Wednesday, October 8, 2008

West Ham could recoup

London - the financial condition of West Ham United following the big question in some cases that do not support them, including the matter of his bank owned by the bankrupt club owner, Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson.

The second largest bank in Iceland, Landsbanki, recently declared bankruptcy and has taken the government. Gudmundsson, the family has the largest share in the bank, also has the sack from the terrace of office as directors Landsbanki.

Financial problems faced Gudmundsson be so influential in West Ham. Deputy head of the club Asgeir Fridgeirsson, for example, suggests that the government may provide welcome funds for the manager Gianfranzo Zola to buy new players later in the winter.

Still Zola can not enter at all stock transfer. Because the team is considered fat, almost covering 35 players, he can find the capital to buy new players by selling some of the players.

Related to its bankruptcy Landsbanki, Fridgeirsson ensure that Gudmundsson will not use money from the cash West Ham to overcome the problem in Iceland.

"Mr. Gudmunsson remain fully committed to the success of this football club and initial apprehend build Gianfranco Zola made," said Fridgeirsson. "No direct effect will be. So, he need not sell West Ham," he continued.

Gudmunsson buy the east London club is worth 85 million Pounds Sterling in November 2006. Investment increased 30.5 million pounds more in December 2007 after he purchased an additional five percent of the club shares.

West Ham last month lost their shirt sponsor after a major tour operator in the UK, XL, bankrupt. Dissipation sponsor the club lost income to make about five million pounds.

Two weeks ago, a court permit independent claim of Sheffield United against West Ham. Division two club is requesting compensation of thirty million pounds related to the case of Carlos Tevez.

Sheffield considers Tevez, who is now playing in Manchester United, should not be played at West Ham both teams compete at the end of the 2006/2007 season. The reason, the Hammers recently declared in violation of the rules in the recruitment of Argentina stars. Tevez goal to print the wicket Sheffield and help his team survive in It, while Sheffield it to the brink of degradation.

West Ham, who currently sits on the sixth in the list of English League while the forum, in the financial report in the 2006/2007 season had loss of 22 million pounds, not including tax.