Thursday, October 9, 2008

Adriano Ready reliable

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil began recently highlighted because not appear as the title five times world champion who adheres to them. Towards the fight opponents Venezuela, Adriano much-loop that can be inspirator "Samba" to return to enthrall?

Forum in World Cup qualifying zone, South America, Brazil now occupy the position of the two leaders at the forum down behind Paraguay with four points. Despite the order not bad team, Dunga upbringing is not separated from the critics.

A series of satisfactory results not recorded in the four-party last World Cup qualification. They lost 0-2 from Paraguay, and Argentina 0-0 series opponent. Finally they arrested the basic equilibrium of the forum Bolivia 0-0 in the month of September.

If you would like added, they also had to fix the results disappointing opponent in the party friendship Venezuela last June. At that time Brazil lost 0-2 from the team that will also be experienced again this weekend.

The results are clearly not enough to make the team than Brazil. Better results would be obtained in the two opponents fight qualifying Venezuela and Colombia to pressure not whack.

To achieve impressive victory, Dunga likely candidate to make Adriano as the focus not overtake the front-line shape it Luis Fabiano. Significance is the more appreciated it paired with Inter Milan attacker with Robinho in the training sessions of the opponent team's core team of reserves on Wednesday (8/10/2008).

"I look good in Inter, slowly but surely I am confident position to reach my back. Back here is the fruit of hard work and I hope we can play an important role," says Adriano is quoted as Reuters, Thursday (9/10/2008).

Adriano return to the national team this year after a number of fitness problems and the problems of discipline that was threatening his career. Together with Inter, Adriano is soccernet record resemble two goals this season, each in the Champions League and Serie A