Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mourinho: English still dominates

Milan - Move the team and train and Italy do not necessarily make sure that José Mourinho with the performance in the Champions League. He even predicts the competition will still be owned by It.

Mourinho certainly have many reasons to reveal the comment. Most can be seen of course, the look of the four Serie A clubs in the first two MatchDay reach the Champions League results varied.

AS Roma swallow shameful defeat of the CFR Cluj and despite the convincing win to the Bordeaux, while Inter Milan even balanced Werder Bremen after the previous defeat Panathinaikos FC 2-0. Results achieved similar success Juventus defeat Zenit but then balanced Bate 2-2, while Fiorentina play twice equilibrium with Bayern Munich and Steaua Bucharest.

The condition of four English clubs are not much different, except that Liverpool reach the results of 100%. It, however, the team's performance in the last two years, which put the three agents in the semifinal round believed Mourinho may still occur this year.

"It's true that English has dominated the Champions League in the last few years. I do not say that we will be able to change it - but I think we are a party of four (with Fiorentina, AS Roma and Juventus) to get to 16 big innings," Mourinho said in the interview with BBC Inside Sport as supposedly independent.

From the four Serie A clubs such, can only be Inter and Juventus have a great opportunity ahead to the next phase-round. Besides a good history in the competition among the best clubs, both teams also have enough to put-off with the giant club from across the country.

Unfortunately, as far as this performance Juventus had not convincing, even in competition with the local never win three in the last fight. Inter themselves have never again won the Champions League since the 1964/65 season, when José Mourinho is expected to remove the opposition had a track record of less good lead after a champion FC Porto.

"If the fourth team to escape the English League, which seems very likely occur, it will be very good for us. If I should win Champions League, I do not see the differences (opportunities) between us with Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus. "

"Only one cup for 10 or 12 best teams. Tropi In the end it will become the property of one club. Of course we will fight for it," said Mourinho.