Wednesday, October 8, 2008

English football debtor 3 billion Pounds Sterling

London - A surprising facts revealed by Chairman of the English FA David Triesman. According to Triesman, English football at all levels bear the debt of 3 billion Pounds Sterling.

This is expressed by Triesman in a conference attended by business leaders in the field of football at Stamford Bridge, London, on Monday (7/10/2008).

Triesman get the data from a source in the city of London and as he claims, the data is information that can be trusted and the most recent available at this time.

"Estimates best that I can get in London yesterday is the overall debt in English football may have been a number approaching 3 billion Pounds Sterling," said Triesman as the fed Reuters.

"One thing is sure of debt is that debt must be paid. Alternatively, Refinance done," said Triesman.

Value of debt that many worry that create Triesman. He believes that the debt is spread to many creditors in the world. Therefore, a club owned by many parties all over the world, both the form of financial institutions and individuals.

The problem, some of these institutions are not in a healthy condition. Meanwhile, other clubs owned by the owner of the very rich but not bound to remain at the club or even owned by the people who are not too rich and not bound.

"As all of us know, and this is very painful, financial institutions are now more to avoid the risk," the blogosphere.

Figure frightening about the debt that has not stopped. Around a third of the total debt (or approximately 950 million pounds) is the burden of the top four clubs: Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea.

Associated with the financial crisis that the world these days, Triesman said can not predict whether a top English clubs will fall headlong because of his debt or not.

"If someone says to me a month ago whether I have fears that Lehman Brothers will be bankrupt, I will not have the fear," said Triesman.