Monday, October 6, 2008

Can not Sleep, Career Klinsmann tested

Munich - Two years ago all the German people praise and grateful to Juergen Klinsmann. Now, some people even dare "to expel him" from its current.

Klinsmann is considered to be heroes when the vessel carrying Germany to the World Cup semifinal 2006 in the pen itself. Although not final, but the public satisfied and again on the beautiful game and the stable are presented Michael Ballack et al the time.

After deciding to resign from Der Panzer post of the tournament, Klinsmann often incoming exchange trainers top teams such as Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur, to the United States national team. That indicates he successfully build a good reputation in the relatively long time.

But when the Bayern Munich man successfully bring it to the original Stuttgart Allianz Arena, Hollywood FC fans are enthusiastic. They believe Klinsmann will be able to continue the heritage of Ottmar Hitzfeld, who last season michel gondry present title, but chose to continue his career at the international level, with the Swiss national team train.

But what happens? Bayern staggering in the hands of Klinsmann. Except from Borussia Dortmund in the German Super Cup, they only play two series in the first fight domestic competition. After winning the next two parties, a thick cloud began to come to Klinsmann and his team.

They will be in such a way in the fifth week, when the defeated Werder Bremen 2-5 in their own cage. After Bayern lost back from Hannover 96, and weekends and only 3-3 when play entertain Bochum.

In the last fight, some fans reportedly began to utter even humans. "Klinsmann, you go!" Once they shout, as media reported the local mass-media.

How Klinsmann defense? "I also painful," he said. "But the reaction from the fans to understand when they can not obtain the desired results."

In the interview with the site Bayern, Klinsmann said that the team Suporter debtor in the form of a big improvement after a gap of international this week.

"We will evaluate all the mistakes, and the players must also accept any criticism," he says.

Klinsmann tends to blame the children wash fruit victory over the failure of Bochum. He even admitted quite angry because his team a victory to be so careless dispersed.

"I can not sleep that night. This is painful, but I am a natural fighter. I know where the location of each problem," says Klinsmann.