Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Chelsea asked to Avoid Lavezzi

Napoli - Ezequiel Lavezzi has apparently become the target of Chelsea. However, Napoli emphasized that they will not sell its Striker with any price.

Lavezzi teeth as a demonstration is one of the players who have prospects in the future. He has shown that the performance is quite impressive in Sao Paolo, since by Napoli from San Lorenzo in the summer ago.

Chelsea tacit apparently was interested to get the attacker Argentina origin aged 23 this year. Manager Felipe Scolari wants to add Lavezzi lines of attack options in the Blues.

However, Napoli does not want to release Lavezzi with any price. "We do not accept other bids for Lavezzi," says Director of Sport Napoli Pierpaolo Marino to the Corriere Dello Sport.

"If they (Chelsea) thinking to make offers, they may have forgotten to do it because we will reject it immediately. Lavezzi not sold any price," he says.

Lavezzi still bound hngga contract in Naples in 2013. Serie A clubs also have stated that they will retain the best players they have at this time.