Sunday, October 5, 2008

Wenger Critics Strategy Keeping Sunderland

Sunderland - After be caused to bow Hull City, Arsenal can only play the equilibrium with Sunderland. Arsène Wenger also hurl criticism at The Black Cats are implementing strategies to survive the total.

Arsenal nearly swallowed defeat them continuously during visit to Sunderland a few hours ago. Had left behind when the match four minutes remaining, the Gunners to bring home one point after Cesc Fàbregas print goal in the injury time.

Indeed, Arsenal controlled the match the way for full comparison with the control of the ball reaches 68%: 32%, also with the goal of the shoot on 18 shares of eight. However, the extra game to survive the home team applied Roy Keane was forced to make Arsenal satisfied with the results of equilibrium.

''They gave us the ball and say, 'We are satisfied with the score 0-0, do what you want'. In the match they just do not get nearly 0-0, they also get the victory, almost, "What Wenger after the match as reported by Soccernet.

Games Sunderland survive even Wenger admitted he and his team create frustrating. With 10 players left in the field, the game is made attractive Arsenal not in the match.

''Is this a good or bad? I do not know, but this is the day that frustrating because we do not create opportunity, as we always do and I must say Sunderland survived very well, "continued Wenger.

This ties remove Arsenal hope to be able to sit at the top forum. With 13 points while that owned most of the new team will be put-off nights later, Arsenal's position in the order of three forum is very much possible slump.

"I think if the team should have the initiative to get results, but in football no such crime," said France coach learner passport that.