann in person. Indeed, one can say that Giovinco is the symbol of this policy. Sebastian, twenty-two years is a product of white nursery where he entered between the Chicks, is not cost anything and faces a huge future. Claudio Ranieri has baptized vice Nedved, because with Cagni at Empoli has also played outside left, because in Juve missing someone who can make the change to the Czech Republic and perhaps also because with Del Piero, Iaquinta, Amauri and Trezeguet in attack there space. But in reality is a bit and as such in perspective should become rather the heir to Del Piero, whose first prosecutor was Claudio Pasqualin.

Luke Curino
La Gazzetta dello Sport