Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mourinho: Media does not respect me

Milan - Inter Milan trainer José Mourinho complained that the reception of the media in Italy against himself is not positive. But for business income, Mourinho no complaints even ready to cut their salaries.

Mourinho called Channel 4 have made a surprising statement last week by stating that their income a year is 14 million euros, including agreements with the sponsors. It then explains that Inter are that it is just a farce from the trainers.

Whether spoof or what, Mourinho is now back to make a statement in relation to the amount of income it is. He was ready to get salary-cutting overhaul the global financial crisis that throws the middle.

"For the good of all, I'm ready to cut salaries," he said to TGS.

In addition, comments further confiscate not less attention. If he was exchanging words with the coach or club leader-club opponent, this time Mourinho criticize the press.

"How they feel less talk, learn to respect, but I have to adapt. I can be 100 percent sure that I welcome change, the Italian football and I welcome change."

"This is my last wish is to change things. I have no such intention," said the man is the origin of Portugal.