Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Blatter: FIFA 24 European countries incompetent

Brussels - The decision to add the number of participants of the European Cup final lap of the 16 into 24 countries from 2016 criticized by FIFA President Sepp Blatter. He was compelled as a matter of incompetent.

As previously fed, adding the number of proposals the European Cup participants who have asked several countries since last year finally approved in Congress and before Euro 2008. Given the green light for more than half the total members of UEFA totaling 53 countries.

This is clearly an opportunity to open small tournament to try to take it. However, critics have predicted will be born because of the addition is feared to create prestige competition is decreased.

In addition, the opportunity may not pass not make qualifying contention in a less mercurial. The number of finalists to 24 tournament, meaning that nearly half of 53 UEFA member countries will enter the final lap.

"I'm not happy with this. Practical half of the association will pass my looks incompetent," Blatter said, as quoted Reuters, on Tuesday (7/10/2008).

"I'm not sure the (decreasing) quality, but this is too complicated for me and not simple enough for countries to compete with each other," he elaborated.

In addition, changes name to become UEFA Cup UEFA European League starting next season (2009/2010) is also not clear criticism of Blatter. It is feared could open the possibility of re-birth of a European super league clearly be gazed at Blatter.

"We have the Champions League and now the new European League, where basically this is the first and second division in Europe. Several years ago a number of big clubs of Europe aims to form a league, which is still alive in the minds of some clubs, and now this re-open the door for the super league that can be detrimental to football, "Blatter said.