Monday, October 6, 2008

While Scolari Not Want Any More

London - Appearances dominant Chelsea defeat at Aston Villa, being happy LUIZ Felipe Scolari. Brazil is the origin of managers more satisfied and optimistic because "The Blue" in the middle of the performance trim.

Chelsea successfully defeat Villa also customize the middle uphill through two goals from Joe Cole and Nicolas Anelka. Not only win, Frank Lampard cs achieve with impressive.

From the statistics in Eurosport, Chelsea recorded a dominating control of the ball with 60.7 percent and 39.3. They also release 35 times in 14 backlash that led them to the gate, while Villa only 10 can make a shot with 1 to the right goalpost.

Movement and pass "The Blues" also praised the 461 able to present accurate bait while Villa, who were forced to survive only 252 baits can create a sharpshooter, or nearly half of Chelsea.

"I'm satisfied because we played very good and my fight is the most important in this season because if we win then we will be in the position of the first forum and we have ten days time to restore the players," Scolari said, as quoted official website of Chelsea , On Monday (6/10/2008).

According to him, the victory was not only offers success to reach three figures but also become an important capital to fight next. "After that when we appear again in the league after 10 or 15 days, we all will be in good condition."

What are the children in its foster competition is also making more optimistic achieve success. Not only in the Primary League but also in other place.

"This is the most important to us and we can forward from the first position in the league, there are at the top in the Champions League and also pass to the next phase in the Carling Cup. What I want more? No," Scolari businesslike.