Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kazakhstan Mystery Create Capello

To achieve victory, then you know first opponent, said the ancient war strategy. But Fabio Capello, which handles nearly blind English Kazakhstan strength so that the opponent this weekend.

Kazakhstan picks 3-0 victory over Andorra in the opening party. But defeat Croatia 0-3 on the ground and from the Ukraine 1-3 to make the original Dutch coach, Arno Pijpers, the ax.

The Football Federation of Kazakhstan then choose the former coach U-21 countries, Bernd Storck, to educate seniors on the team last month. A number of new players into any team in Kazakhstan.

It is also difficult to make Capello feel the strength of the opponent. Moreover, the original Italian men themselves see a handful of new party of Kazakhstan.

"I see only three parties of Kazakhstan. They have a new team and replace a lot of young players come from the U-21 and I do not know. I only know of four players," Capello said to Setanta Sports.

"It's better if you know everything about your opponent, but sometimes when they change the manager and your team against the other, always will be different," said Capello.