Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saved Rome, Totti

Rome - Show a serious challenger wholesaler Scudetto last season, AS Roma is now even exhaustion. 14 slump in order forum, "Giallorossi" would face Inter Milan in the next party. Francesco Totti also be an interpreter for local government.

Due to problems in his knee, Totti has been absent in many party Rome early this season. Previous Totti is indeed rising operating table, and restore themselves, but inflammation in the joint has made it "Er Pupone" absent in a number of important training and fight.

Meanwhile, Rome without the captaincy it difficult to achieve satisfactory results. Of the six parties, "Il Lupo" picks new seven-digit results from the double victory, once equilibrium, and losing three.

With the capital is concerned, in the seventh after the party giornata international Roma had been strong opponents, Inter, who is also weighing a rival last season.

"The fans should stay calm because you will see a true Roman again," said Luciano Spalletti to the Corriere dello Sport quoted Channel 4.

To show the Romans truthfully, the other is the Totti-awaited comeback when, "Nerazzuri" coming Oct. 19. When he is back, Spalletti believes his team responses can be Totti.

"We need a little time but Totti will return and make a difference. Until now we have suffered many injuries Simone Perrotta, Max Tonetto, Rodrigo Taddei and Alexander Doni. Inter are superior to make visible the other team, but we are ready to start the season as a put-off and , "Said the Italian allenatore origin.