Thursday, October 9, 2008

Criticized Partners, a dream defend President

Buenos Aires - Boca Juniors There are players who hurl criticisms to Juan Roman dream. But the dream need not worry because the President directly defend the Boca playmaker.

Tuesday (7/10/2008), and, Boca back Julio Cesar Caceres rate dream appear more motivated when defend the country, Argentina. He also accused the motivation dream is dry.

"In some games, he ran and visible in the other match was passive," said Caceres to a radio station in the country, Paraguay.

Dream is a direct reply. "Things like this should remain at the space instead. He (Caceres) have violated the code of ethics of all football," said the 30 years that not less caustic.

"He does not know what I feel for this club," he continued.

Muffled attempt to prevent fire and expand the scale of the conflict, Boca president Pedro Pompilio directly mediate the conflict. How? Toss with the statement that the defense of a dream.

"Is a dream player for the extraordinary owned. It is an honor to have. I welcome think twice to put it again," said Pompilio, as quoted Reuters.

Although the role is vital for Boca, the performance is a dream recently invited criticism. Although it can set the tempo of the game and have a bait-bait accurate, elegant style of a dream and full tranquility votes have been behind the period in the middle of the modern world of football.

However, the dream of a golden child for Boca because he is bred since Tuesday by the club head is in La Bombonera. So, even though the dream wasted Villarreal from the players because they too want to be favored and less committed, Boca pleased with the open door.

League in Argentina, Boca is now the middle of the graph to nosedive. Los Xenezies losers in three of four games final. Two suffered a defeat even Repeated at La Bombonera.