Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cordoba criticizes Ibra Related Mancio

Milan - José Mourinho such impresses Zlatan Ibrahimovic so much praise. But at the same time Ibra had so impressed underestimate Inter Milan coach previously, today. That is not the best monetization opportunities colleagues one team, Ivan Cordoba.

Inclusion Mourinho to Inter greeted positively by the extraordinary Ibra him with praise. Swedish attacker in a while even admitted to "learn more on the latter three months instead of the previous five years."

They are not a direct assessment of Ibra hint that Mourinho, coach added "Nerazzuri," more capable to handle the team instead of a separate Mancio with Inter last summer.

"I respect the opinion of anyone, but Zlatan aware that he must undergo season with a great coach who has brought much success and coverflow regularly," Cordoba to the criticisms made Italy Sky Channel 4, Saturday (11/10/2008) .

Back the origin of Colombia are also convinced that in this world is not one hundred percent of trainers who can be accepted by all people or all PLAYERS.

"Currently we are working very well with the trainers at this time, Mourinho could give steps forward in terms of quality owing to experience, but we must also grateful to all Mancini of the things that we have experienced with him," the value of Cordoba.

For Inter, Mancio has been successful to present two degrees Coppa Italia (2005 and 2006), two Supercoppa Italiana (2005 and 2006) and three Scudetto (2005-06, 2006-07 and 2007-08). He allenatore most successful "La Beneamata" for 30 years.

"What Ibra behave less magnanimous (against Mancio) I think so, but I do not know what there is a case that is more in depth between them so that the comment was out."

"He's had injury problems when the leadership of Mancini and can not seem to find a way out, he can not appear as interest, and he may not consider this aspect when I saw the back," Cordoba analysis.

How, Ibra?