Monday, October 6, 2008

Ranieri High tension

Turin - Juventus is a new one swallow defeat in this season, but the performance of "The Zebra" is considered far from satisfactory. This is the moment-tense moment for the coach, Claudio Ranieri.

Later this man aged 57 years old was evaluated starting position as allenatore Juventus. Many local mass media saying he does not satisfy leaders "Old Lady."

Statistics rivalry that has work Alessandro Del Piero et al at the beginning of this season is a measure it. Of the six parties in Serie A, the number of victories they can afford only two pallet, while the results of a series of even more, namely, three times.

From the last three games, respectively Juventus is not able to win, including mid-week against the team from Belarus, BATE Borisov, in the Champions League stage.

The match last night, Sunday (5/10/2008), give the first defeat for Juventini. In the cage, the public Stadio Olimpico Grande Torino audiences witnessed the team suffered 1-2 defeat of Palermo.

Entered first by Fabrizio Miccoli in 24 minutes, Del Piero was wiped score at minute 39. However, since Momo Sissoko in-espulso in 41 minutes, Juve are playing with 10 players. At 10 games Palermo last minute to print his goal of victory through the legs Levan Mchedlidze.

"This is a difficult moment," Ranieri's team about the conditions and himself at this time. "But we want to continue to fight and do what is needed. The children have to do what they could."

The difficult period that also mentioned the club president, Giovanni Coboli Gigli. However, he said that the government does not plan to sack Ranieri, as only that some "elders" want ciro Ferrara Ranieri took over the place.

"We have no doubt the coach (Ranieri). This is indeed a difficult moment, but you witness that we will soon rise. We should be compact and close to Ranieri. This team is still valid with exceptional quality," said Coboli Gigli.

"I rebut that hard if the club is having problems with Ranieri. It is difficult to answer whether this team has a lot of issues. What is clear, personally I enjoy serve 25 different".

Ranieri have enough time to restore the moral team, while the trust Coboli Gigli. After the local competition for the agenda of the international gap, Juve will next face Real Madrid in the Champions League.